Gravel Scale

floor-scale-2When it comes to weighing gravel, there is no shortage of suitable gravel scales. The most common gravel scales come in four forms: truck, railroad truck, floor and woodyard (or outdoor) scales.

The reason gravel scales come in so many forms is that gravel needs to be measured in different environments. Therefore gravel scales must be positioned at different stations, buildings, and outdoor venues. The industrial scale makers’ response to this problem was to develop a collection of suitable scales that allow gravel to be measured no matter.

More than gravel

Gravel scales measure more than gravel. Gravel scales measure sand, asphalt, mining minerals, lumber and other large-scale and bulk use products.

Multi-use scales

Most gravel scale manufacturers design scales that can be used in different work environments. For example, the gravel scales for trucks are sometimes used in manufacturing and industrial stations. As well, the gravel scales for trucks can also be adapted for train cars. Additionally, floor scales (primarily used indoors) can be adapted outdoors to work with below ground pits.

Differences among scales

The gravel scales for trucks deliver a portability that is not met by the gravel scales used for floors or woodyards. Portability is especially significant with gravel because gravel is not used in only one place. Gravel, asphalt and the like get transported to various construction and building sites. Therefore truck scales are a good mechanism to handle this issue.

In the same vein, gravel scales for railroad tracks and trains establish the same portability, but with the flexibility to carry and relay more gravel during single journeys. However, the gravel used through railroad scales almost always requires a truck scale at the project’s backend to carry the gravel to the construction yards.

Gravel scales for floors are a great non-portable mechanism for measuring gravel in an industrial setting. Gravel scales for floors are especially ideal because they are not subjected to the weather.

Notable needs

  • As with any industrial use scale, a gravel scale should contain a multi-year warrant, preferably at 10 years.
  • The gravel scale should be safe in all dusty areas
  • The gravel scale should be able to absorb and withstand shock and vibration
  • Temperature extremes should not hinder the operation of the gravel scale