Best Platform Scales for the Aeronautical and Defense Industry

110211-O-XX000-001Precision and accuracy have a large stake in our society. The dynamic equipment that provides the structure for the Aeronautical and Defense Industry begets the fast paced progress that is so much a part of our modern society. It is the independent manufacturers that conspire to form the super industrial complex that keeps raising the bar of excellence.The rapid pace of advancement was not a huge part of the scale industry until recently. Strain gage scales and force restoration scales have set the tone for the last sixty years. The issues such as temperature variables, stability, and cost were present in these scales, yet have not been addressed until now. Innovation was needed in the form of technology that would eliminate these issues and deliver precise and accurate weighing information quickly and accurately.

Innovation at Its Best

It took commitment to produce an out of the box solution that revolutionized the delivery of weighing information. Arlyn Scale’s team of engineers have devised a technology that is based on semiconductor technology, in that the transmission of bulk waves or in this case, Surface Acoustic Waves, provides measurement information, which is instantaneous, digital, and precise at a much more modest cost.These SAW transducers measure displacement as opposed to measuring stress or strain, making this technology rugged and dependable. There is no significant deformation of the load cell as there is apt to be in strain gage scales, which makes these scales a choice option for industries that rely on precision and accuracy.

The Specifics

Cutting costs has fast become industry standard and when it comes to manufacturing weighing scales; companies will utilize lower accuracy strain gage load sensors instead of higher precision units. That being said, it will not produce the same results in load cells as will SAW transducers. We have been manufacturing the subassemblies for our scales for over three decades. Our commitment to quality is unerring and that is precisely why we fabricate our Large SAW scales from stainless steel. We fabricate our Series SAW scales with a large load cellblock and a stainless steel weighing pan supported by a rugged stainless steel frame. This ingenious discovery supplies weighing information with remarkable speed due to the fact that the weighing data does not need to be converted from analog to digital. We supply these scales in two hundred, three hundred and five hundred pound capacities with resolutions of two thousandths of a pound to three thousandths of a pound. These high resolution scales are twenty times more sensitive than strain gage scales, which makes them the best option for time sensitive, accurate, and precise weighing data. However, if special needs arise, we have the capacity to build a custom scale since we manufacture all of our equipment in-house.

Larger Loads

For the portion of the aeronautical and defense industry that relies on high accuracy and rugged performance, we offer our Platform scales. Built in weighing capacities of five hundred and one thousand pounds, these highly durable scales are constructed to deliver consistent information day in and day out.We construct these platform scales without the use of a summation board. Our stainless steel load cells are chosen based on identical outputs and placed in machine pocketed housing in the four corners of the scales welded aluminum frame. This load cells are then covered with a silicone coatings for protection against water and corrosive elements. This methodology yields a scale that is protected against shock and overload damage. The platforms are offered in stainless steel or aluminum. The diamond-plated platform provides protection against slippage. And to further protect the stainless platform from corrosive materials, we offer a triple layer epoxy coating with mica and garnet particles. The coating inhibits rust formation.

Computer Ready

Our Series 3200 Platform scales and our Series SAW have USB or Ethernet enabled digital scale indicators at the helm. LCD, 32bit high-resolution programmable indicators can be mounted on a wall or a desktop. An optional stainless steel enclosure protects it from corrosive substances. This device is automatically calibrated with multiple built in unit conversions.

Choice Options

For out in the field operations, we offer data logging with a flash drive. Record time, date, and item and group information along with the weighing data and read it from a computer using Microsoft Excel at a later time. Both of these scales come with a rechargeable battery option making them the ultimate in portable scales.Bi-directional interface is a given with the optional RS-232 protocol. Commands can be issued to the scale with data flowing to a computer, printer or programmable logic controller. With the additional WinWedge software, data is collected in a CSV file, which can then be organized and read via Microsoft Excel.For a more robust solution, the RS-485 protocol enables bi-directional interface over a distance of four thousand feet.

This multidrop protocol allows several scales to share a single line. With the use of USB interface, up to ten scales can join one network, allowing the control of those scales and flow of data from and to one computer.The Set Point output provides batching and programmable logic controller type functions. For controlling feeders, mixers, valves, motors and other devices, up to eight target weights can be set at a time, enabling ease of automated operations. Up to eight relays can be implemented to respond to the set point outputs.Our team of sales associates is at the ready to assist you build the scale to suit your specific application inclusive of all the necessary computer ready options.Our manufacturing plant is set up to accommodate all custom orders with engineers that are prepared to customize any aspect of these scales to suit tailored specifications.

Our factory direct company translates to cost savings for our customers as well as a high level of quality control, assuring the best scales for the best prices.For Platform scales that are built to last and to deliver accurate and precise weighing data for your Aeronautical and Defense Industry, Contact us using our convenient online form or by calling (800) 645-4301.