Why Biochemical Manufacturers Love Arlyn Scales’ Industrial Scales


Why Biochemical Manufacturers Love Arlyn Scales’ Industrial ScalesOne of the most important aspects of any biochemical manufacturing company is precision. Properly measuring substances is paramount to providing finished compounds that are safe and effective. Because of these requirements, lab workers in these environments are laser focused on producing the most accurate and reliable findings possible. To track the accuracy of biochemical compounds, most manufacturers use highly accurate scientific scales. These scales need to offer fractional gram precision to ensure readings that are accurate enough for testing. The issue with most precision scales is that they have extremely low capacity restrictions, which can make it difficult for manufacturers looking to weigh heavier materials.

At Arlyn Scales, we’re proud of our commitment to accuracy, even in the most taxing of applications. We’ve developed a full line of industrial scales that offer fractional gram precision, and are produced and designed right here in our Long Island, New York factory. Our factory builds each component in our U.S. based factory – everything from our subassemblies to our load cells. With over 30 years of experience in the industrial scale industry, we’re confident that our scales can serve the needs of biomechanical manufacturers. One of our newest innovations centers around highly precise scales, and we’re proud to shed light on our patented Surface Acoustic Wave technology found in our Ultra Precision Scales.

Arlyn Scales SAW Scales

When it comes to gram precision, most of our competitors offer extremely limited capacities (typically up to around 5 pounds). Arlyn Scales understands that this lack of capacity is simply not acceptable for certain biochemical applications. In fact, our SAW scales offer capacities of up to 500 pounds, while still offering accuracy in the 1:100,000 to 1:200,000 ranges. When it comes to resolution, our SAW Scales start at .05 g for our 10 pound scales and go up to .005 lb. capacity for our 500 pound scales.

SAW Technology Explained

SAW is short for surface acoustic wave technology, which is a radical change in how our precision scales are made. The load cell, which is likely one of the most important components of any scale, has not seen much advancement in technology over the past several decades. Typically, a load cell is constructed with thin metal that flexes when an item is placed on a scale platform. The amount of movement of the load cell would then send an electronic signal to the digital indicator which displayed the weight of the object. The problem with these thin flexures in the load cells is that over time they can become inaccurate and can also be susceptible to overloading or shock loading, which are both problems in many industries.

With our Ultra Precision Scales, instead of using traditional, strain gage load cells, we use a load cell that is manufactured in the U.S., by our highly experienced design team, and is made out of a much thicker metal than most standard strain gage load cells. This thicker metal only requires an extremely small amount of movement to register an accurate reading, which helps to cut down on inaccurate readings as well as shock loading and overloading in biochemical facilities.

The key to the accuracy of our Ultra Precision Scales is our patented SAW technology that measures displacement as opposed to strain or stress like strain gage scales. This allows our scales to generate more accurate results, yet still avoid the capacity constraints of other scales often used in the biomedical industry.

Affordable Precision Gram Scales

Aside from the superior durability, quality and accuracy of our Ultra Precision Scales, they’re also extremely affordable. We’re able to offer competitive prices for our scales because they’re all designed and built in our U.S. based, Long Island, New York factory.

Before the introduction of our Ultra Precision Scales, there were two popular types of scales: strain gage scales and force restoration scales. Force restoration scales offer high resolutions, but low capacities, but are priced very high and are susceptible to shock loading and overloading. Strain gage scales on the other hand, are more affordable, but cannot offer gram precision at higher capacities, which is a virtual necessity for most biochemical manufacturers.

Our Ultra Precision Scales offer a unique combination of the capacity benefits of strain gage scales, with the precision benefits of force restoration scales without any of the negative aspects of either scale. While some scale manufacturers may attempt to convince you that gram precision is not possible at high capacities, don’t make the mistake of choosing a scale that doesn’t truly meet your needs.

Custom Designed Scales to Meet Your Needs

Another benefit of working with Arlyn Scales is our ability to design and build custom scales based on your unique needs. All of our scales are designed and built right here in the U.S., which allows our manufacturing and design teams to work in tandem to produce the best possible product on the market. With such a tight control over the quality of our scales, we’re also able to customize any of our scales to meet the needs of our customers. If you don’t see the exact scale you need on our website, feel free to reach out to our team to discuss whether a custom scale may be a better option for you.

Connectivity Options Galore

Another reason why biomedical manufacturers choose Arlyn Scales for all of their weighing needs is because of our wide array of connectivity options. Some of the most common methods that our customers use to access and analyze weight data include:

  • USB –

    Simple connect a USB cable between our scale and your PC or laptop and instantly have access to weight data and the ability to control your scale from any computer.

  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi –

    With our Ethernet & Wi-Fi capabilities users can access their scales from within their facility over a Local Area Network, or remotely, assuming they have an active Internet connection. Imagine the ability to control your scale from literally across the globe.

Still Have Questions About Your Next Scale Purchase?

We hope that we’ve shown you why it makes sense for biomedical companies to look to Arlyn Scales for all of their weighing instrument needs. If you’d like to speak with one of our scale experts about your individualized needs, feel free to contact us today by phone at 800-645-4301 or through our online form.