What is the Best Industrial Scale in the Market?

What is the Best Industrial Scale in the Market? Attention to detail, constant research for the best materials available, your safety as a top priority, customer satisfaction for the long term, building scales rated for extreme precision, accuracy and durability substantiate our business model here at Arlyn Scales. We love what we do and we do it best.

30 Plus Years of Experience

Our passion for creating state of the art, cutting edge, highly accurate and precise weighing instruments has taken us to a whole new level of expertise. Experience has taught us that using top quality materials, be it the more expensive and highest grade of load cells and implementing them to their best advantage has contributed to the creation of weighing scales of notable distinction.

Our dedicated engineering and design team, while accommodating market needs, are research driven and committed to leading the weighing industry to new technological and specialized frontiers.

Innovative Confluence of Technologies

One such example of leading edge achievement of our research efforts is the implementation of Surface Acoustic Wave technology. This partnership has propelled the art of weighing to a completely incomparable level.

Strain Gage scales have been around for more than 60 years. Our improvement upon them guarantees a level of accuracy and precision that did not exist before the advent of our patented Ultra Precision SAW scales. Although the newer technology of Force Restoration brought accuracy and precision to a new level, temperature stability and their high cost were impediments to their gaining wide industry recognition.

Our newest technology SAW scales, also use load cells or transducers. However our SAW transducers measure displacement with extreme accuracy in lieu of measuring strain. It is similar to the semiconductor technology in that the transmission of the waves or in this case, Surface Acoustic Waves, provides measurement information, which is instantaneous, digital, and precise.

In effect, the strain on the load cell is almost nil, making them rugged and extremely dependable. There is no chance for deformation of the load cell, thereby making a scale with this technology the best choice for sensitive weighing applications.

Choice of Materials

Operating as a well-regarded business in this day and age requires a commitment to produce the best possible equipment for the best possible price. The challenge for most companies is that when looking to cut corners, material costs are the first up for review. Arlyn Scales is committed to using the best materials available for each and every application.

Highly corrosive industrial environments require stainless steel applications. Yes, one can utilize aluminum. It is cheaper, widely available and easily lends itself to the manufacturing process. Most companies will cut costs and choose to use nickel-plated aluminum. However, the fact remains that aluminum is subject to temperature variations and is not as dependable as the stainless steel load cells that we fabricate. In addition, we use stainless steel to manufacture many of our weighing platforms supported by a die cast aluminum frame substructure.

We are a research driven company that welcomes communication from our clients. This results in our implementing the best application of materials for all your weighing environments.

High Precision Digital Indicators

Our stainless steel digital indicator is the best solution for a corrosive industrial environment. It is a 32 bit, RISC based, easy to program indicator. Options of mounting it on a wall or bench top allow you to place it in the best possible viewing area.

With seven built in unit conversions, user-friendly menu driven interface and automatic calibration, you can rest assured you can be ready for out of the box operation.

Ease of Technological Interface

The weighing information can be directly transferred via Ethernet, Analog output or to a Memory Stick. With our Free Remote Indicator Software and the use of RS-485, up to 18 scales can be wired together for offsite operations. This technology lends itself to the monitoring of different types of industrial processes.

Industrial applications, which require the monitoring of cylinders and tanks during batching and mixing processing, need up to the moment information to insure that their process is continuous. With the RS-485, you will have access on your computer screen of up to 18 windows of the front panel of your scale and complete control over all 18 scales from a single operator’s workstation.

For these batching and mixing operations, our Set Point feature allows you to set up to eight target weights and to use these targets to turn feeders, mixers, motors, or valves on and off. The formulas can then be stored in the scale memory for future use.

Unique Ultra Precision SAW scales

At less than half the cost of comparable devices, Arlyn Scale’s Ultra Precision Surface Acoustic Wave scales are the ultimate in accuracy, precision, resolution, readability, temperature stability, and overload and shock resistance.

These scales are available in 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 pound load weighing capacities. With a super sensitivity of up to 20 times that of regular scales and our rugged construction, we think that there is no better solution for your industrial weighing needs. With precision and accuracy guaranteed, the margin of error is diminished and this can mean the difference of your operation’s success or work stoppage.

SAW series of Bench Scales

Arlyn Scales’ Team of engineers has married our internationally patented SAW technology to our Large Ultra Precision Scales for load capacities up to 500 pounds. With our strategically placed stainless steel load cells, your aggregate compound formulation batching and mixing can be monitored and regulated to precise specifications.

Watch for further innovative products from Arlyn Scales. We thrive on advancements and are currently in the process of applying the SAW technology option across the board in industrial weighing applications. At Arlyn Scales, we are bound to have the best weighing device available on the market today for all of your weighing applications.

Manufacturing our sub-assemblies in our NY based factory, allows for customization of any component needed. Our team of design engineers is available to address every custom application with in depth attention to detail.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form or by calling 800.645.4301.