Blending Equipment Manufacturer: Scales and Load Cells

Blending and mixing are interchangeable terms used to describe the process of combining various ingredients during a manufacturing process, yet they’re actually a little different. Blending usually involves solid-solid mixtures or the mixture of solids and small amounts of liquid and is generally more gentle than mixing. Mixing is more closely associated with liquid-liquid, gas-liquid and viscous materials. For the purposes of this article, however, we’ll use these terms interchangeably.

Industry Relies Heavily on Mixing and Blending Processes

Many industries, most notably chemical, pharmaceutical and food manufacture rely on these processes for quality. Depending on the industry, non-homogenous mixtures can lack consistency in color, texture, taste, chemical composition, reactivity and particle size.

Effective and Efficient Mixing

Profitability and competitive advantage are achieved through subtle improvements to product quality, which is ultimately managed through better performance and efficiency. This makes blending and mixing equipment an essential part of business success.

Competitive production lines require robust, flexible equipment capable of fast blend times with low power consumption. The equipment used in these processes continues to increase in complexity to increase effectiveness and efficiency resulting in faster batch cycle times and lower operational costs.

Industrial Scales Drive Efficiency

At the heart of high volume production is the industrial scale. Without accurate measurements of materials, products would not have the consistency industry relies on. Scales improve overall product quality while reducing manufacturing costs and waste.

Blending Equipment Scales and Weigh Sensors

Arlyn’s stainless steel platform scales, floor scales and weigh sensors can be incorporated into any industrial mixing equipment. Ingredients can be weighed and dispensed directly into the mixer, a premix tank or holding unit. Our set point controller handles a variety of I/O functions such as activating mixers, conveyors or pumps and monitoring switches and sensor inputs that allow for partial or complete system automation.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

Sanitation is critical to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, which is why we always recommend stainless steel scales and weighing components. The material is corrosion resistant and able to withstand any production environment including extreme temperatures, acidic ingredients and liquids. It’s also easy to clean and sanitize, and durable enough for heavy, consistent use. Stainless steel weigh sensors provide higher accuracy levels, lower profiles and add years of useful life to each Arlyn scale.

Arlyn Platform Scales

Available in 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. maximum capacities, our platform scales offer resolutions of 0.1 lb. and 0.2 lb. respectively. Platform sizes range up to 48 in. sq.

Arlyn Floor Scales

The maximum capacity and resolution of our floor scales are available in:

•    2,500 lb. x 0.5 lb.
•    5,000 lb. x 1 lb.
•    10,000 lb. x 2 lb.
•    20,000 lb. x 5 lb.

Arlyn Ultra Precision Scales

A new, internationally patented weighing technology also allows us to offer platform and floor scales with ultra precision resolutions. These scales are perfect for paint mixing, chemical formulation, semiconductor manufacture and other sensitive weighing operations. Maximum capacities and resolutions include the following with other options in between:

•    10 lb. x 0.0001 lb.
•    100 lb. x 0.001 lb.
•    300 lb. x 0.002 lb.
•    500 lb. x 0.005 lb.

These scales are 10 times more accurate than standard industrial scales — 1/10th of 1% vs 1/100th of 1%. They feature a resolution that’s 20 times better — 0.1 lb vs 0.005 lb. on a 500 lb. capacity model. And best of all, the cost about a third of the price of other types of high precision scales.

Unique Arlyn Scale Features

Our industrial platform and floor scales feature load cells machined from heat treated stainless steel that are bolted into protection pockets within the scale’s frame. Unlike aluminum or regular steel that other manufacturers use, this construction protects the device from difficult factory conditions, overloading and shock loading while providing the lowest profile available.

Special digital electronics compensate for temperature shifts, air currents and vibration caused by running equipment to provide the highest level of accuracy.

The intuitive user interface and large graphical display makes it easy to switch formulas, schedule production and edit the schedule order.

Set Point Controller

This add-on device allows you to partially or fully automate your weighing and dispensing processes. Use it to set up to eight target weight values that control various I/O functions. Use in for continuous batching or use multiple target weights to slow down and shut off a pump without leaving residual material in the pump or feed pipes.

Custom Equipment and Software

Arlyn Scales is a factory direct manufacturer, which means we have the ability to customize any aspect of our scales to suit your needs and can work with you to develop a completely custom weighing system or incorporate various weighing components into your existing setup.

We offer custom size platforms at no additional cost penalty so you can get the made-to-order scale you need without sacrificing your budget. In addition to industrial and ultra precision scales, our portfolio includes a variety of weighing components and load cells, microprocessor instrumentation and unique software.

Any scale can be equipped with a connection port that matches your operational needs including Ethernet, WiFi, Cloud, flash drive, USB, RS-232, RS-485, analog 4 – 20 ma and others. Depending which option you choose, you may have the ability to monitor and control your scales from a remote location, export weight and batch data into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database file, print complex labels with batch and/or shipping information or connection to other programmable logic controllers and devices.

If you need a quality weighing device or a custom weighing solution, we urge you to call us directly at the factory. Our engineers have the knowledge, experience and expertise to match your needs with the best possible solution so your blending processes remain competitive and scalable.