Floor Scale of High Accuracy and Durability

floor-scale-2Designing scales that embrace every industrial weighing situation is something Arlyn Scales excels in. We have engineered our floor scales to accommodate your weighing loads with the greatest accuracy and resolution available today. Providing scales that are durable, dependable and long lasting has earned us a respected position within the weighing industry.

When You Need the Best

We have incorporated all of the highest quality of materials into one weighing device, the Arlyn Series 5200 all electronic Large Floor Scale. This scale’s 4-foot by 4-foot platform (other sizes also available) is a welded frame comprised of steel and is diamond plated to reduce slippage. To further protect this durable weighing platform, our team of engineers devised a three-part galvanized epoxy coating.

Most weighing platforms are sprayed with enamel paint or a powder coat. However, with the heavy usage of pallet jacks and forklifts, the platform will be scratched, will rust and eventually the rust will spread underneath the paint. One of the layers of our 3-part coating is formulated using zinc, which is responsible for protecting the scale against rust formation.

The weighing platform’s profile of 2.8 inches allows for ease of placing your pallet on the platform either by pallet jack or forklift. If pallet jack is your method of choice, it will be necessary to choose the optional ramps to allow for easy pushing of materials on and off. With the low profile, the slope of these ramps is very slight which further protects weighing materials from shifting within their encasements.

If your preferred method of operation includes using a forklift, there are adjustable, large diameter leveling legs, to satisfy your height requirements and to accommodate uneven floors.

Options to Suit Your Specifications

To ensure weighing accuracy, there are several important factors one should take into consideration. It is recommended that you know the weight range that your items will fall into. If your items will weigh less than 1,000 pounds there is no reason to purchase a scale that weighs items up to 2000 pounds. However, we recommend accommodating the highest weight of your materials as insurance against shock overload. Our scales have weighing capacities up to 30,000 pounds.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

Will your weighing materials be corrosive in nature? If so, our all stainless steel constructed floor scales or corrosion resistant floor scales will meet your needs. The heavy-duty stainless steel load cells are standard in our durably constructed floor scales and provide increased protection from liquid and corrosive materials.

In lower quality scales, you will find that the load cells are made of aluminum and are bolted to the bottom of the scale frame. Our engineers have implemented a method that protects load cells from corrosion and mechanical damage.

Our 5200 series load cells are placed in machined pockets within the frame of the scale’s platform. This method reduces the height by two inches, which contributes to the low profile of this well designed scale.

The four well placed stainless steel load cells can operate accurately in temperatures ranging from 14 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures stability in mostly all warehouse environments.

Additionally, this 5200 series utilizes load cells with the exact same output signal values, which transmit weighing data without the need of a summation board. This design avoids the possibility of scale failure.

Aluminum for Portability

It may be necessary to move your scale within your warehouse to provide space for other operations. If this is a repeated occurrence, we suggest opting for our aluminum- fabricated platform. This makes the scale much lighter, making it completely portable and if space is at a premium, it will store easily on its side.

Premium Indicator

Our moisture resistant, shock absorbent indicator is included with this 5200 series floor scale. The one-inch high, easy to read graphics, LCD display is 32-bit high resolution. The Indicator houses seven different weight unit conversions, is easily programmable with a user-friendly keyboard and can be mounted on the scale, a nearby wall or on an optional post. Additionally, the speed at which weighing information is displayed is 0.4 seconds. The informational capacity of this high-end indicator was designed to fulfill all of your weight data requirements.

Technical Functionality

If providing data readouts and accumulating historical weighing information, or any other computer or printer operations is a necessary function in your workplace, the USB option and / or the RS-232 computer port option are the solutions for you.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a common interface allowing for communication of data to be transferred from the scale’s indicator to a computer. Our free Remote Software allows for the data to be read via an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database file.

The RS-232 is a communications platform enabling data to be transmitted from one workstation to another device, be it a printer, programmable logic controller or another workstation. This RS-232 option is bidirectional so not only can you transmit data outwardly but you also have the capability of controlling your scale remotely by issuing commands from your computer. Software is included with this protocol, which allows for outputs of customized printed labels.

We provide an automatic set point option that enables you to set up to 8 target weights at a time, and use these targets to turn other equipment on and off.

The Best is Yet to Come

Because we are a factory direct dealer and we manufacture our own subassemblies, we are able to pass our savings directly on to our clients. The Arlyn Scale 5200 Large Floor scale is easily three to five times less expensive than high-end equivalent scales in the marketplace.

Manufacturing our subassemblies has two obvious benefits. We have complete quality control that enables us to provide dependable scales that we can stand behind 100 percent. Additionally, it gives us the ability to price our equipment economically.

Our team of designers and engineers is ready to adjust any of the above options and subassemblies to precisely suit your specifications and to expediently deliver your weighing device ready for use right out of the box.

Contact Arlyn Scales for more information through our online form or by calling us at 800.645.4301.