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floor-scale-2Even the strongest of floor scales are only as durable as their load cells. This is where the weight meets its measuring stick, and the Arlyn Scales Series 5200 Floor Scales provide exceptionally strong load cells that are made of heat-treated stainless steel. This kind of stainless steel is far superior to the aluminum or carbon steel load cells that are used in other brands of floor scales. On top of this, the load cells are mounted in chambers that have been machined into the scale frame, which further protects them from damage. Each floor scale has four load cells mounted at each corner of the scale platform. Along with sharing the weighing burden, this design lowers the scales profile and results in consistently accurate weight readings due to the elimination of lateral forces that can throw off the readings and cause early load cell failure.

The Arlyn Scales Series 5200 Floor Scales are used in heavy-duty industrial settings, such as shipping and receiving, monitoring the contents of tanks and cylinders, and filling operations. The low profiles of our scales make the jobs easier, and our scale construction techniques enable our scales to withstand extremely harsh industrial settings.

High Floor Scale Capacities

You can order our Series 5200 Floor Scales with the following capacities and resolutions: 2,500 pounds at 0.5 pound; 5,000 pounds at 1.0 pound; 10,000 pounds at 2.0 pounds; and 20,000 pounds at 5.0 pounds. You can also order custom scales that have higher capacities and/or larger scale platforms than the standard models. Since we manufacture all our scales and subassemblies in our New York factory, we can build any custom scale to your exacting specifications. Because we are a factory direct company, all of our scales are reasonably priced, including custom scales.

Easy Loading and Unloading

A hallmark of Arlyn Scales products is their low profile. These low profiles are a result of mounting our tough load cells in machined chambers, rather than simply bolting them to the bottom of the scales. A lower profile means that you can load and unload the scales easier, and if you order ramps along with your scales, the tasks will become even easier. A lower profile also means shorter ramps, which opens up valuable space on the work floor. This also helps avoid situations in which the scales could be damaged, such as being run into by a forklift.

Welded Scale Joints

Welding is a better way to construct scales due to its superior strength compared to scales put together with fasteners. All of our scales are welded together for this reason because we know from many years of experience what kinds of abuse floor scales will encounter. An additional benefit to welding over fasteners is the higher degree of vibration tolerance. Vibration leads to fasteners loosening over time, which will likely cause scale failure.

Strong Scale Materials

Our floor scale models are available in steel or stainless steel. Carbon steel is usually the best material for floor scales, but if the scales will encounter corrosive conditions, you will likely want your scales made of stainless steel. Stainless steel also provides a measure of strength above carbon steel, so you may want the extra durability for very high capacity scales. Additionally, aluminum frame construction is available for those situations where portability is important.

Tough Scale Finishes

Standard on all steel models is our zinc rich galvanized epoxy, which provides better protection than other scales that are only covered in standard hardware paint. It’s inevitable that a scale’s platform will become scratched. Once this happens, the steel beneath is left exposed and vulnerable to rust. Once the surface beings to rust, it will spread to other areas of the scale Ð even to areas where the paint is still intact.

Not only does our zinc rich epoxy make it more difficult to scratch the surface, but also the zinc in the coating will preferentially oxidize, preventing rust formation.

If you choose a stainless steel model, you can opt for a triple epoxy that enhances the corrosion resistant properties of the metal. The base is polyamine epoxy, which is very resistant to most hydrocarbons, inorganic acids and alkalis, many solvents and other chemicals. We also mix a garnet powder into this epoxy to provide better abrasion resistance.

Easy to Read LCD Screes

Floor scales that are used with operators taking readings off of them manually have large LCD panels that make the task very easy. You can read them from a distance or install them away from the scales. However, most industrial applications of floor scales require digital connectivity to computers or networks of computers, and our scales have all the options you might want.

Digital Connectivity Options

The simplest digital connectivity option is a USB data logging port. You can plug a flash memory thumb drive into this port and automatically collect weight data to it. Later on, you can then upload the data, held in a CSV file, to a computer. Alternatively, you can choose the USB communication option and use a USB cable to connect your PC and, with our free software, the data will be automatically imported into either Excel spreadsheets of Access databases.

If you want to control your scale from a computer and collect weight data to it, you should order the RS-232 port. Keep in mind that cable length might be an important factor, as standard RS-232 cables should not be more than 50 feet long. If this is a problem, you will likely want to order a wired Ethernet port or the wireless Wi-Fi option. The great advantage of Wi-Fi is that you do not have to run cables anywhere but to the Wi-Fi router from a network switch. Wires are not needed from the scale itself to the network.

Another option you might consider is the RS-485 port. This will allow you to network up to 10 scales together.

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