Accurate Platform Scales for Shipping Companies

Accurate Platform Scales for Shipping CompaniesIf you operate a business that requires a large amount of product to be mailed or shipped on a daily basis, consider investing in a platform scale that can pre-measure your parcel for handing it over to the courier to transport. Depending on the type of business you have, keeping a platform scale in-house gives you the power to determine the amount of weight that you want to ship per package.

Of course, some shipments cannot be altered; it weighs what it weighs. However, knowing and understanding the advantages of being able to accurately weigh your shipment is most beneficial for your company that can financially reduce shipping expenses overall. Additionally, making sure that your packages have the right measurement ensures the safety of the carriers themselves!

Importance in Determining the Weight

While size is a determining factor in shipping cost, most shipping costs are primarily calculated according to weight. When the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the major express mail carriers like Fed Ex and UPS transports their customers—your packages, they must consider exactly how much they can afford to move. Quantity is only one of the major factors. The weight of each package is the most important.

As most heavy-duty vehicles are designed to transport heavy parcel, there is still the cost of gas to consider. The heavier the freight, the more gas these companies must use in order to hauls the goods. So these companies must also take the price of gas into account when determining their cost.

For the major express carriers, it is even more crucial to make sure that their freight does not exceed the maximum amount. In addition to transporting goods by road, these carriers also utilize the speed of an airplane.

It is absolutely important that an accurate weight of parcel is taken when transporting goods by air. It is actually a matter of life and death. Airplane engineers have designed planes to carry a maximum amount of weight. If the plane is overloaded beyond it’s maximum capacity, the plane will not be able to fly successfully causing your packages to possibly be lost forever, not to mention fatalities.

Depending on your type of business, perhaps the type of goods you need transported requires the use of a train. Here, getting a precise measurement is also key.

As trains often meander throughout desolate territories, narrow pathways, in high and low altitudes, and highly populated areas at speeds of 100 – 150 mph, like any other form of transportation, they are also exposed to the elements—on a slick metal track! If loaded with parcel that over exceeds their maximum capacity, the train can easily de-trail, tipping over also causing horrific consequences. So making sure that your business invests in a quality scale that offers the most precise weight measurement is highly recommended.

Reducing Shipping Costs

Another reason to have an accurate weight amount is to avoid being over overcharged for your package. However, transporting goods isn’t all about weight.

In addition to weight, as aforementioned, each courier company also determines their cost by size, as it is important to figure out how many units they can load on a vehicle to transport. These businesses have to calculate their price based on weight AND size.

As it is almost impossible to predict the size and weight of every parcel that they transport, businesses have to figure out an average price in order to set a specific cost. That price is ultimately based on gas princes and how much the package will weigh—regardless of its dimensions, unless it is an oversized load.

What this means for the client is that the average cost will typically be calculated in the businesses’ favor. In other words, you should expect to pay a little more for your shipment! Again, these costs are mainly determined by gas prices, which affect companies’ business expenses of their transport that is in turn, affected by how much they have to transport. It all comes down to weight!

Depending on the type of carrier, most prices are set according to certain categories that increase by the weight. Figuring out which category your particular package will fit into is determined by the weight. This is where having a scale with precision weighing technology becomes most useful. Your package can easily be bumped up one category by the difference of one pound!

If you have a scale that rounds up measurements by the pound, then you may be losing money. By investing in a scale that will display an accurate output, your package may not need to be bumped up into the next categories, thus, saving your company money.

Types of Platform Scales

Arlyn Scales offers a variety of platform scales to meet your business needs. From small businesses to large industries, we have the perfect design to fit any businesses’ needs:

  • Heavy Duty and Rugged – Factory industries
  • Easy to Use – Can easily measure by the pounds or metric
  • Very Precise – Provide weight measurement down to .1 lbs.
  • Multi-purpose – Our scales come in an array of sizes
  • Easy to Connect – Select a scale that can connect through WiFi, USB, Ethernet or RS-232

Weighing the Options

Having an accurate platform scale to weigh your shipping can make a significant difference in costs. While individually, the difference in savings may range from cents to dollars, the long-term expense of shipping goods may show up as a bigger savings.

No matter what type of business you operate, Arlyn Scales can custom design a scale that gives you precision weighing, possibly reducing your shipping expenses. Our company is located in Long Island, NY and has been assembling scale designs for over 30 years. Search our large selection of pre-made scales that might also fit your shipping needs. View our platform scales online or call us at 516.593.4465.