Where to Buy a Digital Shipping Scale with Data Logging

digitalcity_0When using large scales for shipping, it is important to have a record of each weight reading to ensure that you have a running tally of all of the different readings in a given period of time. This is helpful for your accounting group to understand how much each shipment weighs and it is important for other departments, such as Quality Control, to understand this information as well.

Arlyn Scales has been producing large digital shipping scales for over 30 years in the Long Island, New York area. With this vast experience, we have determined what our customers are looking for when it comes to a high quality shipping scale. Our most popular shipping scales are our Series 3200 Platform Scales, which offer a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds. These scales offer a wide variety of features that are vital in the shipping industry.

Data Logging Capabilities

Many scales offer the ability to connect a PC to download weight data. Arlyn Scales takes it a step further by offering data logging capabilities. Data logging allows for weight data to be downloaded from a scale without the need for a PC. You can connect a USB drive to one of our scales and download weight data for use on your PC. This offers huge advantages for areas where you do not have a PC near your scale.

For companies who have a large number of scales in different locations, data logging offers a way to gather data to be analyzed later. The data is saved onto your USB drive in a CSV format which can be read in Excel or a large number of other database programs.

Not only are you able to easily access this weight data, but Arlyn Scales allows you to add description fields to the data to allow you to differentiate between different readings. When importing data into a database, this can help to easily separate the weight data into groups which can make generating reports much easier.

Not only do the shipping scales from Arlyn Scales offer data logging capabilities, they also offer a number of other data connectivity options for a variety of different uses.

Other Data Connectivity Options

  • Ethernet Ð Our scales offer Ethernet connectivity, which allows our scales to be accessible via your corporate network. This opens up huge opportunities to be able to access your scales from literally anywhere around the world. You can plug your scale directly into your wired network or connect wirelessly with our proprietary Remote Indicator Software. With Ethernet connectivity, users are able to analyze and generate reports on the fly directly from our scales.
  • USB Ð USB is our most common method of connecting to our scales. This connectivity option is often used with our free USB Remote Software, which allows weight data to be sent to an Excel file or Access database to be analyzed. Another feature of our USB connectivity is that users can remotely control the scale from their PC. If you do not use Excel or Access, we also offer a utility that can send weight data directly from your scale to almost any Windows application.
  • Set Point Ð One of the features that truly sets our scales apart from our competitors is our set point technology. This allows users to enter up to eight weight values into the scale, which then trigger a variety of automatic filling and other PLC functions. When the scale reaches the desired weight it then sends an electrical signal that can either turn off or turn on a specific piece of equipment. These capabilities are used frequently in the mixing of materials for a variety of industries. When loading and unloading expensive materials, it is important to minimize material waste, and this can be done automatically with Arlyn Scales.

Four Stainless Steel Load Cells

Our Series 3200 platform scales come standard with four stainless steel load cells. Many of our competitors construct load cells out of standard steel or aluminum, which can be more easily damaged based on a variety of materials that may be placed on a platform scale. Our stainless steel load cells are constructed inside our own state of the art facility to ensure absolute accuracy. We recess our load cells within the scale’s frame to reduce the height of our scale platforms. This makes loading and unloading much easier for our customers. It also protects the load cells from damage and saves space as well.

Optional 3 Part Epoxy Coating

The Series 3200 Platform Scales come in either aluminum or stainless steel. While there is no coating available for our aluminum scales, you can request our chemically resistant three part epoxy coating if you choose to purchase one of our stainless steel platform scales. This epoxy coating offers a much more rugged coating compared to our competitors who typically use a paint that provides very little protection from corrosion.

It is inevitable that a scale’s platform will be scratched, which is why this epoxy is so important. Besides being very resistant to industrial acids, corrosive gasses and other difficult materials, it includes particles of garnet. This makes it much harder to scratch the surface.

Design Our Own Subassemblies

Many of our competitors farm out the manufacturing of all of their scale components. We do the exact opposite and produce our scale components and subassemblies at our Long Island, New York facility, right here in the US. This allows us to keep a keen eye on each part of the manufacturing process to ensure that our superior quality standards are never compromised.

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