Best Platform Scales for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing Industries

platform-scale-2TThe rubber and plastic manufacturing processes involve precise and accurate formulations. Natural rubber is heated with sulfur, peroxide, or bisphenol in the proper amounts to improve resistance and elasticity and to prevent it from disintegrating. Plastic is derived from oil constituent parts in the form of ethane and propane, which are then heated to become ethylene and propylene. These heat-treated ingredients are combined with other chemicals to form long chains of molecules known as polymers. These polymers mixed with various amounts of additives form the plastic products that have become the basis of modern conveniences.These formulas require scales that perform consistently throughout the process.

Today’s marketplace is filled with all levels of quality scales at many price points. The quality of a scale is dependent on the design, the materials used for fabrication and the way in which those materials are put together. The price is not always an indication of the quality.Most manufacturers these days are looking to cut corners and do so in ways that are not going to be apparent to the consumer. Material substitutions are made that will eventually succumb to the rigors of industrial weighing applications. There are certain criteria to look for in the search for the best Platform Scales for rubber and plastic manufacturing industries. There are some manufacturers that deliver high quality and well-priced scales. Arlyn Scales strives to maintain a high level of quality and to deliver scales that keep raising the bar for accuracy and precision weighing data while maintaining competitive costs. To deliver scales that can endure rugged industrial applications, it is important that each aspect of a scale is designed properly.

Top Rated

Every feature needs to be accounted for. From the choice of load cells to their placement within the scale, each detail of the scale needs to address the industrial application. To begin, the load cells should be made from stainless steel because stainless steel is a far more durable material that is able to withstand the rigorous industrial treatment, rather than the industry standard of aluminum. The placement of the load cells in platform scales is best accomplished with selecting compatible load cells with equal outputs. While some companies bolt the load cell to the bottom of the scale, Arlyn Scales has devised a method that protects the load cells from shock and overload damage and eliminates the need for a summation board. Next up in the fabrication process is the platform selection. For industrial applications that require portability, aluminum platforms are the correct option. Diamond plated to endure slippage and rust formation, whether produced in stainless steel or welded aluminum, our Series 3200 delivers accuracy, precision and durability.

Choice of Capacity

We offer our scales in five hundred pound or one thousand pound capacities. With one tenth and two tenths of a pound resolution respectively and a low profile of one and seven eighths inches, the Series 3200 scale can also be customized to suit your unique needs.Better and BetterScale technology has remained basically unchanged for the last fifty years. That is until the innovative Large Ultra Precision SAW Scale was introduced. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology utilizes similar technology to that of semiconductor circuits, which measure displacement in lieu of measuring stress or strain. The beauty of this technology is that it literally raises the accuracy bar by up to twenty times that of strain gage scales. Built in three capacities, two, three and five hundred pounds, Surface Acoustic Wave technology is what is needed if extreme accuracy is the goal. The two and three hundred pound capacity SAW scales produce a weight resolution of two thousandth of a pound. The SAW-KL, rated for five hundred pound capacity, produces a weight resolution of five thousandth of a pound.


This SAW series, produced and patented by Arlyn Scales, is constructed with a die cast aluminum frame and a stainless steel weighing pan. The rugged application capacity of this scale along with the extreme accuracy component make this a great option for the rubber and plastic manufacturing industries. Built to endure rugged industrial applications, this SAW series is rated for 500 percent overload. Built to Withstand the ElementsBoth of these industrial scales are built with durability and reliability in mind. The operational temperature of this series and the Series 3200 is rated from fourteen degrees to one hundred and four degrees.

Computer Ready

Arlyn Scales manufactures high accuracy scales that are ready for the demands of the technological age. With Ethernet and USB options, connecting to computers whether hardwired or wireless, provides fast and easy data transference. The LCD dual display Scale indicator is easy to program and is automatically calibrated. No dealer set up is required with our scales.If bi-directional interface is on the agenda, the optional RS-232 and RS-485 protocols will provide this and more. RS-232 allows for interface between computers, printers, and programmable logic controllers. Commands can be issued from the computer to the scale as well.The RS-485 Protocol provides the option of bi-directional interface over a distance of four thousand feet. As a multidrop protocol, up to ten scales can be tethered together to form a network. Data transference and control of the ten scales is done with just one computer.Add the Setpoint option with optional relays, and batching, filling, and mixing operations are easily accomplished. Setting up to eight target weights, feeders, mixers, and valves are controlled as weight is applied to the scale’s platform.There are a myriad of options available to complete the rubber and plastic manufacturing processes. Arlyn Scales manufactures our own subassemblies and scales. Doing so enables us to have complete quality control over the entire manufacturing process.

Without the need for distributers, our prices remain cost effective both for us and for our customers. Because we manufacture all of our equipment in our Long Island warehouse, we are able to customize any aspect of our scales to suit your specific application. Whether it is size or material, our team of sales associates can assist with the selection of a scale that meets your needs. For more information or to begin the selection process, Contact us today using our online or by phone at (800) 645-4301.