In addition to logging data locally (i.e. internal database and exported to USB stick), the Arlyn UpScale also features the ability to perform Data Logging with Google Spreadsheets. The logging of weight data can be observed almost in real-time (allowing for a 2-second delay due to the time it takes for the data to be posted to the internet).

Any Google Spreadsheet can be used to implement this feature as long as edit permissions have been set appropriately. Use the steps below to create and configure a Google Spreadsheet to accept data.

Embracing the Digital Shift in Weight Data Logging

Gone are the days of manual transcription of weight readings from various scales. Thanks to advancements in technology, platforms like Google Spreadsheets are becoming indispensable tools for weight data management.

By integrating the Arlyn UpScale system, it’s possible to automatically sync weight values to enhance accuracy and efficiency. This digital approach not only minimizes errors but also provides you with immediate access to your weight data, making your data management process way more efficient.

Benefits of Using Google Spreadsheets for Scale Data

Using a live Google Spreadsheet for Data Logging is especially useful for customers who want to view their scale data logging live anywhere at any time. It’s a simple replacement for complex and rigid web logging methods that are still being used by other scale vendors.

Here are other benefits of live Google Spreadsheet logging.

  1. View incoming scale data from anywhere in the world.
  2. Share incoming live data with anyone who has the Google Spreadsheet link
  3. Perform live analysis of incoming data such as daily weight increase and weight distribution.
  4. Use the full spectrum of Google Spreadsheet capabilities and add-ons on incoming data. No proprietary software is needed.
  5. No need to wait until the end of the period before exporting data from scales.

A demonstration of live Google Spreadsheet logging can be seen in this YouTube video.


  1. Google Spreadsheet logging will only work if the scale is connected to the internet through WiFi or Ethernet.
  2. If the internet is disconnected, the scale will continue to log into its own internal table. This can be later exported through email or using a USB Flash Drive.
  3. Google Spreadsheet logging is slower than local Scale logging due to the delay in opening a connection to the internet and posting the data on the spreadsheet.
  4. Google also has fallback rate limits. If the logging happens too frequently, then the Google Spreadsheet engine throttles incoming data speeds. Experiments show that setting the log period at 5 seconds is appropriate.
  5. Google Spreadsheet must be initiated through an account first. Once the spreadsheet has been initialized, it can then be set to be accessed by anyone with the link to the spreadsheet.
  6. While Google Spreadsheets is a secure platform, transmitting sensitive weight data online comes with inherent security concerns. It’s essential to ensure that the connection between your weighing equipment and the spreadsheet is encrypted and secure. Employing authentication measures and periodic security reviews can help keep your data safe.

Requirements to Connect your Scale Data to Google Sheets

Data Logging with Google Spreadsheets is automatically built in when the following options are purchased during any scale* configuration.

  1. Indicator: Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator
  2. Output: Wi-Fi or Ethernet TCP/IP
  3. Data Collection: USB Data Logging & Migration

Technical Documentation

For more information on how to record weight data from your scale device into Google Sheets, visit the “Data Logging with Google Spreadsheets” section on the Software Downloads page.

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