Weighing in the Waste and Recycling Industry: A Guide

Weight data is an integral part of every waste management and recycling facilities’ operations because it keeps them compliant with local, state and federal legislation and maintains operational efficiency.

Weight data allows these facilities to track amounts of garbage collected, monitor inputs and outputs during materials recovery and to extract energy and dispose of waste. Because compliance and profitability are so reliant on weight, scale equipment capable of reliable and repeatable weighing is essential.

Yet with so many systems available, researching and choosing the proper equipment becomes an important task. Because this kind of weighing is done in an incredibly harsh industrial environment, selecting a scale that’s well-suited to this environment is also vital.

Floor Scales

Floor scales and bench scales are capable of weighing goods with very high accuracy. A floor scale can be placed in a central location within a waste processing facility or used to monitor different waste streams during the sorting process.

Floor scales can generally be used in two ways:

1.    The operator wheels a lighter load onto the scale for weighing
2.    The operator drives a forklift carrying bundled or palletized waste directly onto the scale

Either way, the scale needs to be robust and able to withstand such heavy use.

Bench Scales

Bench scales come in a variety of sizes, capacities and finishes. They have a smaller platform to maximize workspace. Because of their higher accuracy, they’re ideal for facilities that deal with high value waste streams such as e-recycling.

Arlyn Floor Scales and Bench Scales

Featuring best of class components like stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms and welded construction, our floor scales and bench scales can easily handle harsh industrial environments like those found in waste and recycling plants.

With an unusually low profile of 3 to 4 inches, our floor scales can be easily loaded and unloaded without putting unnecessary strain on the operator.

The swivel mounted digital indicator can be mounted in any convenient location for easy viewing. The large digital display makes it easy to read from any angle or distance.

The smallest floor scale has a maximum capacity of 2,500 lb and a resolution of 0.5 lb. Our largest standard floor scale has a maximum capacity of 20,000 lb. and a resolution of 5 lb., but can go higher upon request.

Our bench scales range from a 4 lb. maximum capacity with a 0.0002 lb. resolution to a 200 lb. capacity and 0.002 lb. resolution. The small 12” x 16” platform will fit in any convenient location.

And while we offer a variety of platform sizes on each model, we also offer custom platform sizing at no cost penalty to ensure that the needs of your facility are met.

Corrosion Resistance

When you choose a steel floor scale, it will come coated with a special triple epoxy that helps prevent rust and corrosion from damaging your scale.

An optional corrosion resistant epoxy can be applied to our stainless steel models that helps prevent scratching and abrasion that leads to corrosion.

Data Collection, Transmission and Analysis

Monitoring data and sharing it with various parties is an essential part of the operation for waste disposal authorities, transfer stations and landfill operators. It also plays a crucial role in keeping disposal costs low.

Whether you need a simple I/O port that allows your scale to communicate with a larger computer system or you need an integrated management system that can monitor operations in real-time, we can supply a standard or tailor-made solution that suits your needs.

Our standard communication options include Ethernet, USB, WiFi and Cloud. We also offer a variety of analog features.

Our setpoint controller can be used to partially or fully automate various parts of your weighing and sorting processes. Set up to 8 target weights and use them to control motors, valves, solenoids, mixers and other devices.

Factory Direct Pricing

When you buy a scale through a distributor, dealer or catalog, you’re cost goes up so that each middleman can make a profit.

When you buy from Arlyn Scales, you’re buying directly from the factory. Along with the many cost-saving benefits, you’re also able to place custom orders, enjoy faster lead times and get better customer service.

Since we’re directly involved in the design, development and production of our products, we know exactly how everything works — and whether or not that will be useful for you. We’ll design and build the exact scale you need without selling you the bells and whistles you don’t.

Order your Arlyn Scale today or contact us with any questions you may have.