Manufacturer of Industrial Scales with Incremental Weight Capacity

high-resolution-scale-2The manufacturing process of certain materials demands subtle and extremely accurate information. The pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry, the jewelry industry, the electrical industry and even food processing laboratories require delicate yet powerful amounts of substances to be measured in minute and incremental amounts. These processes demand weighing equipment that is operable despite the temperature variables of the laboratory setting, yet can withstand the corrosive nature of the application.

Sounds like a tall order. The scale industry needed to find a way to deliver equipment that was dedicated to this cause. For years, strain gage scales and force motor scales were the only options available. Strain gage scales are often lacking in the necessary precision and are subject to temperature variables. While force motor scales provide the precision, their cost is prohibitive, especially for larger weighing applications. So while each served the purpose for most applications, the applications that required incremental weighing data were less apt to find success.

What It Took

After many years of research and development, Arlyn Scale’s team of engineers devised and patented a new state of the art technology that delivers accurate and precise incremental weight readings.

This technology is similar to that used in fabricating semiconductor integrated circuits. This out of the box technology is what accounts for extremely precise digital outputs. In a matter of less than one second, the most accurate and precise weighing data is available due in part to the fact that there is no need to convert analog resistance measurement readings into digital readings. With an accuracy rating of up to twenty times that of regular scales, it is no wonder that our Surface Acoustic Wave technology has raised the precision bar in the industrial scale market.

An In-depth Look

These scales are manufactured using a large load cellblock. The methodology of selection and placement of the load cell is what defines true accuracy for incremental weight readings. SAW load cells measure displacement rather than stress or strain. The scale’s stainless steel platform is built upon a die cast aluminum frame with click type switches.

High Ratings

We offer scales with ten-pound, twenty-five pound, fifty pound, one hundred pound and two hundred pound capacities. The readability ratings are far superior to ordinary scales: 0.05 grams, 0.1 grams, 0.2 grams, 0.5 grams and 1 gram respectively.

These scales have a 500 percent overload factor and are operable in temperatures ranging from ten degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The overall accuracy is 1:20,000.

Applications that require the monitoring of small incremental changes of weight have the distinct advantage with SAW technology. Weight data is displayed in one second with a display update of four tenths of a second.

Computer Advantages

The state of the art scale indicator yields fifteen different weighing units, a zero button, parts counting and check weighing functionality. This large LCD dual display can be placed on a nearby wall or near the scale. We also offer a NEMA 4x stainless steel display enclosure to keep the indicator safe from corrosive materials.

The advantages of this cutting edge scale are many. Ethernet, wireless or hardwired and USB allow the transference of data to a computer using our Remote Indicator Software. Data can be organized, sorted, grouped and analyzed from a computer.

With the RS-232 Protocol, data can be transmitted from the scale to a computer, printer or programmable logic controller. This bi-directional interface allows for the computer to issue commands to the scale as well. Within the scale’s operating software is the print frame definition editor that enables the printing of customized complex labels. To simplify the data acquisition and its subsequent organization, we offer WinWedge data collection software. Data can be read on any computer using Excel, Access, or any Window’s program.

With the RS-485 Protocol, the bi-directional interface can take place over a four thousand foot distance. With the optional USB interface, up to ten scales can be controlled via one computer. Data can be logged from all the scales directly into Microsoft Excel.

The datalogging option enables all date, time, group, and item information to be logged along with weight information onto a flash drive. Millions of readings can be stored on this 4-gigabyte flash drive. Add the rechargeable battery pack with a twenty-hour usage capacity to this option and the SAW scale is completely portable.

Our Setpoint option is a must for mixing, batching, and formulation applications. With the optional relays, up to eight target weights can be set to control the outputs from valves, motors, mixers, feeders and solenoid sources, which all respond to the weight that is applied to the scale’s platform.

Arlyn Scales is a factory direct manufacturer located in New York. We have been manufacturing industrial scales for over thirty years and because we manufacture all of our own subassemblies for our scales, we can supply our products directly to our customers. The cost savings of operating independently and without the use of distributers is solid enough that we can pass the savings on to our customers.

The SAW Series Scales provide accuracy and precision ratings greater than that of ordinary scales. They cost one-third the price of force motor scales and are priced in the same cost bracket as strain gage scales. For the difference in accuracy, precision, reliability and durability, scales equipped with Surface Acoustic Wave technology provide exactly what is needed for applications requiring incremental weight readings.

Should your specifications not be met by the weighing capacities or platform sizes, our team of engineers is on board at all times to customize our scales to meet any specifications. We can provide the capacity that is required for your exact application.

For further information and guidance on the best possible weighing solution for your specific industrial requirements, our knowledgeable sales associates are ready to assist you. Contact us thorugh our online form or by calling (800) 645-4301.