Waste Management Scales

floor-scale-2Many people are unaware of the roles precision scales play in the waste management industry. The waste collection and management industry needs such precision in order to balance efficient collection with compliance to various health, safety and environmental regulations. Additionally, since some waste management companies are paid by weight, precise measurement helps maintain accurate billing.

It is also important that waste collection scales are durable and able to stand up to harsh and potentially hazardous waste environments. This is particularly important in the commercial waste industry due to the risk of contamination and health risks caused by overloading or improper storage.

At Arlyn Scales, we have been building strong and accurate scales for over thirty years. We know that the waste collection industry needs both to survive in a highly competitive environment. Our job is to produce scales with the highest quality design and production. Our factory direct shipping from our Long Island factory allows us to offer you the lowest possible prices. There is no middleman marking up the price between our company and you. Having this luxury allows us to increase scale quality with superior features that other companies can’t compete with at higher prices.

The Arlyn 5200 Floor Scale

Our Arlyn 5200 Floor Scale meets all the requirements of the waste management industry and their expectations. We specifically designed this scale with capacities up to 30,000 pounds and to be user friendly in less than friendly environments. We only use the highest quality components. Of special note for your industry, we have a special zinc rich epoxy that helps prevent corrosion resistance. To prolong the scale’s life, we have constructed our load cells out of stainless steel to give your company the ruggedness and durability you need. We also use four load cells instead of one to help achieve higher weight accuracy.

Stress Resistant Scale and Load Cells

The load cell is the building block of the scale. If it fails, your scale is useless. Arlyn machines our own heat-treated stainless steel load cells. Normally, the standard for load cells is aluminum or regular steel. We also bolt the load cells into protective pockets within the frame. This helps prevent damage to the cells by overloading the scale by dropping weight onto the cell from a height (also called shock loading).

The 5200 comes standard with four loads cells. Our digital indicator is also able to offer increased precision compared to some of our competitors scales. In conjunction, these components provide great accuracy and resolution in scale capacities all the way up to 30,000 lbs.

Our competitors generally use a single layer protective coating on their scales, which is usually no more than standard enamel paint or powdercoat. Unfortunately, once this coating is scratched, corrosion can easily set in. Not just where the coating is scratched, but rust and corrosion can spread from that location and develop under the entire coating, even if it remains intact. Arlyn Scales uses a special zinc epoxy that increases protection again corrosion and rust, even when the platform gets scratched.

These factors demonstrate that Arlyn Scales has invested considerable technology and money into improving the waste management’s weighing options. Our scales are capable of large loads and providing quality service for a lengthy period of time.

High Quality Features

  • User Friendliness Ð Arlyn Scales designed the 5200 floor scale to have a lower profile than most floor scales. This redesigned feature allows for easier loading and unloading. We’ve also made sure that our high precision digital indicator is set on a swivel mount and is straight forward facing with large LCD numerals. This increases quick and accurate viewing, even at a distance.
  • Size and Capacity Options – The 5200 Floor Scale comes in a variety of platform sizes. The top range is 8Õ x 10Õ. Our capacities range from 2,500 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. We also offer full stainless steel construction.
  • Computer Connectivity Ð The 5200 Floor Scale also has interface options that can allow you to collect and analyze weight data to maximize your business processes. Arlyn has several options:
    • USB Ð This is our most user friendly option and is time tested. Simply connect your computer to the scale via USB cable, and you will be able to control and export data to a Windows based application. Our USB Remote Software will also allow you to control the scale from your PC.
    • Ethernet Ð Using this option, you will connect to your scale from a remote location using either Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection. You can export, review, and analyze weight data and operate the scale from anywhere in the world.
    • Datalogging Ð This enables a user to obtain a quick data transfer. Simply connect a USB flash drive to download weight data. The data is then easily transferable to any Windows application that can view CSV files.

Automated Control

As an additional feature, we offer our excellent set point controller for the operation of our Arlyn 5200 Floor Scales. The controller gives the user automation choices during filling, dispensing, and batching operations. Its received excellent feedback, both in its user friendliness and its cost cutting impact.

The controller can be programmed with up to eight weight values. Once a programmed weight value has been reached, the scale sends an electronic signal that can turn other pieces of equipment on or off. Using a filling operation as an example, once the weight value has been achieved, an electronic signal would shut off the filling equipment.

Arlyn Scales: The Waste Management Weighing Solution

We know that the waste management industry presents unique needs and expectations. Given this fact, it can be hard to predict how to design a scale’s size, surface, and capacity that would meet all your waste collection needs. With that in mind, we believe it is our obligation to sit down with any customer that thinks we could do a better job for them. We believe in customizing weighing solutions for your needs, not the other way around.

In addition to thirty years of being a leader in the scale industry, we are a leader in customer service and satisfaction. It’s what leads to repeat business and a great reputation. We have made sure that when you talk with an Arlyn representative, you are talking with someone that has an in depth knowledge of our products and the weighing industry. Give us a call at (800) 645-4301 or use the form on our Contact Us page to get in touch. Get in touch today and discover just how much we can help!