Best Resolution Industrial Weighing Scales

high-resolution-scale-2Many parts of industry require accurate weighing scales. Arlyn Scales offers the best available resolutions in the marketplace for industrial applications, and these scales are up to 20 times more fine in their accuracy than competing scales. We also carry scales that reach even greater accuracy at higher load capacities than anyone else in the marketplace. The key to all this is in the load cell technologies that we use.

Your Choices of Load Cell Technologies

Industrial production settings range from mixing ingredients to create products in a tightly controlled and sometimes automated system to heavy duty concrete applications involving tons of material per run. The type of application will indicate what load cell technology is appropriate. Higher accuracy load cells are required for the mixing of pharmaceuticals and polymers, whereas less resolution is perfectly acceptable for mixing concrete.

Strain Gauge Load Cell Technology

Strain gauge load cell technology is the most common in industrial weighing scales. While limited in how fine the resolution can be, we have designed our strain gauge load cells to the upper limits of the technology. We carry industrial scales that have high capacities with fine resolution, from our 500-pound capacity platform scales with 0.1 pound resolution to our 20,000-pound capacity floor scales with 5.0 pounds resolution.

Magnetic Force Restoration Load Cell Technology

Magnetic Force Restoration technology gives laboratory-grade resolutions of up to .0001 pound granularity, but this technology is limited to a maximum load of only 50 pounds and is very expensive. We do not offer this type of scale because we have found a better solution that yields the same results but can take loads of up to 500 pounds.

SAW Load Cell Technology

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is the way that Arlyn Scales has broken away from the expense and capacity limitation of Magnetic Force Restoration technology. As with strain gauge technology, a component of the load cell bends as weight is applied to the scale. However, this component is far more stiff than that used in strain gauge load cells, so less bending occurs. Only SAW technology can detect this slight bending, and it does so through two transducers that create a feedback loop between them. The frequency generated by this feedback loop is then measured for changes, and from those changes, the weight of the load is determined.

SAW load cells are similar in price as strain gauge load cells, which allows us to offer our Ultra Precision scales at surprisingly low prices. You can also accurately measure loads of up to 500 pounds with a .005 pound resolution. Our lower capacity Ultra Precision scales meet the .0001 requirement of laboratories and with higher capacities than possible before SAW technology.

Very Reasonable Pricing

Because SAW load cells are about the same cost as strain gauge load cells, your overhead is kept low when using Arlyn Scales in your industrial applications. On top of this, we are factory-direct, which means that you save the middle-tier markup of distributors.

Custom Scales

Unlike many scale providers, we offer custom scales that meet our customers exacting design specifications. This can be very important if you have automated equipment that would otherwise need reengineering to accept a standard scale model, or if you are designing a new automated system and want to avoid designing around standard scale models.

We have complete control over our engineering and manufacturing in our New York facilities. Our scales, including the subassemblies, are never outsourced to foreign or domestic suppliers.

Scale Durability

Industrial settings can quickly destroy scales that have not been engineered to withstand the stresses, both mechanical and chemical. We offer our scales in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel materials. All of our load cells are made out of a special alloy of stainless steel. For our steel scales, additional durability comes from our three-part epoxy finish that includes a zinc component that resists oxidation, even if the finish is scratched to the base material. For our stainless steel scales another, optional finish has a garnet component that resists scuffing along with a special epoxy that has excellent resistance to corrosion from harsh chemicals.

We weld all our scales together, which further enhances durability. Also, our load cells are mounted in machined chambers to offer even more protection. An additional benefit is that our scales have the lowest profiles in the marketplace, which makes loading and unloading easier, plus avoids collisions with forklifts and other equipment.

Scale Digital Connectivity

Most industrial processes these days include at least some computer automation. Arlyn Scales has you covered for any possible need while incorporating our products into your automated systems.

For simple needs, you can order a USB data logging port on our scales. This allows you to connect a flash memory device to the scale and record weight data for later uploading to a computer. If you want to connect computers directly to our scales, an RS-232 port will allow both data acquisition and scale control. An RS-485 port allows you to network up to 10 scales, and the wired Ethernet port option allows connecting to a computer network. You can also order Wi-Fi wireless computer network connections.

Standard Displays and Controllers

If you want to use our scales outside of automated systems, they come with large LCD readouts that can be viewed from a distance and controllers with color screens. The menus on the controller are designed to be very intuitive, and the readout screens can be located away from the scales. In harsh environments, you can order sealed readout screens with stainless steel cases.

Find the Right Scales for You

Remember that you have many choices of scale size, capacity, and resolution. Contact us today to discuss your unique operation so we can find the scales that fit seamlessly into it. If none of our standard models suffice, we’re able to craft a custom solution that will meet all your needs at a price you can afford. To get in touch today, give us a call at (800) 645-4301 or use the form on our Contact Us page. Our sales reps are standing by to help you find the perfect solution, so don’t delay!