Battery Operated Scales: Portable Scales for Industrial Use

If you seem to do most of you’re weighing on the go, or if your workspace is nowhere near a wall outlet, this page is for you. Our portable scales are compact, lightweight and designed to be moved around. Most of our portable scales come with rechargeable battery packs and chargers for convenience. Our portable scales have been used in all kinds of applications from dieting to shipping to soil testing. Digital scales offer battery operation so they are completely portable.

What Exactly Is A Compact Scale?

The compact or portable scale is often used as an umbrella term that incorporates other types of scale such as bathroom scales or cooking scales, however, this can sometimes refer to more professional scales that are compact in size.

Some compact balances and scales offer simple operation and basic weighing, while others are highly precise and include several built-in functions. They’re lightweight, making them practical to transport, can be battery-powered, and tend to be easy to clean as well. These are very useful if you have to use the same scale in multiple locations in one facility, in remote work areas where electricity is unavailable, and for trade shows, fairs, or farmer’s markets.

Types of Compact Balances and Scales

Low-cost, easy to operate, and reliable, they’re ideal for teaching students how to use a digital balance. These balances are also a good choice for simple weighing tasks in offices, shipping facilities, field operations, veterinary offices, or industrial settings. Keep in mind these balances are limited to 0.1g readability and capacity to 5000g. They’re meant for quick, easy weighing on the go.

Other battery-operated scales can handle precision weighing tasks and are quite useful for field sample weighing or cramped lab benches. These balances are sturdy enough to handle tasks in labs or fieldwork and to stand up to student curiosity in science classrooms. They include useful features such as a security slot, shock protection, and a hook for below-balance weighing and density determination.

Some portable scales are also made to be easy to clean and have features that make them handy for cooking and catering applications such as measuring ingredients, batching, and portioning. Food scales are usually made of stainless steel to meet safety requirements, ensure they’re easy to clean, and to withstand various ingredients. They often have many multiple weighing units for added convenience. Overload protection is another useful feature for hectic kitchens, delicatessens, bakeries, vegetable and fruit stands.

Industrial Use Portable Scales From Arlyn Scales

Battery-powered scales come in all shapes and sizes. With everything from laboratory balances that run off battery power to large industrial floor scales, Arlyn Scales offers economically priced compact units offer low to mid-range operation for simple weighing needs. The portable scales we offer range in size from mini pocket scales to medium-sized shipping scales and are all able to run on battery power. So you can be sure wherever you go, your scale can probably come, too.

If you don’t see the exact item you’re looking for, or you have questions, contact us via the web. We look forward to hearing from you.