Weighing Equipment Used for Medical Purposes

platform-scale-1Physicians are well aware of the fact that patients who do not or cannot maintain a normal body weight are at a higher risk for certain diseases or complications. While American obesity is the main topic discussion in our society these days, being underweight can also lead to serious health problems.

The body relies on fats to maintain a normal body temperature, healthy hair and skin, to produce energy and ensure that cells function smoothly, to cushion organs and tissues and protect bones, absorb vitamins, and boost immunity.

Too much body fat can lead to high cholesterol, affect joints and mobility, cause gall bladder disease, sleep apnea, and other respiratory problems, and in some cases impact certain cancers. It can also lead to obesity, which has its own complications. Too little body fat, however, can cause heart and lung disorders, osteoporosis, fertility issues, weakened immune systems, and could also be a sign of serious psychological illness.

When an accurate weight is important an important aspect of monitoring a patient’s health, you can’t just trust any scale for reliable measurements. Arlyn Scales manufactures a variety of platform scales that are well suited to the office environment. We also offer a unique wheel chair scale for patients who canÕt walk onto a scale.

Because they are entirely digital, there is no need for doctors to waste time sliding weights back and forth to get a measurement. The scale does all the work Ð all you have to do is record it in the patientÕs file. If your office no longer uses paper files, we also offer ways to connect the scale to your current internal system so weights can automatically be posted to your patientsÕ files.

Arlyn Platform Scales for Ambulatory Patients

Designed to fit in a variety of spaces, our platform scales are available in a variety of platform sizes to ensure that the scale you choose is the perfect fit no matter what size your exam rooms are. These include:

  • 20 x 27 inches
  • 22 x 24 inches
  • 27 x 60 inches
  • 30 x 30 inches
  • 36 x 36 inches
  • 48 x 48 inches

No matter which size platform you choose, all of our platform scales have a low profile of less than two inches so that there is no tripping hazard for patients stepping on or off the scale.

With a capacity of five hundred pounds, youÕll be able to accurately measure a patientÕs weight to one tenth of a pound (0.1lb). These scales are also available with stainless steel construction, which will make them easier to clean and sterilize.

The platform scale can be connected with your electronic medical record system using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB.

ArlynÕs Wheelchair Scale

There are four major criteria you should consider when evaluating a wheelchair scale youÕre thinking about purchasing, which are:

  1. The ease of use for the wheelchair bound patient and their caregiver
  2. The accuracy of the scale
  3. Its ruggedness and durability
  4. Its cost

Our 320-WC scale model outperforms the competition in all four categories.

With an eight hundred pound capacity and accurate measurements up to two tenths of a pound (0.2 lb), our wheelchair scale features gently inclining entrance and exit ramps that make it easy for patients to be wheeled onto and off of the platform without sacrificing their comfort. It also has a non-slip rubber mat to ensure the tires have traction and that the wheelchair wonÕt roll once in place. It also provides safety to patients who just need assistance standing or walking wonÕt slip as they hold onto the grab bar that is provided for extra security during stand-up weighing.

Tare memory means that the scale can easily recall the weight of hundreds of models of empty wheelchairs. Simply press a button to select the wheelchair they are using and get an immediate weight for the patient. Results can be communicated to your electronic medial record system using the Bluetooth communications system.

With a heavy duty, rust resistant, welded aluminum frame and stainless steel load cells, these scales are well protected from the accidental rough handling and typical wear and tear that is common in the daily life of your office or facility. Our industrial grade stainless steel load cells also provide unrivaled accuracy with their modern electronic design. A built-in battery and lightweight construction mean that this scale is easily portable.

With many other features including automatic calibration and motion compensation, youÕd think the 320-WC would come at a premium price. However, our unique position as a direct manufacturer of the scale and all its components means weÕre able to offer factory direct pricing that is half the cost of what our competitors charge for similar products. This is also the only full size wheelchair scale that can be shipped through standard parcel shipping channels, which means you also save an additional $100 or more on trucking costs.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Not only do we provide the highest quality, most cost efficient wheelchair scale and platform scales at some of the most competitive pricing, we also offer unrivaled customer support. If youÕre having trouble making a selection or have questions you need answered before you can make a decision, contact us today. WeÕre available to answer questions, walk you through the selection process, or to discuss any special needs you may have. Arlyn Scales can help you focus on your patientsÕ health by making it easy to get their weight and move on to the next vital.