Baggage Scales for Sale

digital-scale-indicator-2Accurately weighed baggage in transportation systems, such as airports, bus lines, and railroads, is very important for determining fuel usage, and the Arlyn Scales Series 3200 platform scales offer the best accuracy available. In addition to coming in a variety of sizes, these scales have capacities of either 500 pounds or 1,000 pounds, so they can handle the heaviest of checked in baggage. Since many baggage handling systems are now integrated into the transportation industry’s software systems, our Series 3200 Platform Scales can be ordered with a variety of digital communication options. The scales are built tough to last many years of constant usage, and they have very low profiles of only 1.88 inches. If none of the Series 3200 scales exactly fit your needs, we are capable of producing custom scales built to your specifications.

Digital Connectivity Options

All of our Series 3200 Platform Scales record digital weight data to CSV files, which are easily imported into most business software. The basic recording option is a USB thumb drive port, into which a flash memory device can be plugged for acquiring gigabytes worth of weight data. The weight data can then be loaded into a computer later on. You can also use a USB communication port to connect directly to a workstation PC and import data directly into Microsoft Excel or Database files.

Depending on the technology you already have in place, we also offer a RS-232 ports that allows for both data acquisition and scale control. The RS-485ports allows the networking of up to 10 scales, and the Ethernet port option supports connecting to computer networks. You can avoid running cables to your scales altogether with our wireless Wi-Fi option.

The Importance of Automated Baggage Handling Systems

In such a fast paced world as ours is, it is highly important to build automated baggage handling systems that keep track of customers changing routes due to various weather conditions and other unforeseen setbacks. Even travel plans that work out perfectly require the automatic routing of baggage to different flights, bus routes, or railroad routes. An integral part of these systems are scales that can accurately measure weight while feeding the information into the overall automation software system.

Our scales have an additional capability of set points for up to eight solid-state relays, so part of the automation could be to initiate actions in the system based on baggage weight. For example, baggage can be split between flights heading to the same location in order to better balance overhead, such as fuel consumption. However, the most common goal of automated baggage handling systems is to keep the luggage following the customers to their destinations without any chance of human errors.

Series 3200 Platform Scales at Check-in

Our platform scales work perfectly for automated systems and those systems that are only partially automated. The low profiles make loading and unloading baggage easier, and our highly accurate load cells ensure that you are correctly billing your customers and that your vehicles will not be overloaded. Your best course of action is to order the appropriate connectivity option for your check-in stations, which eliminates any human error in manually recording weight data.

However, if your situation is that of a small regional airport, you may find that our large LCD readout screens are sufficient for your needs, since the numbers are large and easy to read from a distance. While passenger train service is done through Amtrak in the USA, other countries have extensive rail systems that will benefit from the ability of our scales to report weight data in 15 different units, for example kilograms rather than pounds. If you choose a stainless steel model, you may also be interested in our optional scale finish that has a garnet component for scuff resistance.

Scale Material Options

The Series 3200 Platform Scales are made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum reduces the overall weight of the scales, while stainless steel provides high strength with superior corrosion resistance. Our load cells are made from a special stainless steel alloy, regardless of the scale material.

Scale Resolutions

The Series 3200 Platform Scales come in two capacities and two corresponding resolutions. The 500-pound scales have resolutions of 0.1 pound, and the 1,000-pound scales have resolutions of 0.2 pound. These remarkably accurate resolutions come as a result of our highly accurate load cells, which are made of stainless steel. Competing strain gage scales generally use aluminum to manufacture their load cells because it’s easier to machine and manufacture and less expensive. However, when it comes to larger capacity loads, these load cells are vulnerable to weight distortion, damage, and wear and tear. Our stainless steel load cells increase the useful life of your scale and provide far more accurate measurements.

Automatic Scale Calibration and Setup

When you buy our Series 3200 Platform Scales, you will not need to have our technicians calibrate them or set them up. Advanced electronics automatically calibrate the scales and perform all actions needed for setup. Your scales will be useful straight out of the box, all you have to do is plug them in and get them set up on your network.

Factory-direct Pricing

You will be surprised at how much quality you get for your investment. We keep our prices low by selling factory-direct, which eliminates middle tier markups. We also engineer and manufacture our scales in our New York facilities, which means that we’re not importing parts from international suppliers.

Discover what Arlyn Scales Can Do for You

Our Series 3200 Platform Scales are perfect for baggage handling systems, whether fully or partially automated, or not at all. Because we manufacture our scales in their entirety, you can choose the exact features you need and skip the rest.

Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by to answer your questions and help you select the scale that meets your needs and your budget. Contact us today using our online form or by phone at (800) 645-4301.