Metric Digital Hanging Scales

crane-scale-2Metric digital hanging scales run the gamut when it comes to uses. Often they are used for measuring industrial products, such as girders and beams, or other necessary raw materials. These scales are incredibly accurate, despite their lack of a platform base. Generally, the scale is connected to a crane, and the material to be weighed is secured via a hook at the bottom of the indicator.

Some manufacturers produce industrial strength metric digital hanging scales for larger products. Before purchasing a metric digital hanging scale, customers should always consider the weight of the objects they will commonly weigh, because choosing a scale that is properly designed to handle specific weights will increase the efficiency of your operation. The heavy-duty hanging scales can support more than 10,000 pounds, or 4,000 kilograms.

Traditional design

The standard design for a metric digital hanging scale is a digital indicator with a hook connected below, where material can be attached. It is especially important that these scales be made of durable construction, which will allow them to withstand the chemicals and temperatures often associated with heavy industry. A sturdy scale with aircraft grade metal housing will decrease the chances that the scale will be damaged during use. Careful maintenance and calibration will also help to preserve the longevity of your metric digital hanging scale.

Because international standards must apply to many goods that are being manufactured for export, a scale that registers weights in metric format is recommended. Metric digital hanging scales measure in kilograms, as opposed to pounds. These are more common outside of the United States. However, metric scales are also prevalent in United States’ industries, especially those who produce for and ship to a worldwide market.

Special scales and features

  • A durable, strong and corrosion-resistant hanging scale is a necessity. When dealing with strong chemicals, a scale needs to be kept safe and clean for workers. Corrosive agents should never remain a scale, because that could compromise the strength and accuracy of the scale. Choosing a corrosion-resistant digital metric hanging scale increases durability, safety and reliability, especially for inspections.
  • Digital hanging scales endure beatings from day-to-day use. An anti-break or shatterproof cover for the display protects the scale’s electronics from water, chemicals, and sudden drops.
  • Depending on the types of materials you intend to weight, it may be a good idea to invest in swivel shackles and hooks. These sorts of features will allow you freedom of movement while working with your scale.
  • Push-button tare and zero options are also important when you are choosing your digital hanging scale. These features make working with your product much easier and more efficient, because you can set the scale with single button ease.