Types of High Precision Laboratory Scales

V9_SAW_SteelWhile there are many applications in industries where a scale needs to provide precision and accuracy, the laboratory setting is perhaps the most demanding of them all. Laboratories often need measurements to be accurate to the milligram, which requires the use of a scale designed for the task.

At Arlyn Scales, we have a range of measurement instruments that are accurate up to 1/10th of a milligram for these fine measurements. We incorporate new technology into our laboratory scales that makes them ten times more accurate than most scales on the market.

These rugged scales are ideal for many different industrial applications and they’re available in capacities ranging from 200g to 6,200g. For a high-resolution scale with super sensitivity, you won’t find anything better.

Why Do Laboratories Need High Precision Scales?

While many of us might remember measuring chemicals in high school science class, we probably don’t remember the importance of the measurement accuracy. When mixing chemicals to get a very precise reaction, it is important that you do not have too little of the chemical or the reaction will not occur correctly. Likewise, if there is an abundance of a particular chemical, the reaction could either be ruined, or some unreacted chemical will be left behind.

The same concept applies to industrial laboratories, but in this case, it is not a matter of getting a good or poor grade. If the reaction is not properly completed, you can get a false reading on your test. If the test is being used to determine the acceptability of a product, this could mean you are either accepting products that are not actually correct to their specification, or you are rejecting perfectly good products that should be acceptable for use. The first situation could lead to a product recall, and the second could lead to costly scrap or rework costs when you deal with a product you think is unacceptable.

This is why it is important to have accurate measurements in these laboratory settings to ensure that you have results that you can trust. Imagine the difficulty that would be occur if an unsafe batch of pharmaceutical products were accepted and released due to a faulty laboratory test. Imagine the cost in recall and damage to the company reputation that could be avoided if accurate measurements were taken during testing in the laboratory. Especially when human safety is on the line, the price of a good laboratory scale is small by comparison.

Super Sensitivity and High Accuracy

If you are looking at a regular scale, you will find that many scales offer a sensitivity of 1/100th of a gram or even 1 milligram on a regular scale that measures a maximum of 200 grams. These regular scales will provide accuracy in the range of 0.1% in general, and can sometimes be worse.

A comparable high precision scale from Arlyn Scales that measures a 200g capacity has an amazingly great sensitivity of 1/10th of a milligram with accuracy as high as 0.005% and an internal resolution of 1 part in 2 million. These scales can be provided as a standard scale, or to include a glass case to protect the measurement area from fluctuations in temperature, humidity or air currents created within the lab that could interfere with an accurate measurement.

In spite of this incredible accuracy and precision, these scales are extremely easy to use. Even with the highly sensitive nature of these scales, there are no special skills required by your operators to use them, no dealer services are needed after delivery, and many of these scales are provided with an automatic calibration included in the design so no complicated calibration procedures need to be followed to maintain the accuracy of the scale.

An example of one of these models available at Arlyn Scales is featured below:

  • High Precision Scales with Super Sensitivity: These four high precision scales are available in a 200g, 300g, 1,000g and 6,200g capacity models. Resolution for these models is an incredible 0.1 mg for the 120g model, 1mg for the 300g and 1,000 g models, and 0.01g for the 6,200 g model. The units have power requirements of 117 VAC, 50/60 Hz and can operate in a temperature range from 14F to 104F. The standard screen is a 1” high LCD digital display that updates at 0.4 seconds and it’s adjustable for easy viewing. Optional upgrades to the scale include a printer that can accommodate labels, paper or card stock and Winwedge windows interface software that allows you to connect your scale to a computer through an RS-232 connection and then download the measurements for data tracking and logging.

The Best Place to Buy High Precision Laboratory Scales

If you are looking to spend the money it takes to buy a high precision laboratory scale you not only want one that is precise and accurate, but you also want the best customer service that money can buy. For over 30 years, the team at Arlyn Scales has been helping people just like you find the right measurement equipment for their task at hand so that our customers never need to wonder if they’ve paid too much for a scale that doesn’t do what they need.

As a leading manufacturer in the design and development of technology for the weighing industry, we have become the authority for industrial, veterinary & customer specific designed scales. Through our use of the latest technology and superior quality workmanship, we can provide the utmost value to our customers, and by shipping products factory direct, we can pass the price savings to you, as they are found by eliminating price markups from dealers.

If you are local to Long Island, NY, you can call our manufacturing facility at 516-593-4465, and national customers can call us toll free at 1-800-645-4301. You can also reach out to our team through our online contact form and one of our team of knowledgeable and dedicated service professionals will get you the information you need to find the right scale for your professional needs. We look forward to working with you very soon.