Corrosion Resistant Scales Used in Wastewater Treatment Process

Certain work environments contain materials that are too corrosive for standard industrial weigh tanks, drums, and scales. One common example of this is water and wastewater treatment plants. When water and wastewater are being treated, it technicians often need to manipulate the pH levels of the liquids, which requires the addition of potentially caustic acidic or basic chemicals. These plants can work with relatively dangerous chemicals like chlorine or sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. Both are caustic enough to burn and damage skin and even corrode and degrade certain metals over time. Many similar chemicals are used throughout the treatment process to remove contaminants, manage the foul odor of the water, and prepare the fluid for safe disposal. Corrosion Resistant Scales Used in Wastewater Treatment Process

Those potentially dangerous chemicals are why wastewater treatment plants can benefit from Arlyn’s  stainless steel scales, which are manufactured with a protective coating, and come with durable display options and attachments. Both the hardware and software of these scales can create opportunities for automation. This makes the workflow more efficient and helps keep employees safe. Because Arlyn Scales are durable and reliable, you would be hard-pressed to find a better investment for your wastewater treatment plant. This guide will offer details about corrosion resistant scales, and features that make them perform so effectively.

Available from Arlyn Scales

After outfitting a wide range of industries with weighing technology, Arlyn Scales has developed the experience and flexibility needed to accommodate almost any work environment. You can find Arlyn Scales in locations ranging from farms to factories. It doesn’t matter if your business does its work in extreme temperatures or involves caustic chemicals, Arlyn Scales can deliver what you need.

Arlyn provides corrosion resistant scales for the purpose of weighing cylinders and drums filled with corrosive materials. Whether you are weighing substances like sodium hypochlorite, alum, phosphates, or liquefied gases like chloride and sulfur dioxide, these scales can withstand spills and corrosive fumes that would destroy other scales. This is not a complete list of the chemicals used in industries like water and wastewater treatment. The scales themselves are capable of resisting a variety of chemicals, and you can contact us for more information about this. A detailed graphic indicator makes these scales easy to read and operate as well. This scale is available in six different capacities and platform sizes, meaning you are sure to find one appropriate to the scope of your industry.

Stronger Materials With More Efficient Technology

Arlyn Scales are ideal for harsh industrial conditions because they are constructed out of stainless steel. Many other scales are made out of aluminum or other metals. The problem with this is that aluminum is less resilient to sudden impacts, and harder to fortify against damaging materials than stainless steel is. Arlyn’s cutting-edge Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology provides a degree of resolution many times higher than comparable scales on the market. Accuracy, consistency, and longevity are all marks of a scale that is worth the investment. Arlyn is confident that we deliver an excellent price point considering the quality of our products.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

The key to developing a scale-resistant to corrosive materials is in the coating over our stainless steel surfaces. This coating is a polyamine epoxy. This mixture has several properties that make it an ideal choice for protecting our equipment. First, it binds well to the stainless steel we use to construct our scales. It is well suited to handling the heavy loads like drums and totes that are placed on scales, and on a chemical level, it prevents damage from corrosive materials. Our multi-step coating process includes a thick layer that binds with the stainless steel and a high-grit layer that helps with the impact resistance and prevents skidding. While some similar coatings may be affected by sunlight exposure, Arlyn’s epoxy won’t deteriorate beyond simple scuffs and fading even after many years of exposure.

Upgrades Suited to Wastewater Treatment

It’s not just the scale itself that needs to be ready for potential spills and splashes from damaging liquids. You need your monitor and display systems to be capable of accommodating these as well. Arlyn offers a number of resilient display systems. Some of the popular and most practical options are the MKE-5 or UPSCALE-9 digital indicators. Depending on the environment, you may be interested in the NEMA 4x stainless steel display enclosure. Many of our clients who work in wastewater treatment find these upgrades make their daily work process a little smoother, easier more convenient and safer.

Increase Safety and Efficiency with Automation

Many professionals choose to maximize the efficiency of their systems by exploring automation. Arlyn Scales can help with this because of our efficient hardware and software for dispensing materials in an automated fashion. This is a fantastic way to guarantee mechanical precision and consistency with your measurements. It can take repetitive and mindless tasks off your hands, which is a great way to spend your working hours more efficiently, and devote your attention to other improvements.

This is a better way to increase safety as well. The farther away your workers are from dangerous materials, the better. When you automate systems, there are fewer opportunities for accidents, which can happen no matter how careful and consistent your people are with gloves, aprons, ear and eye protection, and all personal protective equipment.

Contact Arlyn Scales to Learn More About Corrosion Resistant Scales

If you work in the wastewater treatment industry, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to outfitting your stations with premium equipment. You are not likely to find durable, reliable, accurate corrosion-resistant scales made of quality materials at the price point Arlyn offers. To learn more, you can get in touch with Arlyn Scales by calling 800-645-4301 or visiting our website. You can view pictures prices, styles, options, features and more there. We believe that the more we know about you and your industry needs, the better prepared we are to outfit you with scales that will prove to be a reliable and rewarding investment.