Decrease Check-In Times With a New Baggage Weighing System

Decrease Check-In Times With a New Baggage Weighing SystemBusy airports need to weigh baggage quickly and accurately without compromising the quality of their customer service. When a passenger’s luggage is overweight, they’ll spend extra time rearranging their belongings before they pay a fee for an overweight bag. This causes much longer wait times for other passengers and can be frustrating for staff as well.

DIY Baggage Checking

Implementing a system that allows passengers to weigh their luggage, to see if their bags are overweight and redistribute their belongings as necessary before dropping off their bags will allow you to seriously decrease the amount of time it takes for staff to process each passenger, shorten lines and increase customer satisfaction.

Accurate and Durable Conveyor Systems

With all the other hassles of travel, passengers likely won’t be patient with any delays during the check in process, nor will they be gentle when placing the heavy luggage they’ve been hauling around onto your scales. With this increased potential for shock loading, it’s paramount that your scales won’t malfunction or get damaged with all that rough usage.

Arlyn Platform Scales and Baggage Weighing Systems

Whether you’re incorporating a scale into a DIY baggage checking kiosk or replacing a worn down model at the check-in desk, you’ll need an accurate and durable solution. Arlyn’s platform scales are designed using best in class components including stainless steel load cells, welded construction and advanced digital algorithms.

Stainless Steel Load Cells

We choose to manufacture our load cells using stainless steel—instead of aluminum or regular steel—because the flexibility characteristics of this material offers better accuracy. Their added strength provides better protection against shock loading and overloading and our unique design creates an extremely low profile that’s less than two inches high—the lowest profile in the weighing industry—which makes it easier for passengers and staff to load and unload the scale.

Full Welded Construction

When it comes to durability nothing beats our welded construction, which makes our scales more stable and durable for increased performance. Whether you choose an aluminum or stainless steel body, our scales provides years of additional useful life.

Easy to See Digital Indicator

A scale’s purpose is to show accurate weight values, and our large, easy-to-see digital indicator allows both your staff and your passengers to clearly see the weight of their baggage. A large internal memory allows you to store over 100 values for tare weights, piece counts or other important parameters. Easily select pounds or metric, net or gross and automatic or keyboard tare with our intuitive menu interface. The indicator is placed in a stainless steel swivel bracket that can be mounted in any convenient location, such as on a desk or post, and viewed from any angle. When installed on a DIY check weigher, passengers have the opportunity and leisure to weigh and reweigh their luggage until each piece is underweight.

Special Digital Electronics and Digital Algorithms

Our 3200 Series Platform Scales are able to compensate for changes in temperature, air currents and vibrations caused by open entrances and busy foot traffic thanks to our special digital electronics and advanced digital algorithms. This ensures the best accuracy possible, which is up to 0.1 lb. on certain models.

Capacity, Resolution, Platform Size

We offer platform scales in both 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. maximum capacities with resolutions of 0.1 lb. and 0.2 lb. respectively. Each model is available in several standard platform sizes to ensure that the scale you choose will fit into your existing setup, including:

•    20” x 27”
•    22” x 44”
•    27” x 60”
•    30 in2
•    36 in2
•    48 in2

Should none of our standard sizes quite fit your needs, we can manufacture a scale with a custom size platform at no cost penalty.

Computer Connectivity

A fast computer system will also decrease check-in times, which is why our scales can be purchased with the connectivity port that fits your existing set up. An Ethernet, WiFi or USB port can be used to connect your scale to your airline’s computer terminal(s) or sophisticated automated baggage handling systems.

Automated and OEM Baggage Weighing Systems

As a factory direct manufacturer, Arlyn also has the ability to work with you to design, develop and implement the weighing components and accompanying software applications of a new or existing baggage system, either as a stand-alone scale or as part of a baggage handling conveyor system.

Factory Direct Advantage

When you work directly with the factory, you’re dealing with people who know the products and whether or not the scale you’re buying is the best choice for your needs. Requests for custom solutions won’t be passed from hand to hand until it reaches the factory. We offer more competitive pricing, faster lead times and custom solutions that dealers and wholesalers can’t. When you need an effective weighing solution, Arlyn will either find it or design it.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you decrease check in times with a baggage weighing system, contact our team of experts today.