Hanging Scales for Weights up to 50 Pounds

crane-scale-2Farms, factories, grocery stores, and a variety of other industries require hanging scales for measurements of 50 pounds or less. Reliability and accuracy are especially important when working with these weights. Therefore, many people choose to exclusively with digital hanging scales. Digital hanging scales are simply electronic versions of manual hanging scales. They are the scales of choice for people needing to weigh items of 50 pounds or less, because digital hanging scales are easy to use and incredibly accurate. There is little to no room for user error, due to the fact that hanging scales provide easy to read digital results, making them one of the most accurate methods of weighing items.

Hanging scales are the scales of choice of many industries because they are generally less bulky than other types of scales that require a base and a platform. These make them perfect choices when space is limited but there is a need for the ability to take an accurate weight. Many people were hesitant to use hanging scales because they were considered to be time consuming and difficult to use, due to the sensitive adjustments that were required. Though this used to be the case, modern hanging scales do not generally suffer from this problem. Most modern hanging scales are designed to automatically calibrate themselves. This is true of all high quality digital hanging scales.

When searching for the perfect hanging scale for your business, first consider your business’s needs. The requirements of your business will dictate the type of scale that is needed. For example, grocery stores do not necessarily need sophisticated scales for their customers to use. Accuracy within a tenth of a pound is typically more than is necessary for the customers needs. Even a traditional spring dial hanging scale can sometimes be suitable in these situations. However, factory workers will typically require an accurate reading to at least the hundredth of a pound. A reading this precise requires a digital scale.

Consider the needs of the users of the scales when searching for the perfect scale. Digits that are at least one inch tall are industry standard for digital hanging scales… Factories, for instance, will typically want to have scales with large digits to encourage accurate record keeping and lower the possibility of user error. Therefore, larger digits in these types of industries are generally always better. Grocery stores, on the other hand, will usually not need to be so accurate, so the size of the numbers will not matter as much.

Industrial users may need other types of features. Data communication may be important, so that weight information can be transferred to the rest of the industrial process. One of the most popular methods is the industry standard USB interface. Other choices include RS-232 or Ethernet. Some of the more modern hanging scales even offer WiFi capability.

Above all else, search for a manufacturer that stands behinds the scales and offers a warranty. A warranty is a sign that the manufacturer believes in the accuracy and reliability of the scales.