Automatic Liquid Dispensing

large-ultra-precision-scale-1At Arlyn Scales, we pride ourselves on working with our great engineers and technicians who help us come up with the best solutions for any industrial weighing need. Always on the cutting edge, our state-of-the-art scales are designed for accuracy, durability, and ease of use. This is why more and more clients are turning to us for solutions, whether their needs are standard or require a more complex, customized solution.

Custom Creating Scales For You

Our ability to custom create a scale for even the most complex situation is what has kept us ahead of the curve. We thrive on discovering better ways to weigh and measure in order to work with other machinery to dispense product, and are constantly working on enhancing and perfecting our wide inventory of industrial scales.

Perfect Solutions on Demand

When it comes to weighing for dispensing liquids or liquid gasses, we have been able to come up with the perfect solution due to demand. Always up to the challenge, our highly knowledgeable engineers have constructed a system that easily deals with liquids ranging from the finest density to the most viscous. Our finely tuned product allows for extremely precise computing along with a simple programmable and automatic link for the dispensing process.

Precise and Accurate Methods

The most essential element in weighing liquid materials is finding a precise and accurate method for measuring and controlling them based on their weight. Using flow rate controls and ultra precision sensors to determine exactly how much liquid is escaping its holding container, we are able to determine the exact flow rate. Focusing on stable performance, the system eliminates any guesswork and error while providing easy to read LCD display read-outs for staying on top of the process.

A Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Whether for medical, laboratory, or other commercial applications such as handling liquid gases or hazardous liquid waste, our automatic units are designed to protect against leaks and spills. We have eliminated the need to worry about anything that might cause danger, which is another reason why industry professionals are choosing our products above all the others in the marketplace. Our commitment to safety and the environment is extremely important to us, as we know it is to you.

Devices You Can Trust

Our products are made of easy to wipe down stainless steel or stainless steel with aluminum, and are created for their durability and ability to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. When it comes to free flowing materials like paint chemicals, chlorine, medical waste, and other potentially hazardous elements, it is important that no trace elements are left on the machine after use. To ensure that your equipment remains pristine, as well as in perfect working order at all times, it is paramount that you use a weighing and dispensing device that you can trust.

Determining Exact Weigh Ins

Perfect liquid dispensing incorporates sensors to determine exact weigh ins. This is particularly the case when it comes to measuring and keeping track of gas tank contents while a tank is being processed. In this case, the flow rate must be controlled in order to determine how much liquid gas is still in the container and how much is escaping.

Our Flow Rate Control Scales

Using our latest technology, built especially for these protocols, we are able to measure the smallest weight losses. This is ideal when you are dispensing chemicals or dealing with any kind of liquid or liquid gas in an industrial setting. Our Flow Rate Control Scales are made with state-of-the-art technology that is also exceedingly useful when there is a need for automatically dispensing specifically programmed amounts.

Our Set Point Controller

Our specialized Òset pointÓ controller allows users to set up to eight different target weights in order to accurately determine the cutoff point when dispensing liquids. The set point protocol is ideal for use with bench scales, platform scales and drum scales. When weight in a container reaches a particular set point value, an indicator light located on the front panel of the device signals this information while simultaneously shutting off the filling device by way of a solid state relay system.

Programmed to Perfection

When two different set points are entered, this provides even greater assistance when monitoring a dispensing action. The first set point should be programmed at a weight that is close to the ultimate target value weight. Here, filling would occur normally until it hits that point, at which time it would then slow down to a trickle until arriving at the second set point, which would be the cut off weight. Our device is programmed to completely shut the device off when this point is achieved.

A Seamless Approach to Automatic Liquid Dispensing

Arlyn Scales seamless approach to automatic liquid dispensing is evidenced when using our bench scales, cylinder scales, or drum scales. Any one of these highly accurate scales provides precise changes of weight inside of a container. Additionally, the scales provide the option to keep a record of alterations in weight as they occur at every moment, displaying the information in gallons or liters per minute or hour, or in any increment that you may need.

Helping to Shape Technology

Because we love a challenge, we are always ready, willing, and able to work with you on any specifics that you don’t find in our standard designs. Our passion is to continually discover new ways for weighing and dispensing materials within industrial settings, and in this regard we are also helping to shape the technology. Our mission is to not only satisfy the needs of our customers, but to move the industry ahead as we seek out unique methods and strategies.

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any options that you may need for your weighing or dispensing needs. We will tailor appropriate components and configure them to accomplish the task exactly to your specifications. Contact us via our online form or call us toll-free at 800.645.4301.