Digital Cylinder Scales: An Arlyn Scales Review

Are you on the hunt for the best of the best of Industrial Digital Cylinder Scales? What specifically are you searching for?

Affordability? Durability?

Maybe you just want a scale that can survive coming into contact with corrosive or explosive materials.

Whatever it is you are looking for in an Industrial Digital Cylinder Scale, you can find it at Arlyn Scales.

Why? Because Arlyn Scales supplies a large selection of Industrial Digital Cylinder Scales for every imaginable weighing purpose.

Let’s explore the many features of Industrial Digital Cylinder Scales designed and manufactured by Arlyn Scales.

What Are Digital Cylinder Scales Used For?

For many people, it’s self-explanatory what Digital Cylinder Scalesdo. They measure the weight of cylinders… and do so digitally. But that can’t be all there is to it! And it’s not.

Arlyn Scales, a company that has been in the weighing industry for over 30 years and is recognized as a leader of design and manufacturing within the industry, offers customers every type of industrial weighing device imaginable; therefore, it’s easy to guess that Arlyn Scales knows what we’re doing when it comes to creating top-of-the-line industrial scales.

Digital Cylinder Scales made by Arlyn Scales do not simply measure cylinders and present weight readings digitally.

Digital Cylinder Scales by Arlyn Scales deliver highly accurate weight readings, are manufactured in a variety of sizes and maximum capacities, and can be customized to suit any particular weighing purpose.

These scales by Arlyn Scales are designed to measure cylinders, but there are many ways to measure cylinders, and there are many kinds of cylinders out there. For example, whatever is in a cylinder matters; how heavy a full cylinder is, matters; and the environment surrounding a cylinder and cylinder scale matters.

But, whatever the specifics of circumstances are, Arlyn Scale makes a Digital Cylinder Scale for your weighing needs.

Digital Cylinder Scales by Arlyn Scales

The quick run-down of Arlyn Scales’ selection of Digital Cylinder Scales is this: Arlyn Scales offers customers 3 different capacities of Digital Cylinder Scales, 60-pounds, 300-pounds, and 400-pounds.

These 3 options are the most basic of Digital Cylinder Scales by Arlyn Scales. The 60-pound and 300-pound capacity scales are available for $599 and the 400-pound capacity scale is $699.

These 3 standard scales come with 4-20mA analog outputs; however, each of these scale options can be upgraded to include a MKE-5 digital indicator instead of the 4-20mA or in addition to the 4-20mA.

The platforms on these scales are 9.25-inches by 9.25-inches, but Arlyn Scales also offers platforms measuring 14-inches by 14-inches.

For customers who are in need of cylinder scales for unique environments or weighing purposes, Arlyn Scales offers Ultra Precision Cylinder Scales and Explosion Proof Cylinder Scales.

If you are in need of a cylinder scale with extreme accuracy or your work environment is considered hazardous, then you should consider Arlyn Scale’s Ultra Precision Scales or Explosion Proof Scales.

What You Can Find in Every Digital Cylinder Scale by Arlyn Scales

The specifications of the Digital Cylinder Scale you purchase will depend on your weighing needs. For example, every person’s requirements for maximum capacity, platform size, and customizations will more likely than not be different; however, there are a number of features you will find with every Digital Cylinder Scale manufactured by Arlyn Scales.

Low Profile Scales

One feature is the low profile of Digital Cylinder Scales. The platforms on these scales measure 1 & 3/8-inches high. This is so cylinders can be easily transported onto the weighing platforms. Arlyn Scales offers optional ramps for consumers as well, if necessary.

Stainless Steel Platforms and Load Cells

The material used for the platforms on Arlyn Scales’ Digital Cylinder Scales is stainless steel and so is the construction of the scales’ load cells. For standard Digital Cylinder Scales, the rest of the scales’ constructions are made from aluminum.

The stainless steel load cells in cylinder scales by Arlyn Scales are contained in protective housing and positioned deep inside the frames of the scales. This allows the scales to have low profiles and the scales can endure heavier loads than cylinder scales made with load cells made from material other than stainless steel.

What to Know About Accuracy for Cylinder Scales by Arlyn Scales

The resolutionof the 60-pound capacity standard Digital Cylinder Scale is .02 pounds and the resolutionof the 300-pound and 400-pound standard Digital Cylinders Scales is .1 pound.

If you are in need of a Digital Cylinder Scale with better accuracy than the accuracy of Arlyn Scales’ standard cylinder scales, then check out Arlyn’s selection of Ultra Precision Cylinder Scales

These scales are manufactured with Arlyn’s revolutionary Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology and deliver weight readings within .0001 pounds of objects’ true weights.

Arlyn Scales’ highest capacity Ultra Precision Scale is 500-pounds, which has a resolution of .005-pounds

What to Know About Explosion Proof Cylinder Scales

It is common for cylinders to hold flammable or corrosive materials and/or substances; therefore, if you are in need of a cylinder scale that can safely operate in potentially dangerous environments, then Arlyn Scales’ Explosion Proof Cylinder Scales are for you.

These scales are rated for a variety of hazardous areas, including Classes I-III, Division I, and Groups A-G. Explosion Proof Cylinder Scales are available in the same capacities as standard Digital Cylinder Scales by Arlyn Scales (60, 300, and 400); however, they are designed to operate on low power and do not pose a threat in potentially explosive or flammable environments, like standard scales do.

Additional Options for Digital Cylinder Scales

Arlyn Scales offers standard scales in various maximum capacities and platform scales for the most basic of measuring needs. Plus, Arlyn Scales manufactures cylinder scales suitable for hazardous environments and capable of delivering extremely accurate results. What else could there possibly be?

Well, whatever there is a weighing need for, Arlyn Scales accommodates for it. Arlyn Scales offers a variety of customization options and upgrades for our selection of Digital Cylinder Scales. For example, our Set Point Controller makes it possible for operators to easily fill and dispense what is contained in cylinders, which comes in handy for many industrial locations that store and/or transport cylinders.

Additionally, Arlyn Scales has a number of connectivity options available for our Digital Cylinder Scales. Customers can choose between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RS-232, Ethernet, and more. This makes it simple to keep track of weight readings and analyze the information tracked by your Digital Cylinder Scale.

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