Arlyn UpScale: the Industrial Scale Indicator to Upgrade Your Business

Arlyn UpScale: the Industrial Scale Indicator to Upgrade Your BusinessIf you use industrial scales in your business or facility, you likely understand the importance of durability and innovation. The scale experts at Arlyn Scales have been manufacturing the highest quality industrial scales for more than 30 years. In these three decades, we’ve focused on developing the best possible scales in the marketplace, and one of the primary ways we’ve done this is through innovation.

Brief Background on Arlyn Scales

As mentioned above, Arlyn Scales has been in business for well over 30 years. Located in Long Island, New York, Arlyn Scales is one of the few scale manufacturers that designs and builds all of our scales right here in the U.S. This U.S. based manufacturing process is due to our commitment to quality, durability and most importantly the customer

By designing and manufacturing all of our scales in the U.S., we’re able to spot any quality control issues early on in the production process as well as continuously innovate to ensure our scales are always on the cutting edge in terms of technology. One of the new features of our scales that we’re most excited about is the Arlyn UpScale Display Indicator, which we’ll go into more detail in this article to explain just why you may want to add this functionality to your industrial scale.

What is the Arlyn UpScale Scale Indicator?

The Arlyn UpScale display indicator is simply a completely redesigned scale display. This digital weighing indicator is much different than the standard one that has been used for the past several decades on most industrial scales. Like other areas of the industrial scale market, the scale experts at Arlyn Scales are never satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we’re committed to providing truly revolutionary scale features that make your job much easier than ever before.

Top Features of the Arlyn UpScale Industrial Display Indicator

Below are just a few of the new features of the Arlyn UpScale indicator that you’ll appreciate when using your industrial scale on a daily basis.

High Powered Android Tablet

Our display indicator is much more than just a simple digital display. In fact, the Arlyn UpScale is a full-fledged tablet that is powered by the Android operating system. This means that you can expect a blazing fast user interface that offers much more functionality than simply displaying a basic weight reading.

Versatile Touchscreen

The tablet features a 7” HD IPS widescreen touchscreen display. This display allows Arlyn Scales to pack the screen with a variety of menus to truly take advantage of all the features of our cutting edge industrial scales. The touchscreen device features a 1024 x 600 resolution complete with a 5-point touchscreen area. The IPS display ensures your device will be viewable in all types of lighting conditions.

Robust Processor to Easily Power Your Industrial Scale

As mentioned above, this touchscreen display is essentially a computer. This includes a high powered Quad Core processor with 1 GB of RAM ensuring you’ll never run into performance issues when attempting to control your scale. This high powered processor combined with ample memory and storage space ensures the scale will run smoothly at all times.

Rugged Construction

At Arlyn Scales, we’ve seen exactly where our industrial scales are used on a daily basis. This can include a variety of often challenging environments that could be prone to moisture, and caustic chemicals that could spell disaster for many electronic devices. To combat these issues, our touchscreen is water resistant thanks to a rubber gasket and molded enclosure that ensures your digital indicator will always be protected from moisture and harmful chemicals. If you’re looking for additional protection, we also offer an optional stainless steel enclosure that helps to further protect the touchscreen unit from corrosive chemicals.

Support for Wide Range of Temperature Variations

Related to our rugged construction, the Arlyn UpScale touchscreen indicator supports a wide temperature range from 14°F to 104°F, which should more than meet the needs of the majority of our customers.

Wide Range of Communication Support

Today the name of the game when it comes to industrial scales is how fast you can gain access to weight readings. Thankfully combining our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen indicator with our industrial scales you’ll be able to easily and quickly export your weight data to a variety of computer programs. Below are our most popular communication options that our customers use to quickly gain access to weight data.

  • USB – This is likely our most popular communication option. Simply plug in a basic USB cable from your scale to your computer and easily download weight data for later use. Once the weight data has been downloaded, you’ll be able to access the weight readings using any program that supports CSV files. Popular applications that offer this support include Microsoft Access or Excel.
  • Ethernet / WiFi – If you’re looking for a more permanent communication option for your scale, WiFi or an Ethernet connection may be your best bet. Simply run an Ethernet cable from your scale to an Ethernet jack, or connect your scale directly to your wireless network and instantly be able to control your scale form any computer with an internet connection. This opens up a number of possibilities including being able to control your scale from home, vacation, or across the world.
  • Datalogging – Some of our customers use our scales because of their rugged capabilities which make it possible to use them in very challenging environments. In these instances, if you’re not able to access a network connection, or USB connection, you can always download your weight data to a small USB drive that can be plugged directly into the USB port on your industrial scale. This way you’ll be able to access the data form your computer at a later time.

Contact Arlyn Scales if you Have Additional Questions About our Touchscreen Indicator

We hope we’ve done a sufficient job of introducing you to our Arlyn UpScale display indicator. Should you have additional questions, or if you’re ready to place your order, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 800-645-4301 or send us an email through our contact form.