Dustproof and Washdown Scales

Dirty environments are not beneficial for accurate measurements. Whether you work with the mud, or with waste, you want to ensure that nothing skews your measurements. Browse our array of dustproof and washdown scales to see which models are just right for you. We’ll ensure that your stainless steel construction is up to the task. 

Water And Dust

Many factors affect the analytical balance of the products that you weigh. Temperature is one, and it goes hand in hand with water. For this reason, engineers need to factor in what can affect weighing devices in these environments. They create scales for foodservice and processing that can handle any unwanted, invasive particles. 

Dust is one such factor. Even in ordinary households and businesses, seventy percent of dust comes from human skin. If you have a warehouse with a lot of people or livestock, then a lot of grime will ensue. It will weigh down on the scale and skew readings. You want to ensure that the scales can keep it out.  

If you get dust within your scale’s mechanics, it is also a problem. The particles, even on a microscopic level, prove to be a hazard. They can clog up tiny circuits and pathways within the machine. That can lead to damage, and to the scale breaking down sooner than its intended lifespan. Costs increase for the operator.

Water is another factor. Despite being present as droplets or as vapor, it can appear on a sensitive scale and create tiny changes. Some warehouses need to be damp by necessity, for cleaning. Others try to reduce the condensation in the air to ensure that it doesn’t damage equipment or cause workplace injuries. 

To a lesser extent, it can also rust parts within a scale and clog pathways when they condense into droplets. In the worst case, water vapor can short out equipment with an electric connection. Such damage will affect how you measure weighing. It can also create hazards in warehouses, where water vapor accumulation can cause water damage. 

Industries such as fishing and food processing require constant washdowns. The reasons are for sanitary reasons; bacteria can gather on surfaces where they have a food source. It can then lead to food products getting contaminated. Since fish is a  type of meat, processing it has the same risks as for preparing vegetables and beef.  

Thus, you want a scale that can allow for easy cleaning, without damage to the equipment. That means one that is waterproof and keeps out microscopic dust. It can handle constant washing, and you minimize the number of replacement scales required.

Compact Washdown Scales

Even if your scales are designed to withstand a great temperature range, they may only handle a small threshold of water. Washdown scales are designed to handle large volumes of water from cleaning. Usually, they are made of durable, waterproof materials. They also block out dust with a tight sealing, so that not even particles on the micron scale can invade. 

Stainless steel is the ideal material to use for these types of digital scales. The steel is treated so as to resist water and rust and is easy to clean. It also has a high-temperature threshold and will withstand corrosive elements. As an added benefit, a stainless steel structure never scratches so that it will last for a long time and look as pristine as ever.

A dustproof scale is designed with housing to repel dust. There is usually a dust seal that keeps out the grime for weighing. This seal helps prevent clogging or damage to the machine. 

Other features include an LCD display. This ensures that you can focus on the readings and record them in any environment. 

As an added benefit, it means that these scales can be used outdoors, in the dirtiest environments. If you need to weigh crops or livestock from a farm, these can ensure that the grime will not cause such an effect. The same goes for when your warehouse is damp or has ample condensation. 

Find Your Dust Proof Equipment At Arlyn Scales

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