The Most Precise Scale in the World

The Most Precise Scale in the WorldThe Technology of Arlyn Scales Vs. Traditional Technology

Arlyn scales are electronic weighing systems designed to provide the most precise results possible. Arlyn manufacturers focus on utilizing the most advanced technology of the contemporary age in order to construct a product with utmost quality and value. The precision of Arlyn scales is comparable with that of scales that cost 3 to 5 times as much as the cost of Arlyn scales.

In the conventional industry of scales, “Strain Gage” and “Force Restoration” have been the dominant two methods of manufacture. Arlyn Scales has recently created a third, novel technology called the “Surface Acoustic Wave” (SAW) scale that outshines its predecessors. It improves on the accuracy and precision of Strain Gage scales while providing a much better monetary value than Force Restoration scales.

Strain Gage scales are the least costly and most common scale technology. Traditional Strain Gage scales produce results with a resolution of 1 in 5,000, so such a scale would display a resolution of 0.01 pounds for an object weighing 50 pounds. Premium Strain Gage scales have resolutions close to 1 in 10,000. Strain Gage scale cells are typically made out of the inexpensive and malleable metal aluminum, which keeps the cost relatively low and the production relatively simple.

The technological concept dominating the Force Restoration method of scales is electromagnetic force. Electromagnetic force opposes the weight of an object that is placed on the scale platform, which yields extremely high resolutions that may even surpass, 1 in 150,000. Its disadvantages lie in temperature instability; the calibrations of objects exceeding 50 pounds, which can lead to system, overload; and high cost.

Unlike Strain Gage cells made of aluminum, Arlyn ScalesÕs cells are made of stainless steel, improving the strength and durability of the scale against shock and overload. Surface Acoustic Wave scales employ a technology similar to that used in fabricating semiconductor integrated circuits, which provides digital results of the highest precision possible. Incredibly, the resolution of Surface Acoustic Wave scales can range from 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 200,000. Temperature stability of Surface Acoustic Wave scales is greater than that of Force Restoration scales, and their costs are comparable to those of high-end Strain Gage scales.

Types of Scales

Industrial Scales

The variety of scales available to industries, farms, and other businesses is overwhelming. Industrial scales are merely one type of scale, and the selection of industrial scales alone is vast. Arlyn Scales manufactures Double Accuracy Industrial scales as well, for businesses in need of a relatively higher accuracy output than is standard.

Digital Scale Indicators can simultaneously display numerous results, including weight, tare, and other information regarding a particular object on the scale platform. The software of a Digital Scale Indicator is based on Windows, allowing all displayed data to transfer to databases or spreadsheets as needed. Other capabilities include 480 memory locations, automatic calibration, multiple platforms, and unit conversions.

Counting scales count parts quickly and store the weights of up to 450 separate items. Arlyn counting scales are able to display their results in a number of different units, including pounds, kilograms, ounces, troy, etc. They are also armed with a display enclosure with a rubber gasket to ensure resistance from potential water damage.

Arlyn High Resolution scales are 20 times more sensitive than conventional scales, with an accuracy of 0.005 percent. The digital window of a High Resolution scale contains an LCD dual display with a back-light. High Resolution scales automatically calibrate as well for efficient operation.

Platform scales are available in aluminum as well as in stainless steel. They also contain displays that have enclosures with rubber gaskets, so they are water resistant. The push-button control features automatic and keyboard tare, 450 memory locations, multiple unit conversions, and other functions. The internal resolution is an incredible 1 in 500,000.

Cylinder scales are designed for objects ranging from 50 to 300 pounds. Many different outputs are available, including 4 to 20 milliamperes, 1 to 10 volts, or with an indicator. Cylinder scales also have a phenomenal resolution as accurate as 0.02 pounds. They are available in Corrosion Resistant scales as well for cylinders made of materials that are potentially subject to corrosion.

Rain Gauge scales boast an extremely high accuracy output, with linearity even better than 0.1 percent. For commendable durability, they include a sealed load cell and electronics. Their superior construction also provides power supply protection from voltage surges and spikes.

Crane scales are hanging scales that are used to measure force and to lift and weigh objects. Aircraft-grade aluminum and red polyurethane surround the stainless steel load sensor of a Crane scale for high impact and visibility. Its accuracy is an excellent 0.1 percent, and optional swivel shackles and hooks are available.

Drum scales are conveniently designed without a rail on the platform, facilitating the weighing of oversized objects that exceed the width of said platform. An Arlyn Drum scale reaches merely 1 7/8 inches high and includes a ramp for smooth loading and unloading. Also included with each Drum Scale is a Digital Indicator with tare, memory, unit conversion, and other functions. Corrosive Resistant Scales are also available for drums made of corrosive elements.

Floor Scales come in a large number of sizes, and they are available in steel and stainless steel options. Each Floor scale includes a digital display with LCD technology and large graphics for clear and easy readability. Arlyn delivers its Floor scales already calibrated, so they are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Explosive Environment scales are ideal for industrial businesses in hazardous locations. Our ArlynGuard B, C, F, and P scales have one or more components that have been tested and approved to be Intrinsically Safe for use in an impressive range of hazardous locations including:

•    Intrinsically safe for use in Class I, II, III; Division I; Groups A through G
•    Non-incedive for use in Class I; Division II; Groups A through D
•    Suitable for use in Class II; Division II; Groups F & G
•    Suitable for use in Class III; Division II

Each ArlynGuard scale is equipped with one or more of:

•    Model MKE-5-IS(-C) Digital Weight Indicator System
•    Load Cell Models 620-300-IS, 620-100-IS, 620-50-IS, 620-25-IS, 620-10-IS, 520-10000L-IS, 520-5000L-IS, 520-5000IS, 520-2500-IS, 520-1250-IS, 320-500-IS and 320-250-IS

which are FM Approved components as per Approval Standard 3600, 3610, 3611 and 3810.

Animal Scales

Animal Scales are ideal for farmers, kennels, veterinarians, and other businesses that work with animals. The platforms are lightweight and portable while the load cells are made of a durable, heat-treated stainless steel. The Digital Indicator includes a “Weight Average and Hold” feature that gives an accurate weight measurement even if the animal moves on the platform.

The 320-Vet scale has a weight resolution of 0.1 pounds. The 620-Vet Scale is ideal for weighing small animals, reptiles, and birds. Its weight resolution is an impressive 0.002 to 0.01 pounds.

Custom Scales

Arlyn has developed weighing sensors and load cells ranging in capacity from 2 to 20,000 pounds, allowing for customized applications. Its Ultra Precision Surface Acoustic Wave sensors even range from 2 to 200 pounds. Other options include the choice of basic voltage, current loop devices, and digital indicators with the option of Linux colored touch-screens. Communication options are RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet and Wireless Ethernet.

Arlyn’s custom hardware facilitates a wide range of tasks, including overseeing the mixture of several ingredients, controlling valves, and monitoring sensors and feeders. Customized software allows businesses to transfer data to spreadsheets, databases, etc. Arlyn Custom scales offer an even larger variety of additional options:

  • Automatic Liquid Dispensing
  • Flow Rate Control
  • Aggregate, Livestock, and Bin Weighing and Sorting
  • Liquified Gas Tank Monitoring
  • Custom Weighing Kits

Precision Scales

With high precision and accuracy as the primary emphases of Arlyn Scales, Precision scales are a fundamental and significant aspect of the company. Arlyn designs a wide variety of Precision scales, each with its own individual feature making it unique to the others. However, all Arlyn Precision scales boast the highest precision and accuracy for the greatest value available in the modern market.

One particular Precision scale is specifically designed for counting parts, formulation chemistry and mixing, and serial manufacture. With its Surface Acoustic Wave technology, it measures displacement instead of strain. The scale requires an infinitesimal displacement and therefore puts very little stress on the load cell. The result is a decrease in error and an increase in accuracy.

Large Ultra Precision Scales are also ideal for formulation and mixing as well as batching, but they are particularly excellent for high accuracy in parts-counting of heavy objects. Arlyn Large Ultra Precision Scales are especially beneficial for transportation labs, geotechnical and environmental testing for aggregates, asphalt, soil and ores. The accuracy is an incredible 0.005 percent, the display resolution is 1 in 400,000, and the internal resolution is an overwhelming 1 in 2 million.

Arlyn Scales’ innovative Surface Acoustic Wave technology and high-quality assembly provide businesses with excellent precision, accuracy, and value for the cost of their scales. The vast array of scales and the various options among them cater to the customized requisites of each individual business and provide the proper scales to suit each need. Our website provides additional information about the technology, the features, and the benefits of Arlyn Scales for all kinds of businesses from industry to agriculture and beyond.

If you have any questions or looking for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you.