5000 Lb Capacity Industrial Floor Scale with Digital Indicator by Arlyn


No matter what you’re weighing, doing so in tons requires some special equipment and a really easy to use solution. Our series of 5200-floor scales are the perfect solution. We call this the 5000-lb Capacity industrial floor scale, complete with a digital indicator.

Our floor scales use the best of class components. These include stainless steel load cells, advanced digital algorithms, and welded construction with a special triple-epoxy coating for superior abrasion and rust resistance.

Accuracy and Durability With Stainless Steel Load Cells

The load cell is the device within your scale that’s responsible for the accuracy of your measurements. So when you’re weighing tons of material (pun intended!), you’re going to want something that’s extremely durable.

Now you can find a 5,000 pound capacity floor scale just about anywhere, but finding one that’s going to stand the test of time is another issue entirely. While other manufacturers import aluminum or regular steel load cells, we machine ours right here in our Long Island factory using heat-treated stainless steel.

Why Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a far more durable material than either aluminum or standard steel. Using it in our load cells allows them to reliably handle extremely high capacity loads without getting damaged – even from shock loading and overloading.

Stainless steel also makes these load cells more accurate than aluminum or plated steel and provides the lowest profile you can find in the industry. This makes loading and unloading simple tasks while reducing the amount of floor space you’ll need for on/off ramps.

We Manufacture Our Own Load Cells

Because we manufacture the load cells ourselves, we’re also able to eliminate one of the biggest causes of scale failure – the summation board. This board is often used to adjust the output signal of each of the four load cells required by such a heavy-duty scale.

Instead, we manufacture a large batch of load cells at one time and divide them in groups of four based on how identical their output signal is. This eliminates the need for manual calibration since our scales are completely digital. It also makes our scales inherently more accurate and less prone to human error.

Rugged Welded Construction In Steel Or Stainless Steel

We use rugged welded construction to create the framework and platforms of our scales. Our standard is steel construction for most industrial applications. We generally recommend full stainless steel construction for applications in particularly corrosive environments, or food or pharmaceutical situations.

However, both our steel and stainless steel models are available with special triple epoxy coating that helps protect the scale from abrasion, rust and corrosion. Compared to the standard enamel paint that other manufacturers claim is protective, our epoxies add years of useful life to your scale.

Corrosion Resistance For Steel Models

When the standard enamel coating other scales is inevitably scratched or flakes away, the steel beneath becomes exposed and vulnerable to all sorts of corrosive elements. When that surface rusts, it will eventually spread to other areas of the scale – even migrating to areas where the paint is still intact. This means you can have severe damage that poses safety and accuracy risk. The worst part is you may not know about the potential danger.

This is why we have developed a special, zinc-rich epoxy coating that protects the steel scale from abrasion. Even if this coating is scratched down to the steel, the zinc in the epoxy will cause preferential oxidation and prevent corrosion and rust from forming there or migrating to other areas of the scale.

Corrosion Resistance For Stainless Steel Models

While the zinc-rich epoxy comes standard on our steel models, a different epoxy coating is offered as an add on to our stainless steel floor scales. Infused with garnet, glass, and mica particles, this triple-epoxy is extremely corrosion resistant and also prevents the abrasion and scratches that cause the underlying metal to corrode.

Advanced, Easy To Use Digital Indicator

Not only do we manufacture our scales and their internal components, but we also specialize in various weighing technologies. That includes the user interface and software that drives our fully digital scale indicators.

Our digital indicator features advanced electronics and digital algorithms that ensure you’re always getting the most accurate weight value possible. It also features an intuitive, graphic interface and easy to understand menu that makes operating the scale a breeze.

Its full-function keypad enables alphanumeric data input, while the large graphic display provides easy to read results. It’s water-resistant and can be purchased with a full stainless steel enclosure for additional moisture and corrosion resistance.

Placed in a stainless steel swivel bracket, you can see the indicator from any angle. You can also mount it in any convenient place such as a post, desk, or wall.

Data storage is also key. You can store hundreds of values for tare weights, piece counts, and formulas or any other parameters you may have.

Communication Ports

Modern industrial environments are driven by interconnected digital systems, which is why we offer a wide variety of industry-standard communication options including

Ethernet or Wi-Fi: With Ethernet, you can monitor and control your scale through your local network. Wi-Fi gives you wireless access from any location in the world with Wi-Fi access. This means you can record, sort, group, and analyze your weight data from any onsite or offsite location.

USB: This is one of the most common choices. A USB is a universal interface and compatible with almost any computer system or device. With our free USB remote software, you can send data from your scale directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Access Database file. You can also view the display and operate your scale through the connected computer(s).

Cloud: If you generate so much data that you either have or are debating moving to “the cloud,” this option allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection. You don’t need hard drives or dedicated servers. This is a great choice if you want to compile data from each of your locations into one easy-to-access space.

Setpoint Output: Use this option for simple batching and simple PLC-type functions. Set up to eight target weights at a time and use them to power and shut down other equipment. These include control feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids, and a variety of other devices.

Input formulas and save them in the scale’s memory and control the behavior of the output lines based on the weight applied to the platform. Recall them as often as you need them.

Other: Less common but still widely used are RS-232, RS-485, 4 – 20 ma, and other analog signals.

Refine Your Weighing Scales Components At Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales wants to ensure that you have the latest weighing technology at affordable prices. Our engineers factor in modern industrial needs when designing a new series. We also aim to cut out the middleman so that you can buy from us directly.

If you’re looking for a floor scale with a 5,000 lb. capacity or higher, contact Arlyn Scales today and take advantage of our factory direct pricing! With components including high-quality stainless steel and strain gauge load cells, we will provide weighing equipment that satisfies your weighing needs. Let us lead the way for heavy-duty industrial scales, for any environment.