Custom Digital Weighing Scales for Manufacturing Processes

digital-scale-indicator-2TWhile most manufacturing facilities can find a suitable scale fairly easily, this isn’t the case for all of them. Whether they’re using an OEM system that requires a weighing component or need a unique platform size, higher-than-average resolution, non-standard capacity limit, additional corrosion resistance, or an interface that allows them to transmit data from the scale to another computerized device, these facilities must often seek the scale manufacturer directly, as distributors usually won’t be able to take care of a custom order.

Custom Scales from Arlyn

Located in Long Island, New York, Arlyn Scales welcomes the opportunity to build custom weighing devices. We believe in weighing solutions that work for you Ð not the other way around, which is why we offer a variety of innovative technologies that combine accuracy and durability with a powerful, easy-to use interface.

What allows us to maintain a unique position within the industry is our innovative sales programs. We sell factory direct, which eliminates the middle tiers of dealers and distribution and their associated costs. Our combination of excellent engineering, efficient, U.S.-based manufacturing, and our factory direct sales channel means we’re able to offer the best feature-to-price ratio in the industry. In some cases, we’re even able to provide you with custom options at no additional cost.

Engineering Expertise

We welcome a challenge that allows us to put our engineering expertise to use. We design and fabricate all of our scales and their subassemblies, which means we can find a weighing solution for even the most unusual requests. Our capabilities include load sensor design, microprocessor instrumentation, and computer software. We’ve effectively worked with OEMs in the past and are always willing to make our design and production services available.

Recent Custom Projects

We recently worked with a manufacturing facility in the plastics industry to create a special batch weighing system using our Linux-based color touch screen scale indicators. Another custom solution was a system that provided parts counting data for bins of parts that needed to be monitored remotely over the internet.

Custom Sizes

Our standard scale models provide a variety of platform sizes, maximum capacities, and resolutions, but if you have limited floor space, unusually shaped items that must be weighed but don’t fit on a normal scale, or need another piece of equipment to sit on the platform, you’ll need a custom platform or set up. We manufacture all custom platform sizes without a cost penalty, which means you can find a solution just as easily as those who purchase a standard scale without having to pay extra for it.

Custom Construction

Depending on your budget, the environment your scale will work in, and the purpose to which you’ll put it, you may need a scale constructed out of special materials. For example, if you’re weighing corrosive chemicals, you would want stainless steel for its corrosion resistance. However, if your scale must be easily moved or taken into the field, you may want to go with aluminum for lightweight portability.

And if you choose a corrosion resistant stainless steel scale, you may also be interested in an optional triple epoxy coating to further protect the scale from corrosion and abrasion.

Custom Connection Ports

If you’re generating data, you’ll likely need to transfer it somewhere to be stored and analyzed. Since we custom manufacture our products, you have a variety of choices including:

  • Datalogging is perfect for scales that won’t be near a direct power or internet source. Plug a flash drive into the scale’s USB port and collect hundred of thousands of data points. When you’re ready to upload the data to your computer, simply take out the flash drive and plug it into your computer and download it.
  • Ethernet is a wired connection to the internet that runs through your router, allowing you to monitor, control, and export data from your scale through your local network. With our Remote Indicator software, weights can be recorded, sorted, grouped and analyzed from a workstation PC.
  • USB is a wired connection and one of the most popular PC interfaces, which makes this option compatible with almost any computer system or device. Using our free USB Remote software, you can send data from your scale directly into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database file. You can also access, monitor, and control your scale from the connected PC.
  • Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that allows you to access your scale and its data remotely through the internet. This is perfect for situations where your scale won’t be situated near a wall or the device it’s communicating with.
  • Cloud allows you to process massive amounts of data over a secure connection without hard drives or dedicated servers. It’s the latest in data-driven technology and a great option if you need to aggregate data from multiple locations.
  • Other options include old standards like RS-232 and RS-485 as well as analog outputs such as 4 Ð 20ma.

System Automation

If your manufacturing process includes a filling, mixing, or batching component, our set point option is the perfect way to automate these processes. Set up to eight target weights to control various devices (feeders, mixers, motors, valves, solenoids, etc.) or input formulas to control how the output lines behave based on the weigh t placed on the platform. You can also monitor the weight of material in a drum and receive alerts when they need to be refilled or when they’re full.

Contact Us to Find a Custom Arlyn Solution That Works for You!

If you’re not sure what kind of scale you need or know you need a custom solution, contact us today! We can help guide you to the scale you need or discuss the specs for your custom solution.