Harbor Freight Scales: Loading Ship Cargo with Ease

Docks are naturally wet environments, which mean you need a scale that can stand up to moisture. You also need reliable accuracy to ensure that there is no variance between the stated and actual shipping weights of each container to ensure that the maximum capacity of the cargo ship isn’t breached and that the load is well balanced.

Arlyn floor scales are the perfect solution. With best of class components like stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms, welded construction and a special epoxy coating, they can stand up to rough use.

Steel and Stainless Steel Construction

Our rugged welded construction of the body and platform of our scales provides stability and durability. We generally recommend stainless steel for wet and washdown environments like those found near the docks, but if your weigh station is less challenged, steel is an attractive alternative. However, both our steel and stainless steel floor scales are available with a special triple epoxy coating that helps protect the scale from abrasion, rust and corrosion. Compared to the standard enamel pain offered by other manufacturers, or epoxies add years of useful life to your scale.

Special Epoxy Coatings

When the standard enamel coating of your scale inevitably flakes away or scratches off, the steel beneath becomes exposed and vulnerable to water damage. When that surface rusts, it will eventually spread to other areas of the scale. It can even migrate to other areas of the scale where the paint is still intact, which means you could have pretty severe damage without realizing it.

That’s why we developed a special, zinc-rich epoxy coating that protects the steel scale from abrasion and prevents corrosion. Yet even if this coating is scratched down to the steel, the zinc in the epoxy preferentially oxidizes instead of the steel and prevents corrosion and rust from forming or migrating to other areas of the scale.

The zinc-rich epoxy comes standard on steel models, but we offer an optional, garnet-infused epoxy on our stainless steel models for additional abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

The load cell is the device within the scale that’s responsible for the accuracy of your measurements. While many manufacturers will import aluminum or steel load cells, we choose to manufacture our own using stainless steel because it further protects the scale from corrosion, adds strength and durability, allows for more accurate results and creates the lowest profile scales in the industry. This makes loading/unloading the scale a simple task and reduces the amount of space you must devote to on/off ramps – if you use them at all.

Choice of Size and Capacity

We offer floor scales in a variety of sizes. As small as 3’ x 3’ or as large as 8’ x 10’, capacities range from 2,500 lb with a 0.5 lb resolution to 20,000 lb with a 5 lb. resolution or higher.

Because we’re a factory-direct company, you can also easily order a custom size scale. There is no cost penalty for a custom size platform.

Easy to Read Digital Indicator

In addition to our scales, we also manufacture a variety of other weighing technologies and systems including the user interface and software that drives our fully digital scale indicators.

Featuring advanced electronics and digital algorithms, our floor scales are guaranteed to give you the most accurate weight values. With an intuitive, graphic interface and easy to understand menu, operating the scale is simple. With a large memory, you can store hundreds of weight values for tare weights or any other parameters you may have.

The full function keypad enables alphanumeric data input while the large graphic display makes it easy to see results even from a distance. It’s water resistant and can be purchased with a full stainless steel enclosure for additional moisture and corrosion resistance. Provided with a swivel bracket, you can mount the indicator in a convenient spot such as a post, desk or wall and it will still be visible from any angle.

Computer Compatibility

Our scales are fully compatible with a variety of computerized systems. We offer a variety of industry standard communication ports including:

•    Ethernet or WiFi: An Ethernet connection allows you to monitor and control your scale through your local network. WiFi gives you wireless access, which means you can record, sort, group and analyze weight data from any onsite or offsite location.

•    USB: A universal interface, USB is compatible with almost any computer system or device. With our free USB remote software, you can send data from your scale directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access Database file. You can also view the display and operate your scale through the connected computer.

•    Cloud: This option allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection without hard drives or dedicated servers. This is a great choice if you need to compile data from each of your weigh stations in one easy-to-access space.

•    Other: Less common but still widely used are RS-232, RS-485, 4 – 20 ma and other analog signals.

The Advantages of Factory Direct

When you buy from Arlyn Scales, you’re buying directly from the factory. This means unbeatable pricing since there are no markups from dealers. You have the option of placing a custom order that doesn’t take months to process and deliver. We offer faster lead times and better customer service. We know our products and can help you choose the product that will work best for your unique needs. If no standard option quite suits, you don’t have to wait to hear back about a custom option; we can discuss that with you immediately.

Floor Scales from Arlyn

If you’d like to learn more about our floor scales and how they can help you weigh your freight quickly and easily, contact us today!