Scales for SF6 Liquid Gas Cylinders

At Arlyn Scales, we make every effort to come up with new solutions for every weighing issue in the industrial manufacturing industry. We make it our business to pay attention to our customers, encouraging a dialogue with them so that we can keep making the latest and most updated pieces of weighing equipment that measure up to any necessity.

In Service to Accuracy and Longevity

In our search for greater accuracy and longevity, we are always entering our think tank to confer with our expert engineers and technicians in search of the next technological breakthrough for weighing any type of product, from livestock to liquid gases.

Finding the Perfect Solutions

It is through this pursuit that we have come up with the perfect solution for weighing SF6 gas cylinders, which are designed to hold the gas stored under pressure in liquid form. Used in a range of industrial processes, large quantities of this gas are stored in large cylinders, tanks, or dewars, designed to release gas through a valve that pipes it into a specific area for use. The remaining contents stay in a liquid form until they are ready to be released in a gaseous form as needed. Generally SF6 liquid gas cylinders are storage units that come with a liquid level gauge, relief valve, a pressure gauge, a temperature gauge, inlet and outlet valves, and other essential elements for function. These impressive holding tanks come in sizes to accommodate from 300 to 5,000 pounds of liquid material, which often is highly flammable and can be extremely hazardous.

Infallable Accuracy

At Arlyn Scales, we recognize the importance of constructing scales that can handle delicate yet extremely heavy elements. We know that this means a hardy, durable, piece of equipment that is easy to clean and that is infallible when it comes to accuracy, precision, and safety.

Eliminating Guesswork and Worry

One of the reasons why we are the most sought after company for every weighing solution is because of our intense dedication to making scales that eliminate guesswork and worry. We are well aware that one false move could compromise the reputation of your company, as well as our own, and our goal is to create reliable and failsafe scales that do their job every time. Our brilliantly configured scale designs are in service to any industrial requirement, and include state-of-the-art construction, precision sensors, and other elements that are constantly being tested for their endurance and precision.

Accurate Readings Every Time

With corrosion-resistant casings in stainless steel, our scales for SF6 liquid gas cylinders have set the standard in today’s market. Using precision rollers and edges that help to prevent the wear and tear of the mechanical bearings that are in play, the scales are exceptionally modeled to ensure accurate readings every time.

Averting Damage and Leakage

Instead of using one or two load cells, we use four in order to provide more stability. In the case of large platforms used for heavier cylinders, we place a load cell in each corner to create a completely stable surface for weighing. The placement of the load cells in this manner also helps to avert any damage to both the container and the scale. Using sealed load cells is another way that we prevent any leakage or penetration of unwanted moisture to occur.

Staying Abreast of Every Change As It Occurs

Every scale system has platforms fitted with electronic elements that allow information to be relayed to a central data bank via various options. In this way, you are constantly updated, allowing you stay abreast of up to the minute changes in weight as it occurs in real time.

The Surface Acoustic Wave

Arlyn Scales has created a completely new protocol that we have incorporated into our scales in order to assure an even greater precision when it comes to gleaning information from your product. The Surface Acoustic Wave or SAW system is an exceptionally precise digital output protocol that supports temperature stability, as well as the highest tolerance to shock and overload.

The Optimum Industry Alternative

The Surface Acoustic Wave has become the industry alternative to conventional strain gage load cells or the force restoration system that many of our competitors have on the market. Strain gage load cells are usually constructed with aluminum or plated steel, which are not as durable as the long lasting and durable properties of stainless steel. The temperature instability that is often a problem when it comes to using opposing weight through electromagnetic force, as found in the force restoration protocol, is a factor, plus the difficulty of employing the system when load weight exceeds 50 pounds.

High Resolution and High Tolerance

The SAW was designed to resolve any deterrent having to do with readings on liquid gas cylinders, especially when it comes to expensive gases that require tremendous delicacy. Fabricated similarly to semi conductor integrated circuits, the SAW scale is made with high resolution output and an enormously high tolerance to shock and overload due to the incorporation of a rigid cell block. Its additional temperature stability makes it the system of choice when it comes to weighing SF6 liquid gas cylinders.

Cost Effective Solutions

Our cost effective solutions are an additional plus when it comes to providing our customers with the best there is in regard to weighing precious product. We know that it is important in our world today to offer the highest quality equipment while keeping the price as competitive as possible.

Creating Customized Scales for Your Needs

In terms of providing customers with excellent solutions for even the most complex weighing need, Arlyn Scales is always ready to satisfy. If we donÕt have exactly what you need, we are always excited to rise to the challenge in creating a customized scale for you that, in turn, takes us to the next level. For more information on our high precision scales for SF6 liquid gas cylinders or any other type of scale, feel free to contact us via our online form or give us a call at (516)593-4465.