5 Benefits of Purchasing an Industrial Counting Scale

5-benefits-of-purchasing-an-industrial-counting-scalePeople who utilize industrial scales designed specifically for parts counting depend on their scales’ capabilities of delivering accurate and precise weight readings each and every time loads are measured. There is not one parts counting scale that is identical to the next. Parts counting scales can function in a variety of ways and some scales offer far better accuracy than others.

To ensure the purchase of top quality parts counting scales capable of providing the levels of accuracy desired, buyers should know all there is to know about the different parts counting scales available. Arlyn Scales, a manufacturer of high quality industrial scales, supplies Arlyn Series 8200 Parts Counting Scales and Ultra Precision Scales. Both options are great for parts counting; however the Ultra Precision Scales offer a level of accuracy that is unmatched by any standard parts counting scale.

Regardless of which scale option you choose, here are number of benefits you will see from purchasing an industrial parts counting scale from Arlyn Scales…

  1. Different Levels of Accuracy to Meet Your Specific Weighing Needs

Scales designed for parts counting are special because they are capable of doing something that not every scale can do. When a group of identical objects is placed on the platform of a parts counting scale, the scale displays how many total objects there are on the platform. The result is based on the measurement of 1 individual object that is pre-entered into the scale.

Arlyn Series 8200 Parts Counting Scales are available in range of maximum capacity/resolution combinations; however, it should be noted that an extremely accurate parts counting scale should be able to deliver weight results within .01%of a load’s true weight.

Model 820I—Maximum Capacity: 3 pounds; Resolution: .05 pounds

Model 820X—Maximum Capacity: 10 pounds; Resolution: .002 pounds

Model 820T—Maximum Capacity: 25 pounds; Resolution: .005 pounds

Model 820L—Maximum Capacity: 50 pounds; Resolution: .01 pounds

Model 820C—Maximum Capacity: 100 pounds; Resolution: .02 pounds

As you can see, Arlyn Scales offers a variety of parts counting scale options. It’s good to know that when the maximum capacity of a parts counting scale is lower, the resolution is typically better than scales with higher maximum capacities.

Ultra Precision Scales

Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales offer extremely accurate weight results. Compared to the 100 pound 8200 Parts Counting Scale, the 100-pound Ultra Precision Scale offers accuracy that is 10 times better. We recommend Ultra Precision Scales for people who require extreme accuracy for their weighing applications.

Model SAW-X—Maximum Capacity: 10 pounds; Resolution: .0001 pounds

Model SAW-T— Maximum Capacity: 25 pounds; Resolution: .0002 pounds

Model SAW-L— Maximum Capacity: 50 pounds; Resolution: .0005 pounds

Model SAW-C— Maximum Capacity: 100 pounds; Resolution: .001 pounds

Model SAW-H— Maximum Capacity: 200 pounds; Resolution: .002 pounds

  1. The Best Parts Counting Scales For Not a Lot of Money

Arlyn Scales manufactures extremely high quality industrial parts counting scales. The Standard 8200 Parts Counting Scales feature heavy-duty stainless steel platforms and sturdy aluminum frames. Ultra Precision Scales are made with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, which delivers accuracy that cannot be found with any other kind of parts counting scale. Arlyn Scales offers the best of the best when it comes to parts counting scales, yet the prices of our scales are affordable. So how do we do it?

Every scale supplied by Arlyn Scales is designed and manufactured in the same factory location in Long Island, New York. And when it comes time to sell the scales Arlyn Scales makes, we don’t use a middleman or any distributors. Scales made by Arlyn Scales are sold at factory-direct pricing, which means consumers can buy high quality industrial parts counting scales for much less than expected.

  1. Fast and Simple Parts Counting Process

Arlyn Scales includes a ‘Quick Count’ feature with all of our scales designed for parts counting. Quick Count makes the procedure of parts counting a simple and quick 1-step process because each scale is capable of storing up to 100 individual piece weights of numerous objects. Instead of weighing individual objects before weighing large batches, scale operators can choose the piece weight via the scale’s indicator and start the weighing process faster.

  1. Connectivity Options for Data Analysis and Record Keeping

Scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales do not come with standard connectivity options; however, every scale can be ordered with connectivity options if desired. Arlyn Scales offers an array of connectivity options, such as: RS-232, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and more. With connectivity options installed, parts counting scales can be connected to nearby computers or Internet networks and data collected by the scales can be communicated and stored on devices for easy access. The information can be imported into Microsoft Excel or Access programs where it can be analyzed or companies can simply keep a record of all of the data collected by the scales.

  1. Parts Counting Scales are Heavy-Duty

Although there are various maximum capacities available for the parts counting scales offered by Arlyn Scales, it’s the same across the board: parts counting scales manufactured by Arlyn Scales can endure weight up to 150% over capacity. Scale operators are issued a warning when weight exceeds 102% of a scale’s maximum capacity. This feature prevents damage from occurring to the scales from too much weight being on the platforms.

Parts counting scales by Arlyn Scales feature 1 stainless steel load cell, which provides amazing counting accuracy no matter how much the maximum capacity of the scale is.

Learn More About Parts Counting Scale Manufactured by Arlyn Scales

If you are interested in learning more about Arlyn Series 8200 Parts Counting Scales or Ultra Precision Scales, then visit Arlyn Scales’ website today. While there you can see in more detail all of the various platform sizes and maximum capacities/resolutions Arlyn Scales offers for our parts counting scales. Our website also has more information about Surface Acoustic Wave technology and the additional features available for all of the scales we sell.

With questions and/or comments, customers can reach Arlyn Scales’ professional staff by calling 800-645-4301. Our team can also be contacted via online contact form.