7 Creative Ways to Make Use of Industrial Scales

7 Creative Ways to Make Use of Industrial ScalesThere are countless ways to utilize weighing scales. People keep scales in their bathrooms and bedrooms to weigh themselves each day, and it’s a growing trend to weigh food before eating it. However, these aren’t industrial scales. Do you know what industrial scales do? Many times industrial scales are used to measure substances or weigh items before sending and after receiving shipments. But in what ways are industrial scales used that you don’t know about?

Here are a few ways industrial scales are creatively used today:

1. Keep Track of Waste and Recycling

 The world we live in allows us to put whatever we don’t want into plastic bags and send it all away—never to be seen again (unless you live by a landfill). It’s easy to never think about what happens to the garbage and recycling we toss, and it’s even easier to never thing about how the whole disposal process works.

You may be surprised to learn that industrial scales play a crucial role in the waste and recycling industries. Multiple types of industrial scales are used—for example: bench scales, forklifts, and axles scales can all be found at waste disposal facilities. Primarily, industrial scales are used to track garbage and recycling materials collected. The scales must deliver extremely accurate measurements and be equipped to stand up to harsh waste environments.

2. Weigh Luggage at the Airport

If you fly frequently, or you’ve ever flown at all, then you are probably aware of the hassle it can be to keep your checked luggage under 50-pounds. Ok, so it’s not that difficult to do, but the airlines have to check it—otherwise, it can set off the weight of the plane and you’ll definitely get charged a little extra for bringing such a hefty bag.

Did you know that the scales used to weigh luggage at the airports are industrial scales? It’s true! Scales like this are simply industrial platform scales, built to endure sudden and heavy loads without malfunctioning.

3. Measure Suspending Objects

It’s easy to imagine industrial scales as giant versions of the bathroom scale or food scale you have at your home. However, industrial scales do a lot of things that your everyday scale just can’t. One type of industrial scale that is commonly found at ship ports is a crane scale. This type of scale is used to measure objects being lifted onto or off of ships by cranes. Furthermore, crane scales ensure that operators do not overload cranes and hoists with loads that are too heavy.

4. Develop Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals

 Making medications that can fight diseases is tough work. It requires extensive oversight and regulation. Plus, there are many steps that must be followed to ensure drugs work the way they are supposed to. Industrial scales are important to create effective pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. In fact, Arlyn Scales has provided organizations in these two industries with scales that are capable of enduring high weight capacities while producing extremely accurate measurements.

5. To See if Animals Are Sick

 If something is wrong with your body, then one of the best indicators is a change in your weight. Gaining or losing weight quickly can signify illness, cancer, pregnancy, etc. And in the agricultural industry, farmers use industrial scales to keep track of the weights of animals so they can see if their animals are sick or being fed improperly. Industrial scales for this purpose are designed to endure movement and moisture, because animals can’t be expected to remain dry, clean, and completely still.

6. Measure People in Wheelchairs

 It’s cool to think that if you put something on a scale the scale is capable of accurately weighing part of it—for example: if you program a scale to acknowledge the weight of a container, then the scale can measure whatever is in the container and subtract the weight of the container from the total measurement at the end. It saves you time and trouble, that’s for sure. Well, industrial scales do this all the time, but one especially useful industrial scale is used to measure people who are confined to wheelchairs. This makes the task of weighing elderly people in nursing homes and chair-ridden patients in hospitals easier for nursing staff. Also, similar to weighing livestock, it allows nursing staff to monitor the weights of people to check for any sudden changes in weight.

7. Put Objects In >> Take Objects Out

 Instead of wondering what industrial scales can do, it’s time to flip the question around and ask what industrial scales are incapable of doing.

You can see that industrial scales do a lot of different types of things—certainly more than measuring people and food day in and day out. One capability we haven’t yet mentioned is how industrial scales can be used to automatically fill and dispense materials. In collaboration with other technologies, industrial scales can do a lot more than what they are initially manufactured to do, like: automatically dispense liquids.

Additionally, industrial scales can be connected to tablets and computers. People can control scales from devices and view weight data stored by their industrial scales. The data can be analyzed to spot inconsistencies in data, or simply held onto to keep track of information.

Do Amazing Things With Industrial Scales Today

 As you can see, there is not a lot you cannot accomplish with the assistance of an industrial scale. Check out Arlyn Scales’ full selection of industrial scales today on our website. Reach out to our team if you have questions by calling us at 800-645-4301 or fill out our online contact form