Industrial Scales for Use in Commercial Freezers

Industrial Scales for Use in Commercial FreezersIf you’re in the food services business you company is likely laser focused on food safety. One area that is important for any company that handles large amounts of food is the use of commercial freezers. These freezers have become a virtual mainstay in most food service operations, and in turn companies are also finding the need to consistently weigh items, which requires industrial scales. The problem with using industrial scales around commercial freezers, and the food services business in general is the fact that certain scales can be highly susceptible to changes in temperature, which is a virtual inevitability when it comes to commercial freezers.

Thankfully the scale experts at Arlyn Scales have developed a number of industrial scales that are perfect for commercial freezers and other food service applications. Before we introduce you to these scales, we thought it would be a good idea to first introduce you to our company, who has been designing and building industrial scales for more than 3 decades.

Brief History of How Arlyn Scales Was Born 

Arlyn Scales was started more than 30 years ago in Long Island, New York. Quite a bit has changed in the industrial scale market over the past 3 decades and Arlyn Scales has been there every step of the way.

Within the past 10-20 years, many of our competitors have begun to look for ways to cut costs, and one of the most common ways they’ve done this has been through outsourcing manufacturing overseas. When some of our competitors began to move their manufacturing overseas, we quickly realized that we could create a competitive advantage by continuing to design and manufacture our scales here in the U.S. By keeping our manufacturing facilities in the U.S., we’re able to more quickly get our new scale features to market, and spot issues early on in the production process to ensure we’re not left with large amount of inventory that don’t meet our high quality standards.

With our full team all located within the same facility, our design and manufacturing departments are constantly collaborating to ensure that each industrial scale we produce meets the needs of all of our customers, even those who have somewhat unusual demands.

Requirements of Industrial Scales for Commercial Freezers

 If you’re looking for an industrial scale to be used in and around commercial freezers, there are several things that you need to keep in mind due to the conditions that will be common in your working environment. Commercial freezers can create problems with industrial scales due to the following environmental concerns:

  • Temperature – With commercial freezers having to typically sustain low temperatures, it’s important to choose scales that are able to handle a range of temperature conditions.
  • Food Safety Requirements – Any time that food is handled, food safety procedures must always be adhered to completely. This means that if you’re using scales that do not feature materials that are deemed safe to be used around food that you could be creating problems for yourself that could result in potentially disastrous consequences if spoiled food were to make its way to your customers.
  • Communication Options – When you’re recording weight readings for your food services company, it’s important that you’re able to access this data quickly and accurately through a variety of communications options.

Arlyn’s Ultra Precision Scales Offer Versatility and Accuracy

In the past few years, Arlyn Scales has been hard at work releasing their most advanced industrial scale to date, which is powered by our international patented Surface Acoustic Wave technology. This line of Ultra Precision Scales is unique in how they function when compared to strain gage and force motor scales. Ultra Precision Scales measure displacement as opposed to stress or strain, which makes them much less susceptible to environmental elements like other scales.

Because of the fact that Ultra Precision Scales measure displacement, our scale designers are able to use a much thicker load cell that is able to stand up to more abuse, and be much more accurate compared to other types of scales. This allows our scales to offer precision measurements at a wide range of capacities unlike any other scale on the market. While force motor scales offer precision measurements, they can only do so at very low capacities and are highly susceptible to losing accuracy when exposed to extreme temperatures, which is common in the food service industry.

Ultra Precision Scales can be used in a wide range of extreme temperatures from 10° F to 120° F and offer capacities from 10 – 1000 pounds.

Communication Options for Ultra Precision Scales

As mentioned above, when scales are in use in any business, it’s critical that weight measurements can be quickly obtained and disseminated to a variety of decision makers within a company. Gone are the days where readings where manually recorded and distributed to team members. With our Ultra Precision Scales, you’ll be able to have near instant access to weight readings through a variety of communication options. A few of our most popular options include:

  • USB – Easily connect a standard USB cable between your computer and scale and instantly have access to weight readings that can be accessed in a variety of software programs such as Microsoft Access or Excel.
  • WiFi / Ethernet – If your company uses a corporate network you can actually connect your scale directly to it with either an Ethernet or WiFi connection. Assuming that your corporate network has internet access, you’ll actually be able to control and access your scale from anywhere in the world. Think of the opportunities for you to be able to access weight data from the road at any time, day or night!
  • Arlyn UpScale TouchScreen Indicator – As if busting the scale industry wide open with our Surface Acoustic Wave technology wasn’t enough, we’ve recently completely redesigned our scale indicator with the introduction of our Arlyn UpScale Touchscreen Indicator. This device is powered by an Android touchscreen that allows our customers much more flexibility over the control and configuration of their industrial scales.

Reach Out to Arlyn Scales Today to Learn More About Our Scales for Commercial Food Service Companies

If you’re in the food industry and have a need for a high quality, industrial scale, don’t hesitate to reach out to Arlyn Scales today. We’re available to assist you in all aspects of the scale selection process. Feel free to give us a call toll free at 800-645-4301 or through our online contact form.