Custom Programming and Development for Industrial Weighing Applications

Weighing is often a part of a larger industrial process such as blending, mixing, packaging, dispensing and more. Many of these processes use an OEM system as part of that process. These systems often rely on the scale or weighing components to operate and automate other aspects of the system – for example, alert systems, … Continued

Weighing Equipment Regulations in the USA

The need for weights and measures is pervasive in the U.S., which is why it is sometimes necessary for a regulatory body to create and enforce standards for the safe and fair use of weighing equipment in a variety of situations. So while not all weighing equipment must adhere to these legal standards, there are … Continued

Arlyn Scales: An Industrial Scales Manufacturing Company

Back in 1978 while the The Bee Gees were dominating the billboard charts and Sony was introducing the world’s first portable stereo – the Walkman, Arlyn Scales was just getting started. Mechanical Scales Were the Status Quo At that time, scales were completely mechanical. Platforms were supported by bearings, one in each corner of the … Continued

Digital Gas Cylinder Scale for Chlorine Gas Feeding

Chlorination and gas feed systems are commonly used for disinfection in water, wastewater, and industrial wastewater applications. They’re also used to disinfect aquatic water in swimming pools and make water potable. It’s also used as a bleach in the manufacture of paper, cloth, solvents, pesticides, synthetic rubber, refrigerants, and other commercial products as well as … Continued

Products Arlyn Scales Specializes In

Arlyn Scales has been designing, developing, and manufacturing industrial weighing equipment for almost four decades now. In that time, we’ve innovated quite a few new scale designs and weighing systems, but there are some things we do that you just won’t find anywhere else. A Common Complaint When it comes to affordable precision instruments, many … Continued

7 Things to Consider Before Buying a Scale

Buying a scale online can be a little tricky. There are some criteria you’ll need to know beforehand so you can be sure you’re selecting the right product for your needs. A lot of people think price is the most important factor in this decision, but we can’t begin to tell you how often this … Continued

Choosing the Chemical Resistant Floor Scale for Your Operation

If your daily weighing operations cause your equipment to come into direct contact with corrosive liquids, gases, or solids, you’re going to want a scale with superior protection. Corroded equipment causes safety issues and can seriously affect the accuracy of your measurements, which in turn affects your profitability. It also requires repairs and replacements that … Continued