Buy Floor Scale

floor-scale-2There are a number of styles of floor scales. The most appropriate style for you should be primarily based on what you are expecting to weigh with the scale. Floor scales vary extensively in terms of capacity, durability, accuracy, size and cost. In most instances, the higher the quality of the scale, in terms of materials used to construct the scale and the levels of accuracy associated with the scale, the higher the cost. Floor scales are an investment that should not be made cheaply. With this being said, it is highly recommended that you invest in quality. Saving a few dollars now by resisting the higher priced yet higher quality scale can prove to be more costly in the long run.

Invest in durability. A durable floor scale can last years and can even span over a decade of quality use. A used scale that has the reputation of being built to last may be much more beneficial to you than a brand new scale that is constructed with subpar materials. Arlyn Scales takes great pride in providing customers with scales that express a notable durability. These scales may be utilized in countless industries and are known to function at their greatest standard even in varying work and environmental conditions.

Go with floor scales that are made with a welded steel construction throughout the scale. Try to avoid the scales out there that are merely made with painted steel components. This only offers the illusion of durability but in actuality, these scales may not hold up in rougher conditions. Our floor scales are covered with a specialized epoxy that encompasses zinc particles. This is to ensure that the scale remains resistant to rust and other elements that it may encounter while weighing certain objects and in certain environments. Good abrasion protection is also offered by the industrial grade epoxy materials.

Also, try to avoid floor scales that only use nickel plated steel load cells. These types of scales offer a limited protection against side loads and in many cases they fail to hold up to moisture. For the greatest quality, you should purchase a scale that uses load cells made with special heat treated stainless steel. This offers a superior protection to the scale. If there is an instance where chemical resistance is important, you may want to consider using a scale that is fully constructed with stainless steel.

Depending on the size and use of your floor scale you may even consider the option of using a fully aluminum constructed scale. This is the best option if your floor scale is to be portable. The light weight material allows for the easy transporting of the scale.

Whichever floor scale you choose, be sure that the scale is fully capable of adequately handling your weighing needs. To find the floor scale that is right for you, visit today!