Uses for High Resolution Scales

high-resolution-scale-2Precision accuracy and high resolution has been a desirable commodity for decades. The demand for these qualities keeps growing as industries create products that include extremely small pieces in their design. Fortunately, Arlyn Scales high resolution and ultra precision scales can help you weigh the very best product down to the smallest part.

We have been leaders in the scale manufacturing industry for the past thirty years. Being the best is what we are all about. We constantly strive to make the best scales in the world that give our clients the greatest technological advances in scales currently available on the market. And we do this at a price that our competitors simply can’t beat. We are able to ship factory direct because both our factory and business are located adjacent to each other in Long Island, New York. By eliminating distributors, and various other middlemen, we are able to give our customers a substantial reduction in the normal retail price. The money we save by shipping factory direct goes right back into our ever evolving line of scales. This allows us to create a cutting edge scale at a price you can afford.

High Resolution Scales

Arlyn Scales High Resolution Scale is the perfect scale if you are trying to conduct finely detailed weighing at low weights. This may include such duties as weighing particular matter in a filter, piece counting, chemical formulation and many other low capacity tasks. The resolution on this scale is outstanding. It has a display resolution of 1 part in 400,000 and an internal resolution of 1 part in 2 million. Additionally, this scale can be equipped with our internationally patented Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which can give the scale an accuracy of 0.005%.

Ultra Precision Scales

Our Ultra Precision scales combine high resolution with high capacity, which just a few years ago was unheard of in the scale industry. These scales offer accuracy of 1:200,000 with a maximum resolution of 0.0001. Additionally, our ultra precision scales work at capacities previously unheard of. Thanks to SAW technology and our redesigned load cells, we are able to provide precision accuracy for weights up to 500 lbs. Most ultra precision scales are strictly for lower capacities, much like our high resolution scales. They typically have a maximum capacity of around 50 lbs. Our scales can give high accuracy for 10 times as much capacity.

Strain Gage Technology

For the past sixty years, strain gage load cells have been the standard load cells placed in scales. A strain gauge load cell measures the stress or strain that the object placed on a scale places on the load cell. The spring element within these load cells is usually incorporates a section made of a thin metal and resembles a diving board in design. Attached to the bottom of the scale•À_s platform and the scale floor, the spring element bends a certain amount based on the weight of the load applied to it. (Think of a person standing at the edge of a diving board.) The bending of spring element causes the flexors and strain gages to bend, which creates an electrical output that the scale converts into a digital weight measurement.

Unfortunately, standard strain gauge load scales can break due to their thin metal construction. Shock loading, dropping a load from a height on to the platform, or over loading, placing a load beyond the scale•À_s capacity on the platform, can seriously harm the scale. Drifts in accuracy can occur and the scale must then be taken out of service for repair costing the owner time, money, and lost productivity.

Our strain gauge load cells are manufactured using stainless steel, rather than the industry standard of aluminum, and are coupled with sophisticated electronics that allow us to reach the same degree of accuracy without a thin metal design. This prevents much of the damage from shock loading and over loading. Additionally, we can match electrical outputs for load cells at our factory. This eliminates the need for a summation board in our scales, which is a major point of failure in scales that use them. However, despite these improvements, this does not give the kind of resolution and accuracy that our SAW scale design can provide.

SAW Technology

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) load cells do not measure stress like strain gauge load cells. Instead, they measure displacement. You need far less of a sampling to create an extremely accurate weight measurement when measuring displacement. This allows the SAW scale load cells to be manufactured using a thicker piece of metal that makes it highly resistant to abuse. This allows the SAW load cells to be amazingly accurate while increasing the durability of the scale.

Uses for High Resolution and High Accuracy Scales

High resolution scales and ultra precision scales help users with a number of important jobs including, but not limited to:

  • Parts Counting This is a vital and necessary function for various electronic, computer and semiconductor industries. Such small components must be carefully tracked. Knowing the exact weight of one of these components allows the user to weigh them in bulk for quicker and more efficient packaging of the components without loss of inventory.
  • Coating Weights In order to precisely determine the weight of a coat of paint or other substance on a product, simply weigh the product prior to coating. Then weigh the product and subtract the difference to come up with the weight of the coating.
  • Particle Weight Filters are used to capture particles. They can be used to test the effectiveness of equipment. An example would be an exhaust pipe. You may wish to test how much pollution or particles are coming out of the exhaust pipe. First you would use a high resolution or ultra precision scale to weigh the filter prior to being placed in the exhaust pipe. Once a fixed period of time has passed, weigh the filter again. The difference between the two weights will be the weight of particles. This can be an extremely small amount. The SAW scale is well suited for this duty because it has a high capacity of 100 lbs. as well as a high resolution of .001 lb.
  • Turbine Part Balancing Turbines are very much like fan blades; they spin quickly on a shaft. In order for a turbine to work correctly, the turbine blades must weight exactly the same. If not, the turbine will be unbalanced. This can cause the shaft to rotate unevenly and possibly damage the turbine. A SAW-KL scale can detect blade weight discrepancies as small as 0.005 lb. Using this scale will help you determine what parts may need to be remachined to make your turbine work more efficiently.
  • Sieve Analysis for Concrete Concrete mixing is dependent on the type of granular material. A sieve analysis is a procedure used to assess the particle size distribution. A high resolution scale or ultra precision scale will allow a user to determine how to achieve the proper material for the correct type of concrete. Our SAW scales couple high capacity with high accuracy to ensure that your concrete meets specific construction specifications.

Exceptional Customer Support

At Arlyn Scales, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is what has made us so successful. We have a staff of highly trained and friendly customer representatives that will be happy to discuss with you how our high resolution and ultra precision scales can help your company become even more competitive. Fill out our the form on the Contact Us page of our site or call us at (800) 645-4301. We have no doubt that our scales will help you succeed!