Platform Scale with Printer


If you’re in the market for a platform scale, you obviously want a scale that offers accurate measurements and is able to stand up to the daily rigors of an industrial facility, but chances are there are other features that are important to you as well. One feature in particular that many of our customers request is a platform scale with printer. Below we’ll explain more about why you may need an industrial scale with printer capabilities as well as other important scale features requested by our customers on a regular basis.

Why Purchase an Industrial Scale with Printer?

Organizations are often looking for better ways to organize and disseminate data to others both inside and outside of their companies. With thermal and impact printers, organizations can easily print to either tape or sticker rolls. This allows platform scale printers to print bar codes or other relevant data that can be affixed to items for inventory or shipping.

There are a whole host of printers that can be used with our platform scales, so it’s important to understand your needs so that we can work together to find a printer that best meets your needs. Many of today’s printers can be networked via Ethernet or even WiFi and allow scale data to be instantly transmitted for use by anyone within your organization. With scale printers you can ensure that weight data is accurately recorded and printed to avoid any errors that could come about due to poor handwriting, or errors during transcription.

Additional Features Found in Our Series 3200 Platform Scales

Our Series 3200 Platform scales are our most popular platform scales that can be used with a variety of thermal or impact printers. While these scales offer full support for printers, they also offer a host of other features that should make them an easy choice when it comes to purchasing your next industrial scale. Read through some of our popular scale features to see if your organization could benefit from all sorts of efficiency gains from one of our industrial scales.

Network Capabilities to Instantly Disseminate Weight Information

For many years, industrial scales were not thought of as part of your existing corporate network. This has all changed thanks to scales offering network support through Ethernet and WiFi connections. Our Series 3200 Floor Scales offer an Ethernet port allowing you to physically connect your scale to your existing network and if an Ethernet connection is not available, you can connect the scale to your WiFi network as well.

Once connected to your corporate network, you’ll be able to control your scale directly from any machine with an active internet connection, as well as be able to download weight data for later analysis. Think of your industrial scale as a component of your corporate network that can be easily accessed from within the office, or while you’re on the road thanks to these network capabilities.

Low Profile Scale Platforms

Depending on the weight of items, you may have a hard time loading and unloading, especially if your industrial scale has a platform with a high profile. At Arlyn Scales, our platform scales feature an extremely low profile platform, as well as an optional ramp, making loading and unloading much easier. This way you can load and unload heavy items with ease, to keep your employees out of harm’s way and to prevent your scale from being damaged due to shock loading or overloading.

Four Load Cells as Opposed to Just One + Stainless Steel Construction

Many industrial scales will have one load cell, which is sufficient in certain scenarios, but because these scales can be subject to high capacity loads, one load cell may lead to weight inaccuracies due to a load not being placed directly in the center of the scale platform. In addition, having one load cell can cause a scale to become more vulnerable to shock loading or overloading, both common occurrences in the industrial scale industry.

To combat against these common issues with industrial scales, our platform scales feature not just one load cell, but four. This allows each load cell to be placed in a corner of the scale platform, which allows for more accurate weight readings even if an item is not placed directly in the center of the scale platform. In addition, by distributing the weight across multiple load cells, you’re left with a scale that is able to withstand more heavy loads without skipping a beat.

As if four load cells wasn’t enough, we also machine all of our load cells from stainless steel for further protection and durability. Many of our competitors machine their load cells from inferior materials like steel or aluminum, but we’re confident that our stainless steel load cells perform the best when compared to other materials in most industrial environments.

Top Notch Team of Scale Experts

No scale feature can replace a team of scale experts that has been in the industry for over three decades. At Arlyn Scales, we’re extremely passionate about not only our industrial scales, but also ensuring that our customers receive the perfect scale for their unique needs. We’re confident that if we don’t have an off the shelf platform scale that meets your needs, we can design a fully custom industrial scale that will work for you and your team.

Reach Out to Our Team Today to Learn More About Our Platform Scales

Whether you’re just looking for a basic platform scale with printer, or you’re interested in learning more about any of our industrial scales, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form. When you talk with one of our team members, you’ll likely be talking with someone that either designs or manufacturers our scales, because we’re all based in our Long Island, New York factory. Should you need any assistance during your journey to purchase an industrial scale, don’t hesitate to contact us today.