Hanging Balance Scales

crane-scale-2At Arlyn Scales, our goal is have the highest standards in scale design and production. Our job is to make your job easier. We have our factory based at our headquarters in Long Island, New York so we can ship factory direct to you, saving you as much money as possible by cutting out the middleman. The benefit to this is some of that savings are affixed to superior products and technology that our competition can’t match, even in more expensive models.

We are particularly proud of our Arlyn Series ARC Crane Scales. Hanging scales are used in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, mechanical, shipping, or agricultural industries. The ARC Crane Scale can handle that and more! If you work in the lifting, force measurement, and hanging weighing industries, you need an especially rugged and durable scale. This scale was designed with that in mind. Our stainless steel load cells make this scale a tremendous asset for you organization.

Rugged and Reliable

One of our ‘secrets’ to our high quality scales is our load cells. We manufacture our own unique stainless steel load cells. The load cell is the foundation of a scale and it converts force into an electronic signal that translates into weight measurement. The load cell in our ARC crane have precisely adjusted before being attached to the scale so it has high precision output values. This gives you a high degree of accuracy up to 10,000 lbs. The built in benefit to this type of scale is that since the load is suspended, there is no interference from ground vibration while measuring the weight.

As far as durability goes, we have assembled the load center inside extremely tough aircraft grade housing within the hanging scale. This makes the risk of damage extremely low and you will see that nothing compares to the scale in terms of both ruggedness and accuracy. As a matter fact, the accuracy on this scale is 0.1% of full capacity.

These ARC Crane Scales are overload tolerant, corrosion and water resistant and have a temperature stability range from -4 F to +140 F. We also load test the scales at 3 times the maximum safe weight range. Currently, we offer the ARC Crane scale up to a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs.

Additional Features

ArlynÕs ARC Crane Scale has other features besides its rugged construction. We are pleased to say that when you purchase one of these scales you will also have these features:

  • Easy Calibration Ð For regular preventive calibration, we have a custom calibration program built into the scale that will help you in conjunction with test weights.
  • Data Hold Function – This function allows you to freeze the scale display, preserving weight measurement readings to be read at a later time.
  • J-Hook – This hook is rated 4 times the maximum load capacity of the scale. It has a safety catch and is designed to revolve and pivot around the load.
  • Push Button Tare ÐA tare refers to the zeroing out function within the scale. This quick and easy reset will help you boost efficiency.
  • Digital Indicator Ð The ARC Scale’s digital indicator has large visible digital graphics for easy viewing, even from a distance.
  • Corrosion Resistance Ð The competition normally uses a single layer protective coating that quickly loses its protective qualities as soon as the coating is scratched. This can lead to rust underneath the coating as the rust spreads throughout the initial unprotected area. Arlyn Scales developed a stainless steel load sensor that protects the hanging scale from corrosion. It ensures resistance against solvents, petrochemicals, alcohol, water, and brine.

Optional Setpoint Controller

As an additional feature, we offer our excellent set point controller for filling operations using the ARC Crane Scale.

This valued feature allows greater flexibility during your company’s filling operations. Automation of these operations will greatly enhance efficiency since human supervision will not be necessary at all times.

The controller lets the user enter and set up to eight weight values to automate filling for the hanging scale. Once the scale reaches the predetermined weight value, it will send an electronic signal that will shut off the filling equipment. Or you can set the lowest weight value of something on the hanging scale and once the load has been reduced to that value, an electronic notification could start up the filling machine.

Additionally if you are using the hanging scale to formulate a petrochemical load, you can set multiple weight values to keep consistency in your chemical formula and consistency between different batches.

Durability + Accuracy = Arlyn Scales

Arlyn Scales prides itself on building a scale that can last for years to come. We believe our stainless steel load cells will enhance the lifespan of our already rugged hanging scales. Our special protective coating and aircraft grade aluminum design should also make sure your scale will not be damaged by normal wear and tear. The range of capacities will also allow you to find a scale that is best suited to your company’s needs.

However, we know that no matter how hard we try to anticipate our customers need, there is always a new development in the weighing industry requiring new innovation and new solutions. We are not afraid to be challenged by our customers shifting expectations. Our business thrives on this challenge. Arlyn Scales stands ready and able to work with you on tailoring a scale that solves your problems.

With thirty years manufacturing experience, Arlyn Scales brings significant knowledge and innovation to scale design and manufacturing. We have also learned over those years how important customer service is to our business. We don’t want your business just once; we want to build a relationship with you because your success helps us succeed. Therefore, we have made sure our customer service staff is highly knowledgeable and personable.

Our job is to sit down with you, understand exactly what you need, answer your questions, and help you select a scale that meets all those needs. Contact us today by calling (800) 645-4301 or filling out the form on our Contact Us page.