Crane Scales for Ship Loading

U.S. support to Pakistani earthquake relief efforts.If you’re looking to weigh items as you load them onto a ship, you’ll likely need a highly specialized scale.  A typical platform scale offers a large number of uses, but isn’t practical for ship loading.

If you were to stop by a shipyard and watch the ships being loaded, you may notice a hanging scale affixed to the boom of a crane loading heavy items onto cargo ships.  This type of scale allows you to weigh large objects and lift them at the same time, which helps to load ships faster and more efficiently compared to using other types of scales.

Crane scales used in ship loading must be accurate, durable and safe even at high capacities.

At Arlyn Scales we’ve been manufacturing high quality crane scales for over 30 years.  Our goal has always been to manufacture the highest quality scales, all while keeping a laser focus on reliability, durability and affordability.  We’re constantly looking at new technologies to help improve our scales.  We also manufacture and ship all of our scales from our Long Island, New York facility to allow our customers to enjoy factory direct pricing.  With Arlyn Scales, you won’t be working with a distributor, you’ll actually be working with the individuals that designed and built the scale that you are using.

Arlyn offers the ARC Crane Scales, which are made with the best components and sold direct from the factory so that the cost savings can be passed on to you.


Stainless Steel Load Sensors

While the majority of scale manufacturers use load cells made out of aluminum or plated steel, we use rugged stainless steel load cells that offer much better protection from the elements, which is extremely important when used out on the loading docks of ports around the world.

Not only do other manufacturers utilize inferior materials, but also, because of these cheaper materials, problems can quickly occur in weight measurements.  This thin metal can quickly become damaged when attaching a load that is beyond the scale’s capacity.  This is called “overloading.”  When this occurs, the crane scale often has to be taken down from the boom of the crane and repaired, which costs you time and money.

Heavy Duty Protection for Load Cells

Not only are our load cells constructed out of stainless steel, they are further protected by a durable housing, using visible, red polyurethane along with an aluminum alloy.  This allows our crane scales to stand up to much tougher environments compared to scales from other manufacturers that use housings made from cast or sheet metal.

High Resolution and Capacity

At Arlyn Scales, we offer three crane scales to meet your needs.  We always advise our customers to choose the scale that has a maximum capacity of close, but still heavier than your largest load.  That way, you’ll be more than satisfied with your scale of choice.

•    ARC-2500 – offers a maximum capacity of 2,500 lbs., and a 0.5 lb. resolution.
•    ARC-5000 – offers a maximum capacity of 5,000 lbs., and a 1 lb. resolution.
•    ARC-10000 – offers a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs., and a 2 lb. resolution.

Highly Accurate

Because of our superior construction and cutting edge electronics, our scales are extremely accurate, offering an accuracy of 0.1%.

Resistant to Abuse

As mentioned previously, our stainless steel load cells offer a whole host of benefits when it comes to creating a rugged and reliable crane scale.  Not only are our stainless steel load cells much stronger than our competitors, we also place them in durable aircraft grade housings to further protect them from the elements.  Our ARC Crane scales are overloading-tolerant, water resistant, corrosion resistant and they maintain a temperature stability between -4°F and +140°F.

Finally, our scales are load tested at 3 times the maximum safe range to ensure they will meet or exceed our strict specifications.

Customized Options

The beauty of working with a company like Arlyn Scales is that you can help to create a scale that works exactly to meet your specifications.  By working directly with our engineering team, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your custom crane scale.


Our crane scales come with a variety of features to ensure accuracy as well as durability:


This is the hook that is used to attach to the load that you are weighing.  It’s rated at four times the load capacity of the scale to ensure the safety of all involved.  The J-Hook also pivots around the load to offer further control as the load is being lowered or lifted from a crane boom.

Large Digital Display

Our scales use a large graphics display, with 1” digits to ensure readings can be seen even from a significant distance.

Easy Calibration

We’ve created a custom software program that allows for preventative calibration.  Using this software along with regular test weights will help to maintain the highest accuracy possible.

Data Hold Function

With our data hold function, you can preserve readings for recordkeeping, thanks to our sophisticated electronics, which help to generate accurate readings.

Set Point Controller

This feature is optional. It can allow you to store up to eight weight values.  When one of these weight values has been reached, the controller can then send an electronic notification, or using solid-state it can actually turn machinery on or off, as desired.  This controller can be used to help reduce human error.


If you’re interested in learning more about our ARC Crane Scales, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have about your scale needs.