The Most Durable Scales for Industrial Plants

platform-scale-2TToday’s industrial plants can be a very punishing environment for equipment. Not only do you have the issues of potentially large weights and hazardous corrosive materials, but you also have the pressures of the modern production line. Speed and accuracy are always expected. Therefore, it is necessary to find industrial grade scales that are both precise and rugged. Fortunately, Arlyn has the 320M platform scale and it is specifically designed to be both.

The Arlyn 320M Platform Scale Load Cells

If you are looking for a scale that can work under difficult industrial conditions and still deliver the accurate results you need, the Arlyn 320M Platform Scale is exactly what you are looking for.

The standard platform scale uses a type of load scale called a strain gauge load cell. It’s called this because the load cell measures the strain or stress of the load that is on the platform. The spring element of the load cell is manufactured incorporating a thin piece of metal called a flexure. This is to ensure that the load cell is sensitive enough to provide an accurate reading. The load cell flexure resembles a miniature diving board and is fixed between the platform and the bottom of the scale. When weight is placed upon the platform, the load cells bend. This generates an electrical output, which the scale indicator converts into a weight reading. Unfortunately, the thin metal construction poses a problem, especially for manufacturers who choose to manufacture their strain gage load cells using inexpensive materials like aluminum.

Your standard strain gauge load cell can be vulnerable to shock loading (dropping a weight from a height on to the platform) and overloading (placing a load on the scale beyond its capacity) because of this relatively fragile construction. Resulting damage can compromise the scale’s accuracy without you being aware of it initially. However, once you realize the scale is obviously damaged, you will need to have the scale taken out of service to be repaired or replaced. The can lead to loss of time, money, and productivity.

The load cells in our 320M platform scale are not the same as the ones you’ll find in other scales. We manufacture our own load cells using stainless steel, which provides extra strength, durability, and longevity to the load cell while minimizing the risk of damage due to shock and overloading. Rather than place one load cell in the center of our platform scales, we use four and place one in a protective pocket within the four corners of the scale’s frame. This keeps the load cells as safe as possible and keeps the platform balanced. Additionally, since we machine these load cells at our factory, we are able to match their electrical outputs before we install them. This eliminates the need for a summation board, one of the greatest points of failure in a platform scale.

The Arlyn 320M and Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is the enemy of all scales. In an industrial environment, a scale can be exposed to moisture and chemicals and begin to quickly corrode. One way we work hard to prevent this is by manufacturing our load cells out of stainless steel, minimizing any possibility of corrosion or rust. So, even if chemicals or water were to somehow penetrate the scale platform and the load cell’s protective compartments, the stainless steel design of the load cells would protect them and the scales. And with the elimination of the summation board in the scale design, there is one less concern that corrosion will affect the electronic design, indicators, and switches.

Most scales made by our competitors are little more than sheet metal bolted to a frame. Our scales are a welded aluminum or stainless steel construction that will allow for easy cleaning and provide plenty of resistance to chemicals and other corrosives.

If you choose a stainless steel model, you can choose to have it coated with a triple epoxy that inhibits rust, even if the platform is deeply scratched, with garnet particles that add scuff and abrasion resistance.

All told the design and materials of the 320M platform scale will help minimize damage due to the industrial environment. It’s tough enough to withstand the harshest environments and is capable of capacities from 500 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. with a maximum resolution of 0.1 lb. Our platform scales are extremely abuse resistant and yet do not compromise their accuracy.

Arlyn Scales Pricing

Arlyn Scales is located in Long Island, New York and we have been a leader in the weight measurement industry for the past thirty years. We have done this by being forward leaning in our scale designs and technology. We do not make scales that will just work for today. We make scales that will withstand the rigors of evolving business demands. Our scales are manufactured in our factory right next to our corporate offices. This helps our customers get the best price possible because we do not use distributors; there are no marked up prices. This arrangement helps us save money that we then reinvest in our scales. This means you are getting the best possible scale at the best price.

Customization and Customer Support

While we’ve touched briefly on our 320M scale, rest assured we can provide additional options and information upon request. Should your working environment be even more challenging than our 320M-SS scale can handle, we also make a 320M-CR scale that is even more corrosion resistant. Should you require even more accuracy, we can discuss whether using Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is more appropriate for your company.

In short, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to field your questions and provide you with detailed answers so you can make an informed decision about the scale that is right for you. At Arlyn Scales, we believe that satisfied customers are the key to our success. Let us find you a scale that provides everything you need and nothing you don’t at a price that fits your budget. Reach us online using the form on our Contact Us page or call us at (800) 645-4301 to start the selection process today!