Ethernet Scales for Industrial Warehouses

digital-scale-indicator-2TEthernet is the most widely used local area network (LAN) technology. It allows you to connect and pass information through various computer systems within your warehouse and to share devices (like printers and fax machines) between them. This allows you to eliminate bulky file cabinets and mountains of paper work in favor of a few computers that store all of your data. Instead of five or six printers, you can make do with one or two. It can be used to connect to high speed DSL or cable internet connections.

With an Ethernet connection, you can monitor and control you scale over your local network. All you’ll need to do is install our free Remote Indicator Software and you’ll be able to record, sort, store, group, and analyze weight data from your work station PC.

Go Wireless

However, Ethernet is a wired connection, which can get quickly add the clutter of your warehouse and be complicated to maintain with more than a couple connections. Wi-Fi is a newer technology that allows you to wirelessly connect your computers to the internet and one another.

A wireless adapter on your sca le will simply translate data into a radio signal (much like your cell phone or television) and transmit it using an internal antenna. A wireless router located elsewhere will receive the signal and decode it. The router uses a physical, wired Ethernet connection to send the information to the internet.

This is the perfect solution if your scale is located in an area where there is no way to connect to your network with an Ethernet cable. You only need one wired Ethernet connection and all of your computers and internet-driven equipment will be able to access the internet through that connection. You can monitor and control your scale from anywhere in the world you can find a Wi-Fi connection while eliminating the cables and wires that clutter your warehouse and pose trip hazards.

Choose Your Connection with Arlyn Scales

Whether you opt for Ethernet , Wi-Fi or another connection technology, Arlyn Scales can equip your scales with the ports you need to capture and transmit data. Because we’re a factory direct manufacturer, you’re not limited to any provider’s in-the-box solutions Ð even ours. We can customize your connection ports and almost any other aspect of your scale.

Other Custom Options

  • Platform size: Depending on the dimensions of your warehouse, it can be difficult to find a scale that fits unobtrusively into your workspace. If you have unique specs that need to be met, we can build your scale in those custom dimensions so you can get the perfect fit.
  • Scale Body: Some of our scales come with two different types of body construction. For example, our platform scales are available with an aluminum body and platform or a stainless steel body and platform. Some models, such as our floor scales, are available in either steel or stainless steel.
  • Corrosion Resistant Protection: If you choose a steel scale, we can coat the platform in a proprietary zinc-infused triple epoxy to increase its corrosion resistant properties.
  • Digital Indicator: Because we manufacture our own scales as well as their subassemblies, software and microprocessor instrumentation, we can create an interface unique to your scale and operating system should your warehouse need something specific.

Counting Scales for Inventories of Small Pieces/Parts

If your warehouse is home to small pieces that you must keep track of, our counting scales , are a perfect option. You can use it to convert the weight of a batch of parts into the number of pieces in that batch, which is much easier than doing it by hand. All you need to do is weigh a small sample of parts, calculate the weight of an individual piece and divide the weight of a full batch of parts by the weight of an individual piece. It sounds pretty simple, but most of our competitors get it wrong. With unparalleled precision and advanced digital algorithms, our scales make this a quick and easy process.

What You’ll Always Get

No matter what scale you purchase from Arlyn Scales, there are a few things that always come standard.

  • Stainless Steel Load Cells:

    Manufactured in-house, our stainless steel load cells are more accurate and more durable than the aluminum or steel load cells found in competing scales. It helps protect the load cell from difficult warehouse conditions as well as overload and shock loading.

  • Industrial Strength: Our manufacture process ensures that all of our scales can stand up to even the harshest industrial environments. So whether your warehouse stores food packages or drums of corrosive chemicals, our scales will provide you with years of trouble free use.
  • Easy-to-Use Menus: Unlike other scales that are difficult to operate, our scales are intuitive and make operating them a quick and simple task.
  • Variety: Each line of scales come in a variety of maximum capacities and platform sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect weighing solution for your warehouse. If for any reason you can’t find one that’s suitable, make sure you contact us about our custom options.

Helpful and Courteous Staff

The last thing you’ll never do without is a person to speak with. Whether you need to trouble shoot an issue, ask a question or need help with the selection process, we’re here to help any way we can. If you’re interested in making a purchase, contact Arlyn Scales today!