Best Floor Scale for Freight Forwarding Companies

floor-scale-2The platform and floor scales offered by Arlyn Scales are tough, accurate, low-profiled, and are easily incorporated into computer systems. Various capacities are available, along with options for scale materials, automation support, and finishes. Our prices are very reasonable because Arlyn Scales is a factory-direct business, which eliminates dealership overhead. These scales are the best available for freight forwarding companies. The Series 3200 platform scales and Series 5200 floor scales are the most appropriate for the freight industry, and custom scales can be ordered if none of the standard models fit your needs.

Capacities and Accuracies

The Series 3200 platform scales handle freight up to either 500 or 1,000 pounds. The 500-pound scales have resolution of 0.1 pound, and the 1,000-pound scales have resolution of 0.2 pound. The 5200 floor scales significantly exceed the platform scales capacities with 2.5k pounds, 5k pounds, 10k pounds, and 20k pounds scale models available. The accuracies are, respectively, 0.5 pound, 1.0 pound, 2.0 pounds, and 5.0 pounds.

Arlyn Scales attain these outstanding accuracy figures through the use of heat-treated stainless steel load cells with strain gauge technology. The strain gauges measure the change of electrical resistance as weight is applied to the scales. Resistance change is determined by a Wheatstone bridge, and an AD converter turns the analog signals to digital information.

High Durability

Scales in freight forwarding operations take a beating from forklifts, pallet jacks, and other freight moving equipment. Arlyn Scales products are strong enough to endure overloads and shocks that would put other scales out of commission. This is due in part to the stainless steel load cells, as opposed to those in other scale brands that are made of aluminum or steel, and the built-in ability for the scales to handle higher overloads and greater shocks.

The scales use welded construction, which adds to their durability and reduces the potential for breakage, which is common in scales that have been bolted together. In addition, the load cells are mounted in machined chambers that further protect them from damage. You can order Arlyn Scales products constructed from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The aluminum scales are easy to move around and can be stored on their sides. The steel scales have high durability, and the stainless steel scales have the highest durability, along with strong corrosion resistance.

The steel scales receive a three-part epoxy finish that has a zinc component for retarding rust and very good resistance to scratches.

We are confident that our Series 3200 and Series 5200 will stand up to the constant use they will receive in the freight-forwarding environment that we guarantee our products for three years.

Low Profiles

The profiles of our platform and floor scales are remarkably low, which make the tasks of loading and unloading easier. The low profiles are achieved by mounting the load cells in machined chambers, one at each corner of the scale frame. This design also increases the accuracy and stability of these larger scales, as opposed to scales that use only one load cell at the center of the scale pan.

Clear Displays and Easy Controls

All Arlyn scales are shipped with easily read LCD displays and menu-driven controllers. The numbers and other information on the displays are large enough to be read from a distance, and the controls have a high degree of intuitiveness.

Computer Connectivity

Since Arlyn Scales are electronic and digital, there are several options for connecting to computers and networks. The RS-232 option allows bidirectional support for scale control and computer data acquisition. The RS-485 option supports the networking of up to 10 scales over a 4,000 foot area. The USB port enables data acquisition on flash memory cards, while the wired or wireless Ethernet capability brings in computer network connections. If desired, you could monitor and control your scales from the Internet.

We also offer free software that will automatically put scale data into Excel spreadsheets or Access databases. Since the scale information is held in CSV files, your business software can easily import the information to help with process automation.

Freight Weighing System Automation

The actual process of weighing freight has a good potential for automation. Arlyn Scales have been used for automating processes within many industries, for example food processing and agricultural pig sorting operations. This automation is supported by the set-point option that can be ordered with any scale, and up to eight solid-state relays for each scale can be set up to initiate the actions of other machines within the automated system.

Custom Scales

The idea of an automated freight-handling system may depend upon using scales built especially for the system, and because we manufacture our own products, we can design and manufacture a custom solution for you. So don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs or ideas, no matter how challenging.

Corrosive Environments

If your freight forwarding business is located near a sea port, or right in the port, you will probably want your scales made entirely of stainless steel. Salt water is very corrosive, and it seems to infiltrate sea port buildings even without storm conditions. The finishes on Arlyn Scales products are very strong, but even the best finish can experience damage that allows exposure to sea water. You have good assurance that the scale finishes will continue to resist corrosion even if damaged, but ordering the scales to be made of stainless steel completely eliminates the problem.

Battery Operation

You might have situations in which scales need to be moved to the freight, and Arlyn Scales has anticipated this. The scales can be operated where no grid power is available via rechargeable batteries. The USB port also allows the recording of weight data onto flash memory drives for later uploading to your business software systems.

Contacting Arlyn Scales

Now that you know how good these scales are and how they can fit into your freight forwarding business, you have probably thought of ideas to improve work flow, more accurately measure weight, and incorporate the scales into business software and automated systems. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Arlyn Scales will gladly answer your questions and help you to develop your ideas. Give us a call toll-free at (800) 645-6001 or send an inquiry using the form on our Contact Us page.