5 Industry Niches You Didn’t Know Use Industrial Platform Scales

How to Connect Your Scale to Computer - A Step By Step GuidePlatform Scales are arguably the most versatile industrial scales in the business. They are available in a multitude of sizes and constructions, and many additional features can be added for improved safety, convenience, and accuracy.

Many industries utilize Platform Scales for a variety of reasons. For example, platform scales are frequently used in warehouses to measure objects before storage and shipping. For hazardous locations, Platform Scales can be built to be explosion proof and they can also be constructed to resist damage from harsh chemicals and moisture.

The options for how Platform Scales can be made and used are truly endless. Here are 5 industry niches you might not have known used industrial Platform Scales.

  1. Hospitals and Other Locations in the Medical Community

 Platform Scales are amazing tools for measuring and tracking the weights of people and animals; therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise Platform Scales are often found in hospitals and other locations in the medical community.

In hospitals, Platform Scales are used to monitor the weight of patients and can be used to weigh medical waste before disposal. Platform Scales are popular in nursing home facilities too, because nursing staffs need to regularly check the weight and health of elderly patients.

Platform Scales are useful in medical locations because they are low profile, easy to move, and available in a multitude of maximum weight capacities and sizes.

Arlyn Scales manufactures Wheelchair Scales for wheelchair-confined people. These scales are specially designed to accommodate the extra weight of wheelchairs and they automatically subtract the weight from the total measurement.

  1. Farms

 Platform Scales are used for agricultural purposes, as well. Farms often have Platform Scales to monitor the weight of livestock. The weight of animals is watched closely so farmers can notice any sudden changes in weight, which could indicate changes in health. In the agricultural industry, Platform Scales are also used to measure various crops.

  1. The Airline Industry

 Every time you go to the airport and you have to heave your luggage onto a weighing platform before checking it, you are using a Platform Scale. If you’re luggage exceeds 50-pounds, then you are usually required to pay an additional luggage fee, but haven’t you ever wondered why the airliners care how much your bags weigh?

When it comes to flying a plane, it’s all about weight. Passengers and luggage come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important for airplane operators to be aware of how much cargo is being transported. Fortunately, Platform Scales help make this happen by delivering accurate weight readings and making the process of weighing simple and quick.

  1. Commercial Laundry Services

 You might do your laundry yourself, but there are a lot of people in the world who don’t. Many people send their laundry out to a commercial laundry service because they don’t have the time or interest to do it themselves. Hotels, restaurants, the military, schools, camps, and other large organizations that have high amounts of laundry hire these types of services, as well.

So, where do Platform Scales come in? Well, commercial laundry services use Platform Scales to determine how much laundry to wash at one time and to determine how much money to charge clients.

  1. The Waste and Recycling Industries

 Similar to commercial laundry services, companies that pick up waste and recycling from residential and commercial locations often use Platform Scales to determine how much to charge customers too.

Additionally, companies in the waste and recycling industries are required to keep track of how much waste and recycling they pick up.

What Makes Platform Scales Special?

If you think about these 5 industries and how they use Platform Scales, then you might realize that what they do with them is not extremely different; however, the requirements these various industries need for Platform Scales are drastically different.

For example, in airports, people often have suitcases exceeding 50-pounds and anyone can guess these suitcases are not easy to heave up onto a weighing platform. Consequently, the Platform Scales used in airports need to be heavy-duty and resistant to damage from abuse, shock loading, and overloading.

If you think about how waste collection companies and commercial laundry services might handle their Platform Scales, then you can understand that these scales should be able to resist damage from coming into contact with harsh chemicals and materials.

Then, there are the scales used in hospitals and on farms. Who knows what kind of mystery liquids and abuse these scales face?

Companies often require different features in their Platform Scales. Fortunately, there is one scale manufacturer that custom-make Platform Scales to fit any need.

Arlyn Scales Can Custom Make Platform Scales For Any Purpose

Platform Scales can be manufactured to accommodate a vast number of weighing applications, as you can see above. Arlyn Scales offers a basic selection of Platform Scales, which are available in a number of platform sizes, maximum weight capacities, and accuracies. In addition to these, Arlyn Scales offers explosion-proof Platform Scales and Platform Scales that are resistant to corrosion from coming into contact with harsh chemicals and moisture.

And this is just for the basic construction of the scale. Arlyn Scales also offers additional connectivity options and customized features for specific weighing applications.

Learn More About Platform Scales From Arlyn Scales

Whatever you need a Platform Scale for you can find what you need at Arlyn Scales. View Arlyn Scales’ full selection of Industrial Platform Scales today by visiting our website.

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