Tank Weighing System Manufacturers in the USA

corrosion-resistant-scale-2-1Manufacturers of tank weighing systems need a quality floor scale as a basic piece of their overall product, and Arlyn Scales provides the best quality floor scales available in the USA. The line of floor scales range in capacity from 2,500 to 20,000 pounds and up to 108 square feet in size (9×12) or larger. If the standard scales do not meet requirements, we can customize a scale to fit the tank weighing system manufacturer’s needs because Arlyn Scales manufactures these scales in our own factory. In addition to the highest quality, Arlyn Scales floor scales can expand the capabilities of your tank weighing systems into realms that you may not have imagined.

Quality Construction

Most floor scales are assembled using components purchased from a variety of suppliers, but Arlyn Scales floor scales are manufactured from components that are themselves manufactured by Arlyn, such as the welded platforms, the load cells, and even the digital indicators.

Arlyn Scales uses four load cells that are mounted in all four corners of the scale platform, and this design minimizes potential lateral forces and thereby ensures accurate measurements. This is usually very important for tank weighing systems, both for loading material into the tank and taking it out.

High Resistance to Corrosion

The standard finish of an Arlyn Scales steel floor scale is a three-part epoxy material that includes a zinc component. This tough finish resists scrapes and scratches, but even if the finish is compromised, the zinc retards rust formation. An optional finish for stainless steel models contains garnet for reducing abrasion damage. The finishes on our competitor’s floor scales are generally not as durable, simply being a standard powder coat or enamel type of paint, which is easily scratched off and provides no corrosion resistance to the vulnerable metal exposed.

You can also order Arlyn floor scales that are made out of stainless steel to achieve the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Regardless of scale material, all of the Arlyn Scales load cells in our platform and floor scales are made of heat treated stainless steel and mounted in protective machined pockets within the scale’s frame. This is better for load cell longevity than simply bolting the load cells to the bottom of the platform.

Measuring Tank System Flow

The materials that enter and leave tank systems need to be measured accurately for flow rates. The measurements can be taken through mechanical means, such as a paddle wheel assembly, but the accuracy suffers due to moving parts that can experience drift, clogs, and wear. A better way to do this is indirectly through accurate weight readings over intervals of time. Arlyn Scales offers software, along with a set point controller and up to eight relays per floor scale, in support of weight-based flow rate measurement.

Arlyn Scales floor scales are all digital, both for scale controls and outputs. They can be easily connected to Ethernet networks or directly to computers via RS-232, RS-485, or USB. If networks or direct computer connections are not needed, then a USB memory stick can be provided for data collection.

Software provided by Arlyn Scales supports the weight-based flow rate measurements and can convert weight-per-time to volume-per-time readouts. The specific gravity of the material in the tank weighing system needs to be provided for the conversion from weight to volume, and the software does all the rest. The software includes Windows application support, so data can be fed into Excel spreadsheets or Access databases.

Consistent Load Cell Output Characteristics

Other floor scale providers do not have consistent load cell electrical output characteristics, and this necessitates the use of resistor-matching summation circuit boards. Arlyn Scales has eliminated this extra electronic component by using only load cells that do have consistent electrical output characteristics. The advantage of eliminating the resistor-matching circuit board is that it can never malfunction because it simply does not exist in an Arlyn Scales floor scale.

Low Profile and Light Weight Option

The profile of an Arlyn Scales floor scale is lower than other floor scale makes. This is due to how the load cells are mounted and will lower the overall height of tank weighing systems. The floor scales can also be ordered as aluminum rather than steel assemblies, which will reduce the overall weight of a tank weighing system. In certain environments, a lower height and/or lower weight may be advantageous.

Expanded Tank Weighing System Capabilities

When you use Arlyn floor scales in your tank weighing systems, the capabilities of the systems expand. Flow control based on material weight yields very accurate results, so the tank systems can be designed to mix materials, such as paint shades or chemical components, together with consistent results. The networking capabilities of Arlyn Scales floor scales, along with set point controllers and relays, allow the automation of manufacturing processes. Corrosion-resistant finishes and stainless steel scales open the use of tank measurement systems in harsher environments. Lighter and more compact tank measuring systems are enabled by the low profiles of floor scales and the option for aluminum floor scales. Since Arlyn Scales will customize to your exacting specifications, you can now build formerly undoable tank weighing system designs.

Your Next Best Move

We provide some of the best floor scales on the market and, as a factory-direct manufacturer, have the ability to customize them to fit your specific needs. The quality of your tank weighing systems will benefit from Arlyn Scales products, so your next best move is to contact us today. Simply give us a call at (800) 645-4301 or fill out the form on our Contact Page.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and give more information on the floor scale line, including customized scales. Remember that floor scale capacity goes up to 20,000 pounds and can be customized to handle heavier loads. Also keep in mind that weight-based flow rates are far simpler and more accurate than any of the alternatives.

Finally, you can let your imagination run free knowing that your tank weighing system design options have expanded significantly. You cannot only bring powerful computing power to production, but can interconnect production machinery to automate processes.

Whether you’re ready to make a purchase or just want more information, contact us today!