Uses of Digital Scales

Uses of Digital ScalesDigital scales are used by both consumers as well as in countless industrial applications for a variety of reasons. While you’re probably aware of scales being used in a warehouse or for shipping purposes, there are a large number of other ways in which digital scales are used, as well.

If you’re looking to choose a digital scale for your unique needs, it’s incredibly important to select a device that not only meets your needs, but one that also falls within your budget.  Many times, individuals and companies will make the mistake of purchasing a scale from a large distributor that almost always results in significant markups, as well as headaches in the event that your scale needs service in the future.

Working with a factory direct scale manufacturer can often prevent many of these issues and save you money, too.  Working with a scale manufacturer also allows you to have a scale that can be custom designed to meet your unique needs.

Common Uses for Digital Scales

A few of the common applications in which our scales are often used include:

Inventory Control

When it’s important to keep track of small pieces or parts, counting scales can make the process go much more smoothly.  However, it’s incredibly important that the exactness of your sample piece or pieces is accurate to ensure that your inventory count will be useful.

At Arlyn Scales, many of our clients use our SAW-C scale, featuring our patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which has a high capacity of 100 pounds and a fine resolution of 0.001 lb. for inventory control.  This resolution is much better than that found in many other counting scales on the market, especially at such a high capacity.

Why is the SAW-C better than a typical counting scale?  This improved accuracy and capacity is due to our patented SAW technology that replaces the strain gage system used by most scale manufacturers.

Livestock Scales

When weighing animals, scales must have a variety of features not common among standard industrial scales.  At Arlyn Scales, we’ve pioneered a technology called “Weight Average and Hold” that allows for an accurate weight reading for an animal, even if they’re not standing still.

This unique feature takes multiple weight readings as an animal is moving on the scale platform, and then computes an accurate average weight.  Aside from this distinctive element, our livestock scales also feature a variety of intuitive features including:

  • Resistance to corrosive elements and animal waste due to the fact that our load sensors are fully protected from the elements.
  • Protection of our display housings with gaskets to prevent any damage.
  • Accuracy to the nearest 0.1 lb.
  • Low profile platforms, which make it easy for animals to be loaded on and off the scale platform.

Wheelchair Scales

When patients are confined to wheelchairs, the simple act of weighing can become extremely complicated.  For this unique situation, we’ve developed our 320-WC scale that is specifically designed to help weigh patients who are bound to wheelchairs.

Our 320-WC scale uses ramps that feature a small incline for a caregiver to more easily maneuver the wheelchair onto the scale platform.  Our scale platform is less than two inches tall and with the reduced incline of the ramps, creates no tripping hazard for patients.

Our wheelchair scales also feature a high capacity of 800 pounds and a resolution of 0.2 lb., with a patient in a wheelchair.  The scale has a large internal storage capacity allowing hundreds of wheelchair models to be stored for ease of use.

Corrosion Resistant Scales

Depending on the industry, scales that can handle a variety of corrosive materials are often needed.  The material weighed could even include liquefied gases or highly corrosive chemicals where any type of spill or even fumes could render a standard industrial scale useless.

Arlyn Scales offers a line of Corrosion Resistant Scales that are built with stainless steel as well as a 3-part epoxy coating that offers additional resistance to harsh chemicals.  This epoxy is created using Garnet particles to help further protect the scale from scratching and abrasions.  In addition, our load cells are built from stainless steel alloy to help guard against damage from corrosive chemicals.

Crain Scales

If you’re looking to weigh items as they’re loaded onto a ship, you need a specialized scale.  A typical platform scale, while versatile for many uses, isn’t practical for ship loading.

Crane scales allow you to weigh large objects and lift them onto a ship at the same time.  This allows shipyards to load ships much faster compared to using other types of scales.

At Arlyn Scales, we have three models of crane scales to meet the needs of our clients.  These models include the ARC-2500, ARC-5000 and ARC-10000, which have maximum capacities of 2500, 5,000 and 10,000 pounds with resolutions of 0.5 lb., 1 lb., and 2 lbs. respectively.

These scales are also overloading tolerant, corrosion resistant, and water resistant. They feature temperature stability from -4 F to +140 F.

Pig Sorting Scales

Pig farmers heavily rely on scales as the weight of their animals is directly related to the amount of profit they can demand from buyers.  However, the process of weighing pigs is extremely tedious and time consuming, which is why we came up with our Automated Pig Sorter.

Our Automated Pig Sorter is easily installed where the pigs walk to enter a feeding pen.  We offer models with 2, 3 or 5 way devices allowing farmers to easily monitor their pig’s weight and direct the pigs to the necessary supply pen with the appropriate feed.

The scale that is used to weigh the animals features two gates (one on each side of the scale) and it’s enclosed with metal fencing materials.  One of the gates allows the pig to step onto the scale, and then it immediately closes.

Then, the other gate won’t open until an accurate weight has been recorded.  This unique approach to pig weighing results in more accurate weight readings for farmers looking to maximize their profits.

Contact Arlyn Scales for More Information on Our Digital Scales

As you can see, we manufacture a large variety of digital scales for our clients.  If you don’t see the type of scale that you need here or on our website, we can also custom design a scale that meets your exact needs.  For more information about any of our scales, feel free to reach out to our team today at 1-800-645-4301.