Most Common Uses for Parts Counting Scales

Most Common Uses for Parts Counting ScalesParts Counting Scales are the ideal tool for maintaining precise inventory management and counting large volumes of parts with small unit weights. With an accurate measurement of one unit, such as a screw or a washer, a Parts Counting Scale will accurately determine how many total units are being measured on the platform; however, the initial weight of one unit must be as precise as possible.

If an inaccurate measurement of one object is used to determine how many total units are on the platform, then the final calculation of how many parts are being measured will be off. The smallest imprecision in weight can affect a business’ inventory and could result in an unwarranted loss or gain in company dollars.

Parts Counting Scales are commonly found in factories and assembly line production facilities—places dealing with a high volume of small weighing pieces; therefore, they must be able to accurately determine how many pieces are being measured.

High Accuracy: Necessary to Achieve Accurate Parts Count 

If the weight of an empty container and the weight of an individual part is known, then a Parts Counting Scale will be able to determine the number of pieces in the container. If a scale is not equipped with a container, then an operator of the scale only needs an accurate measurement of an individual part. In order to determine the weight of a single piece, do not weigh just one! If you do, you will not receive the most accurate measurement possible. In fact, the more pieces you weigh in a sample, the more accurate the measurement will be.

For example, let’s say a manufacturer needs to fill a number of packages with 10,000 bolts each. One bolt weights .008734 pounds, which means 10,000 bolts should weigh 87.34 pounds. The operator of the scale must determine the weight of the container used to encapsulate the bolts so the extra weight can be factored into the equation (if a container is used). In this example, the container weighs 8.40 pounds, which means when this container is filled with 10,000 .008734-pound bolts it will weigh a total of 95.74 pounds. A highly accurate scale will be able to weigh this container within .01 pounds, which means the total count should be accurate within one or two pieces.

With this example, we know that one bolt weighs .008734 pounds, but not every scale will provide you with this precise measurement. For example, if you weigh just one .008734-pound bolt, many scales will register it as weighing .01 pound. If an operator were to measure a large batch of .008734-pound bolts but entered into the scale that each one weighs .01 pounds, the final counting error will be approximately 20%. But if you were to weigh 10 bolts instead of 1, the scale will register each bolt as weighing .009 pounds, which is better, but not as accurate as it should or could be.

The more pieces you measure, the more accurate the measurement of an individual unit will be. In a perfect world, 100 small unit weights will be measured in a sample to determine the weight of one piece, however, this is time-consuming and boring! But what else can you do?

Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision SAW Scales: Higher Accuracy than Regular Scales

A perfect world would definitely not involve counting out 100 individual pieces over and over again. And we certainly don’t live in a perfect world. But Arlyn Scales does have the perfect solution for this issue: our Ultra Precision SAW Scales.

As a designer and manufacturer of top-of-the-line industrial scales, Arlyn Scales understands the hassle of counting out 100, or more, small unit pieces in order to achieve an accurate sample weight. And with our Ultra Precision SAW Scales, you never have to!

Ultra Precision SAW Scales have a much higher sensitivity for piece weight than regular scales. For example, an Ultra Precision SAW Scale with a 1-pound capacity and readability of .0001 pounds will yield a weight of .00873 pounds when measuring ten .008734-pound bolts. Which is a counting error of less than 1/10 of 1%!

Ultra Precision SAW Scales are Great for Parts Counting 

When you have an Ultra Precision SAW Scale, you don’t need two scales to determine the weight of one small unit piece, or many. Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision SAW Scales have readabilities as low as .001 pounds and when an Ultra Precision SAW Scale is used to measure 100 small unit pieces, inaccuracy is nearly 0%.

Ultra Precision SAW Scales are capable of counting lightweight units accurately and efficiently. Every scale is sold ready-to-use and does not require configuration or calibration. Made from stainless steel and aluminum, Ultra Precision SAW Scales are built to withstand constant use and each includes an overload stop to protect itself from damage by heavy loads. Arlyn Scales supplies a wide selection of custom-made counting scales—each manufactured to meet high industry standards and customers’ expectations of a simple and easy-to-use operating system.

Our collection includes:


  • Capacity/Resolution: 3 lb./. 05 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 5 lb./. 001 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .001 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 10 lb./. 002 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 25 lb./. 002 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .005 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 50 lb./. 01 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .01 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 100 lb./. 02 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .02 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 500 lb./. 01 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .1 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 1,000 lb./. 2 lb.
  • Minimum Piece Weight: .2 lb.

5200 Series

  • Capacity/Resolution: 2,500 lb./. 5 lb.; Minimum Piece Weight: .5 lb.
  • Capacity/Resolution: 5,000 lb./ 1 lb.; Minimum Piece Weight: 1 lb.
  • Capacity/Resolution: 10,000 lb./ 2 lb.; Minimum Piece Weight: 2 lb.
  • Capacity/Resolution: 20,000 lb./ 5 lb.; Minimum Piece Weight: 5 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 10 lb. / .001 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 25 lb. / .002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 100 lb. / .01 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 10 lb. / .0001 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 25 lb. / .0002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 50 lb. / .0005 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 100 lb. / .001 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 200 lb. / .002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 200 lb. / .002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 300 lb. / .002 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 500 lb. / .005 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 500 lb. / .005 lb.


  • Capacity/Resolution: 1,000 lb. / .01 lb.


Learn More About Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision SAW Scales

Ultra Precision SAW Scales have the ability to store measurements of up to 500 small weight units and containers. And they have USB ports with the ability to connect with nearby computer databases. In many cases, one high capacity Ultra Precision SAW Scale can take the place of 2 or 3 regular scales of varying capacities. Ultra Precision SAW Scales make the process of parts counting simple and efficient.

If you want to learn more about Arlyn Scales’ Ultra Precision SAW Scales, check out our website today. While there, you can view our entire selection of industrial scales. If you have questions and would like to speak with a member of our team, give us a call at 800-645-4301 of fill out our online contact form.