Commercial Laundry Equipment: Platform Scales Help Ease the Load

commercial laundry equipment platform scales help ease the loadCommercial laundry equipment comes in all shapes and sizes.  Whether it’s for a Laundromat or a large hotel or hospital, staying on top of laundry needs is extremely important.

Without clean laundry, many businesses and organizations like hotels and hospitals simply could not function.  Many commercial laundry facilities clean thousands of pounds laundry each day so it is extremely important that everything about the entire laundry process is as efficient and worry-free as possible.


Commercial laundry equipment is used much differently than consumer grade laundry equipment.  In commercial facilities, machines must routinely handle large amounts of laundry without the smallest hiccup.  Commercial equipment is vital and if it were to break down, it would mean downtime for an extended period of time as well as costly repairs.

A common issue that can cause a commercial laundry facility to grind to a halt is overloading, which refers to putting far too much laundry into a washing machine or dryer than is recommended by the manufacturer.  Overloading can cause severe damage to a machine resulting in expensive repairs.

While overloading is a very real problem for large laundry facilities, this does not discount the fact that facilities must still load as much laundry as possible into each machine to ensure efficiency and profitability for the company.  That’s the reason behind laundry facilities often using scales to weigh loads of laundry prior to loading them into commercial washers and dryers.

Laundry personnel often load laundry into a trolley or cart and place it on a scale.  The platform scale then weighs the entirety of the load, subtracting the weight of the cart.  This weight reading helps determine whether laundry personnel are risking overloading a machine.


For many years, commercial laundries have used mechanical beam scales.  These scales were often extremely expensive to repair and hard to read.  While laundry facilities would have loved to use digital scales, for many years, they were far too expensive.  At Arlyn Scales, our goal has always been to provide high quality digital scales to our customers at prices that rival the cost of inferior mechanical scales.


At Arlyn Scales, we have been in the business of designing and manufacturing digital scales for over 30 years.  Our team is based in Long Island, New York where we not only design all of our equipment, but also fabricate it.  All of our equipment is built in-house and sold directly to the customer.  This allows us to cut out the costs incurred from dealers and distributors and deliver a quality scale at an affordable price to our customers.


Scale platforms typically take quite a beating, especially in laundry facilities.  Laundry carts full to the brim with clothing can be extremely heavy and therefore, it’s important to use a scale with a low profile design to make it easy to load and unload.  Arlyn’s 3200 Platform Scales only sit a few inches off the ground making it very easy to load and unload heavy carts.  Also, we offer ramps that allow you to easily load and unload carts of varying weights and sizes.

Aside from low-profile construction, our scale platforms can be built with stainless steel withstand the elements of even the toughest commercial laundry facilities.  Scale platforms from other manufacturers are often made from aluminum, which is not able to stand up to the rigors of commercial laundry facilities or the caustic chemicals of common cleaning agents.  To further protect our platforms from harsh chemicals, we offer a galvanized epoxy coating that is popular among our commercial laundry customers.


If you’re new to the world of commercial scales, you may not have heard of the term “load cells.”  Load cells are arguably one of the most critical components of a scale.  While other manufacturers fabricate their load cells from other, cheaper metals, Arlyn’s platform scales all utilize stainless steel load cells for more rugged performance and increased accuracy.  Furthermore, we install four load cells into a scales’ platform embedding them in metal frames to further protect them from harsh chemicals and misuse.


Our line of scales comes calibrated from the factory and is ready to go to work for you.  However, should you need to recalibrate your scale after purchase, we offer an easy-to-use calibration process that does not require technical expertise.

This allows you to save the money that you would likely have to pay to hire a dealer or scale manufacturer personnel to recalibrate your scale.  Gone are the days where you had to physically ship your scale in for calibration.  With Arlyn Scales, you can handle all of the calibration from your own facility without any need to ship your scale back to us.


Depending on the type of facility you have, you likely are interested in as much data related to the amount of laundry that you’re processing as possible.  Thankfully, Arlyn Scales offers a whole host of data connectivity options to allow you to not only save your scales from overloading, but also analyze your weight data to see how well your facility is performing.

Maybe you have multiple facilities and you want to ensure that each one is being as productive as possible.  With our connectivity options, you can easily access this type of data through a variety of outputs including:

•    USB
•    Ethernet
•    WiFi
•    RS-232
•    RS-485
•    4-20mA analog
•    Various other configurations


If you still have some questions about how commercial platform scales can improve the efficiency of your commercial laundry facility, contact our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.