Custom Weighing Scales Manufacturer in the USA

Buying a scale is generally a simple process. You determine the maximum capacity, accuracy and platform size you need, find a supplier and make a purchase.
But if you need a non-standard platform size, better resolution, corrosion resistant properties or a specific output to transfer data or a completely custom weighing solution, most suppliers won’t be able to meet your needs. If they can, you’ll spend weeks waiting for your request to filter through a chain of distributors until it reaches the factory and wait months for a product you need today.

Work Directly With the Factory

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of custom weighing solutions that combine accuracy, durability and powerful, intuitive menu functions. Our factory direct structure allows us eliminate the middle tiers of dealers and distribution so that you save time and money while receiving a higher quality product.

Our combination of excellent engineering, efficient U.S. based manufacturing and factory direct sales channel allows us to offer the best feature-to-price ratio in the industry.

Our Capabilities

We design and fabricate all of our scales and their subassemblies in our New York factory and can apply our expertise to any situation requiring weighing. From simple requests to challenging specialty applications, we welcome every opportunity to put our engineering expertise to use.

In addition to industrial and high precision scales, we also offer load sensor design, microprocessor instrumentation and computer software. We’ve worked with many OEMs to implement simple and effective weighing solutions and are always willing to make our design and production services available.

Custom Platform Sizes

While we offer a variety of standard platform sizes, we understand that no selection will offer every customer the exact size they need. We want to offer the same convenience and price benefits to customers who simply require a non-standard platform size. So whether you have limited floor space, unusually sized items you need to weigh or need another piece of equipment to sit on the platform, we offer custom platforms sizes with no cost penalty.

Choice of Body Construction

Not all scales are manufactured with the same materials. Whether you choose aluminum, steel or stainless steel will depend on the scale’s purpose and the environment where it will be used.

So if you need a lightweight scale that can be easily transported, you’ll want to choose an aluminum body. But if you work with corrosive chemicals, you’ll want something that’s better able to resist their caustic properties and should choose stainless steel.

Custom Output Ports

Every business has its own means of storing and sharing information. We offer many outputs to ensure that our scales integrate with your existing systems, whether you need them to transmit data or want to use weight to control the behavior of other equipment. These include

•    Ethernet and WiFi, which allow you to monitor and control the scale through your local network. Ethernet is a wired connection, but you can connect wirelessly using WiFi and our free Remote Indicator Software. Store, sort, group and analyze data on any PC. WiFi allows access from any remote or offsite location.

•    USB is the most common PC interface today. With it, you can import your weight data directly into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access database file when pairing this option with our free USB Remote Software and control the scale from a workstation PC. We offer another utility that allows you to import data into any Windows application software.

•    Cloud technology allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection without a hard drive or dedicated server. All data is stored “in the cloud” and can be accessed from any location that’s been granted access.

•    Other common options include RS-232, RS-485, analog outputs like 4 – 20ma and datalogging with a flash drive.


Our set point controller offers simple batching and PLC-type functions that make it perfect for a variety of manufacturing processes. It’s most commonly used in batching and mixing.

Output lines can be controlled by the weight applied to the scale’s platform. Set up to eight target weight values and use them to operate other equipment. Start or stop motors, feeders, mixers, valves, solenoids and other devices. Numerous formulas can be input into the scale’s memory and recalled for later use.

Ultra Precision Measurements

If you require precise, high resolution measurements you can avoid the high cost of a magnetic force restoration (MFR) scale and choose an Arlyn Ultra Precision Scale instead. When compared with standard strain gage weighing technology, our internationally patented design offers 20 times better readability and 10 times better accuracy at about a third the cost of an MFR scale.

Let’s compare a strain gage and ultra precision scale at our lowest 10 lb. capacity and higher 500 lb. capacity.

10 LB Maximum Capacity 500 LB Maximum Capacity
Strain Gage Ultra Precision Strain Gage Ultra Precision
Resolution 0.002 lb. 0.0001 lb. 0.1 lb 0.005 lb.
Readability 1 part in 5,000 1 part in 100,000 1 part in 5,000 1 part in 100,000

1/10 of 1%

(± 0.1%)

1/100 of 1%

(± 0.01%)

1/10 of 1%

(± 0.1%)

1/100 of 1%

(± 0.01%)

Other Custom Solutions

Arlyn Scales offers a large portfolio of designs that also includes:

•    Dispensing ingredients
•    Packaging conveyor systems
•    Shipping weights
•    Low profile load cells
•    Full feature digital indicators
•    Software and microprocessor instrumentation
•    Color touch-screen controllers
•    Laundry cart weighing kits
•    Parts counting and inventory control
•    Monitoring levels of liquefied gas
•    Intrinsically safe scales

Some more specific examples include:

•    Scales that monitor the amounts of fluids perfusing into a bio reactor
•    A system with five scale platforms that are used to mix five separate ingredients in 55 gallon drums
•    A system with two scale platforms holding cylinders of liquefied gas. The gas is dispensed from one cylinder and when it’s almost empty, a signal is sent to a valve, which starts dispensing from the second cylinder.
•    Scales that automatically dispense chemicals into a waste water treatment facility
•    A system that automatically weighs packages on a conveyor and compares the measured weight to the expected weight

Many of our newer designs incorporate surprisingly inexpensive Android-based color touch screen instruments that can be custom configured to your industrial process.

Find a Real Solution With Arlyn

If you have a special weighing application that will require a custom weighing scale or weighing component, contact us today and discuss your needs with one of our experts.